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December 24th[edit]

Doubled Diamonds Monthly Pass Yield[edit]

2016 December 24th GMT+8 ~ 2017 January 6th GMT+8

Doubled Diamonds Monthly Pass Yield

Receive 60 diamonds instead of 30 each day from Diamonds Monthly Pass for the duration of the event.

December 23rd[edit]

Christmas Costumes Special[edit]

December 23rd GMT+8 ~ December 31st GMT+8

Christmas Costumes Special

FAL(Winter Supply Operation) Christmas package

Package cost: 1488 Diamonds

Package contents: FAL(Winter Supply Operation) costume, Item Token.png x50

M14(Christmas Parade Dress) Christmas package

Package cost: 588 Diamonds

Package contents: M14(Christmas Parade Dress) costume, Item Token.png x20

Springfield(Christmas Blessing) Christmas package

Package cost: 988 Diamonds

Package contents: Springfield(Christmas Blessing) costume, Item Token.png x30

Note: Each package is only purchasable once.

December 22nd[edit]

Holy Night Festival Special Operation[edit]

Holy Night Festival Special Operation

December 22nd GMT+8 ~ December 29th GMT+8

Complete daily quests to acquire exchange coupons for up to 15 coupons a day.

  • Defeat 1-4E Boss 3 times: 2 Exchange Coupons
  • Defeat 2-4E Boss 3 times: 2 Exchange Coupons
  • Defeat 3-4E Boss 5 times: 2 Exchange Coupons
  • Defeat 4-4E Boss 5 times: 3 Exchange Coupons
  • Defeat 5-4E Boss 8 times: 3 Exchange Coupons
  • Defeat 6-4E Boss 10 times: 3 Exchange Coupons

December 16th[edit]

Christmas Login Event[edit]

Christmas Login Event

December 16th GMT+8 ~ January 8th GMT+8

Login for 14 days to get a NTW-20 Christmas costume and other rewards.

1st day: Item Token.png x5
2nd day: Icon manpower.png x500
3rd day: Item Token.png x5
4th day: Icon ammo.png x500
5th day: Item Token.png x5
6th day: Icon ration.png x500
7th day: Item Token.png x5
8th day: Icon parts.png x500
9th day: Item Token.png x10
10th day: Item T-Doll Contract.png x2
11th day: Item Token.png x10
12th day: Item Quick Production Contract.png x2
13th day: Item Token.png x10
14th day: NTW-20 Christmas costume

December 15th[edit]

Special Rescue Operation G[edit]

Special Rescue Operation G

December 15th, 2016 13:00 GMT+8 ~ December 22ndth, 2016 10:00 GMT+8

During the event, clearing or defeating the boss of the following maps with an S rank will have a chance to yield the matching T-Dolls:

1-6, 1-4E: P7
2-6, 2-4E: TAR-21
3-6, 3-4E: PK
4-6, 4-4E: PP-19
5-6, 5-4E: Welrod MkII
6-6, 6-4E: Suomi


  1. Autobattle results are automatically graded as S rank, therefore these T-Dolls may also be obtained through this method.
  2. PP-19 is a limited map drop, she won't be able to be obtained through other methods in the near future.

December 8th[edit]

MP5 Exclusive Equipment Rate Up[edit]

Exclusive Equipment Rate Up

December 8th, 2016 ~ December 15th, 2016

Starting from December 8th, the drop rate of GSG UX Exoskeleton(MP5) only will be doubled.

Note: The equipment is a possible reward for clearing Episode 4-4N.

December 1st[edit]

Winter Special Package[edit]

Winter Special Package

December 1st, 2016 00:00 GMT+8 ~ December 31st, 2016 24:00 GMT+8

Package cost: 288 Diamonds

Package contents: Item T-Doll Contract.pngx1, Icon manpower.pngx1000, Icon ammo.pngx1000, Icon ration.pngx1000, Icon parts.pngx500

Note: The package is only purchasable once a day.