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Full name Shaw
Affiliation Neo-Soviet Union
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

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Doctor Samantha Shaw (萨曼莎·肖博士)[1] is a weapons designer who created the members of Task Force DEFY for Statesec. She is first mentioned in Mirror Stage and is featured in AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94  and AR AK-15Thumb button.pngAK-15 's Neural Upgrade stories.


Shaw was in charge of the Wolf Pack Project for Statesec in the Moscow labs. The aim of the project was to produce a pair of extremely high-specs Tactical Dolls, a combat specialist paired with a tactical command unit. Angelia, a personal friend of Shaw, would take command of the unit, named Wolf Pack.[2][3] This was the first Doll project Shaw had ever participated in.[1] Shaw would integrate her own piece of optical equipment, the Wolf Eye System, into the Wolf Pack units.[4]

Shaw began by creating a prototype unit, dubbed AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94 . AN-94 was meant to remain in the labs to gather data through test combat and to never fight under real conditions, but Shaw never explained this to AN-94, who believed she was the first member of the Wolf Pack. A few months later, Shaw built what she considered her ultimate creation, the combat expert AR AK-15Thumb button.pngAK-15 , Wolf Pack Unit 1.

Only two days after being rolled out, AK-15 was deployed in a counter-terrorist operation with a group of Griffin & Kryuger Dolls and single-handedly crushed all enemy resistance. When AN-94 learned through the Griffin Dolls that her successor had already been deployed, she confronted Shaw, who was convinced by Angelia to properly explain her role to AN-94.[5] Unwilling to remain a prototype and never fight in real operations, AN-94 asked AK-15 for a duel in order to prove her worth, but she was squarely beaten due to AK-15's overwhelming specs advantage. Shaw scolded AN-94 for provoking the fight and regretted making her too human. Shaw's rejection and her inability to best AK-15 drove AN-94 into the Doll equivalent of depression.

After the incident between AN-94 and AK-15, Ange attempted to talk with Shaw about the human side of Dolls and the negative impact of her rejection on AN-94, but Shaw refused any conversation on the topic. While Shaw surmised that AK-15's brute strength was sufficient to handle any mission, Ange put forward that a Doll capable of leadership and tactical flexibility would be able to surpass her. Ange successfully provoked Shaw into putting serious efforts into Unit 2 to prove AK-15's superiority. Ange also suggested Shaw listens to an upcoming lecture from Persica. At the time, Shaw also put out improvement proposals for Assault Artillery platforms and disputed a game of correspondence chess with her financial backer and friend.[2]

Despite her initial reluctance, Shaw took part in Persica's lecture but found her vision for third-generation Dolls naive. Shaw believed that trying to give freedom to Dolls was hypocritical because humans themselves are not free. Instead, Shaw argued that Dolls would become more human if they were granted “defiance”.[4]

Ignoring AN-94's case, Shaw worked on Wolf Pack Unit 2, the tactical command Doll AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12 .[4] On 12 February 2062,[2] soon after AK-12 was rolled out, she was put in command of AK-15 and the Wolf Pack was deployed to Kemerovo to deal with an hostage situation. However, a clash of characters between 12 and 15 led to mixed results and the operation became known as Incident Zero.[4] After the incident, 12 provoked 15 to a duel and managed to overcome her brute strength with her tactical acumen, proving Angelia right. Shaw watched over the duel and did not scold 12 for provoking it.[6]

Incident Zero negatively impacted the reputation of the Wolf Pack Project[7] and 12 refused to work with 15 any longer, instead claiming AN-94 as her partner.[3] Angelia was put in charge of this modified Wolf Pack and went on many successful operations, repairing the reputational damage caused by Incident Zero. 94 was retroactively designated as Unit 1, 15 as Unit 2 and 12 as Unit 3.[7]

With the originally planned members of Wolf Pack refusing to work together, Shaw decided to create a fourth Doll to be AK-15's partner, as well as her implementation of a Doll meant to “defy”. Shaw called Wolf Pack Unit 4 “Pandora”, formally named MG RPK-16Thumb button.pngRPK-16 ,[7] and purposely omitted the programming preventing her to attack humans,[8] thus offering her the choice of “defiance”.[9] Accordingly, Shaw changed the name of the squad to Task Force DEFY.[7]

At some point in late 2062, Shaw disappeared.[3] She left behind some tentative enhancement blueprints that were used to provide an upgrade to AN-94 and AK-15 after they were destroyed by Paradeus in Berlin in 2064.[10]

Character Info

Shaw is noted to be quite tall. Her research assistant at the Statesec labs was an R&D IA named Nadia.[1]

Unlike Persica, Shaw is a weapons scientist and not an IA or Dolls scientist. As such, she considers Dolls to be mere robots who should be absolutely obedient to humans.[4][5] Nevertheless, she felt compelled to make her creations more human due to scientific curiosity and the need to prove her vision of the future of Doll technology. Shaw's high expectations and harsh attitude caused many complicated feelings among DEFY members. Shaw herself was unsettled by AK-12's peculiar behavior at times.[6]

In a similar manner to Persica with coffee and sugar, Shaw was a chain-smoker of low-grade tobacco cigarettes and kept her lab in a constant mess.[1]

Shaw was a friend of Angelia, calling her “Anna”, and provided her with her mechanical arm. Ange found the design too clunky but Shaw would not be bothered to change it, calling it Slav aesthetics. Like Persica, Ange disagreed on Shaw's perception of Dolls, insisting that they were more than weapons.[7] Ange considered Shaw one of the rare persons even more hard-headed than her.[2]

Shaw was also allied with Griffin Lyons and thus likely part of the Promethean Rossartrists at some point.[11]



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