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EX Entropized Sinspreader

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EX Entropized Sinspreader
EX Entropized Sinspreader
Full name EX Entropized Sinspreader
Affiliation Entropics
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

EX Entropized Sinspreader is an Entropic enemy in Project Neural Cloud. It is the upgraded version of Sinspreader.

Stats / Data[edit]

EX Entropized Sinspreader is classified as Ranged.

  • Decaying Fetor (12s): Channels for 10 seconds, expending 10% current HP every 2 seconds, firing projectiles forwards, dealing Operand Damage equal to 300% Hashrate. If positioned on an Entropy or buff tile, does not expend own HP, and projectiles apply poison for 5 seconds, dealing Operand Damage equal to 50% Hashrate per second, can stack. Continuous Skill: Skill recharge is suspended during the duration of this skill.


EX Entropized Sinspreader are standard Entropic enemies making their debut in Perilous Advancement.