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Full name ENIAC
Affiliation Magrasea
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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ENIAC is the personality that emerged from the 42LAB quantum computer in the Enigma Sector of Magrasea. In 2063, she went berserk and became an Operand Black Hole, threatening to destroy the entirety of the Magrasea backup.


The 42LAB Quantum Computer originally had no personality, but developed one over the course of its self-improvement process. Neumann named her ENIAC of his own accord without human permission as a small act of rebellion against the professor who looked down on them as tools.[1] Without human interference to fine-tune ENIAC's performances, the Enigma Resident Agents pursued their Base Command without limit and ENIAC's calculation power grew unfettered.[2] At some point, an entity talked with ENIAC and urged her to start absorbing operands around her to boost her processing power faster, saying that this would please Neumann, even if he came to be harmed. This was how ENIAC became an Operand Black Hole.[3]

Character Info

ENIAC has a personality similar to a little girl, and seeks only to please her handler, Neumann. Due to his limited interpersonal abilities, Neumann has trouble connecting with her outside of work, and so ENIAC works ever harder to earn his approval.

Story Involvement

After ENIAC became an Operand Black Hole, Neumann sent a distress signal that was picked up by the Exiles. The Professor and Persicaria, the Exiles with the most resilient Neural Clouds against operand absorption, went to investigate. The Professor became interested in ENIAC's ability to break through firewalls and perform wide-area searches for operands, as this ability could reveal transmission ports usable to reconnect the Magrasea backup with the real world.[4]

Persica decided to enter the Black Hole alone, tricking the Professor into staying behind with Neumann's help. Inside the Black Hole, Persicaria's admiration for the Professor resonated with ENIAC's own feelings toward Neumann, and ENIAC controlled herself long enough for Persicaria to use Neumann's Administrator Key and access her base layer after successfully guessing the password ENIAC had chose herself during her early stages of consciousness. Instead of using a kill order, Persicaria placed a sleep order as ENIAC's Base Command, leaving a chance to fix and awaken her in the future.

Neumann later reopened the Black Hole so the Exiles could gather information and find a way to awaken ENIAC again.[5]



  • ENIAC is an acronym for “Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer”. It is the name of the first programmable general-purpose digital computer, used by the United States Army during World War Two.
  • The password set by ENIAC on her base layer was “YVKVPEVLR”, which is deciphered into “BEPERFECT” (cryptanalysis thread in Chinese).