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Entropic Fortitude

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Entropic Fortitude
Entropic Fortitude
Full name Entropic Fortitude
Affiliation Entropics
Class Guard
Artist Unknown

Entropic Fortitude is an Entropic enemy in Project Neural Cloud. It is the Entropic version of Fortitude.

Stats / Data[edit]

Entropic Fortitude is classified as Melee, AoE, Durable.

  • Retribution Protocol (1s): Fire [Spikes] at nearby enemies after taking damage at a 30% chance. [Spikes]: Take 5% more damage. Upon reaching 5 stacks, purge all stacks and deal Physical Damage equal to 300% ATK.
  • Cutting Plunge (12s): Deals Physical Damage equal to 300% to target every 2 seconds for 3 seconds, applying 3 stacks of [Spikes].


Entropic Fortitude are standard Entropic enemies making their debut in Perilous Advancement.