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Full name Demiurge
Affiliation Entropics
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

Demiurge is an Entropic boss in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data

Demiurge is classified as AoE, Summon, Mastermind.

  • Manic Scream: Demiurge's Normal Attacks deal Operand Damage equal to 30% Hashrate to all enemies on the battlefield, with a 20% chance to Knocn Back all surrounding enemies within 1 tile.
  • Grace of Decay: Aura, when any Entropic on the battlefield dies, all others will gain 100% Life Steal for 5 seconds.
  • Deteriorating Hibernation: When HP first drops to 70%, enters the Hibernation state; ATK and Hashrate are increased by 50%; Damage Reduction is increased by 30%. When HP first drops to 40%, enters Hibernation state; ATK and Hashrate are increased by 50%; Damage Reduction is increased by 60%; Skill Haste is increased by 1500. During Hibernation, becomes invincible and unselectable for 12 seconds, summoning 5 Low Order Entropics: Kills all Low Order Entropics on he battlefield at the end of Hibernation and recovers 100% of the HP of all Entropics killed combined.
  • Binding Touch (20s): Summons a tentacle to Stifle the farthest enemy for 12 seconds. The tentacle inherits 3% of Demiurge's Max HP. If not defeated before the stifle effect ends, the tentacle deals True Damage equal to 100% of the target's Max HP before expiring. (Stifle is a debuff that immobilizes the target and makes it untargetable, interrupts and halts skill recharge, and cannot be resisted with Super Armor).
  • Destruction's Lash: Summons tentacles that sends all enemy units airborne for 0.9 seconds and causes Forced Shift, dealing Operand Damage equal to 100% Hashrate. The tentacles inherit 3% of Demiurge's Max HP and 100% of her ATK and Hashrate.

As “Protector”, Demiurge only has the Call of Disdain skill, summoning random Low Order Entropics into battle every 4 seconds.


Demiurge is the boss of Chapter 6 and is fought in Stages 6-10 (under the name “Protector”) and 6-26.

Lore / Story involvement


"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Demiurge, under the codename “Alpha”, was a research subject being observed by Taranum in the underground parts of the Copley Sector. She is named after the content of the messages she emitted after developing intelligence and desires.[1] For a long time, Taranum, whom Demiurge called “Deep Blue”, lured agents in Copley and fed them to Demiurge to promote her growth before repeatedly vivisecting her for research. Severed limbs of Demiurge transformed into lower-order Entropics, who completely took over the underground of Copley.[2] In time, Demiurge's influence was felt by Malkira, who sent the newly corrupted Black Swan to investigate the existence of another Entropic Arbiter.[3] Black Swan then helped Demiurge break free from Copley's underground.[2]

Even after a long time of development, Demiurge's behavior remains focused on primal instincts such as eating and breaking free of Taranum's painful experiments, and could not form complete sentences. This changed quickly after the Entropics were liberated from Copley's underground as Demiurge evolved much more quickly, quickly learning Hatsuchiri and Sueyoi's attack pattern[4] and reproducing Antonina's trojans.[5] Demiurge managed to escape to the surface but was heavily wounded by Love's Sanctifiers who tried to capture her, then was killed by Black Swan.[6] The Exiles however managed to extract the Entropy source code from her before she died. Antonina also captured a small and harmless remnant of Demiurge as a live sample,[7] which lived in her lab at Oasis.[8] It was instrumental in making the immunity program used by Oasis agents to fight Entropics without getting infected.[9]

Worldview entry “Observation Logs on Demiurge”

Logs found in a mysterious underground room in the Copley Sector contain information concerning Demiurge, a High-order Entropic.
The following are excerpts from the logs:

"It has been 643 days since the former PIC gave the termination command. I have received an order from Magrasea to restart the experiment tomorrow."

"...Report ID1286: Expanding on the foundation of the previous experiment, I attempted to carve the target's torso into 24 parts and observed its regeneration rate. The target struggled for 19 hours until it fully recovered. No discernible change observed in the target's regeneration rate. Verification of certain hypotheses can be left till the next experiment."
"Experimentation has come to a standstill. I requested data of the former PIC from the current PIC, but have received no reply thus far."

"...Report ID1305: The number of disposable embedded Sector Agents has increased to five, all were consumed by the target. No discernible signs of rejection after 15 hours of observation. Following established procedures, I will attempt to carve up the target..."
"The number of Sector Agents has decreased slightly, which is having certain effects on the ecosystem research fuction in the Copley Sector. The current PIC has expressed no objections. Contact with humans is impossible at the moment, so I will prioritize the current PIC's input. On a different note, I have detected slight fluctuations in my own neural cloud, the cause is to be determined..."

"...Report ID1413: Attempted to embed Sanctifiers and Sector Agents following preset ratio no. 19. All were consumed by the target, which has yet to show any signs of proliferation. Following established procedures, I will attempt to carve up the target..."
"The experiment ended in yet another failure. My neural cloud also seems to have undergone certain changes due to a prolonged period of self-determination. However, the clearer my thoughts become, the harder it is to reconcile myself with the necessary research procedures..."
"These days, I can almost feel my neural cloud slowing down whenever I am face-to-face with Demiurge. According to Report ID1241, Entropy should have no direct effect on me. Perhaps my neural cloud has been damaged during the current PIC's takeover. I will verify with the PIC when the opportunity arises."
"...Report ID2314: Erroneous computation..."
"My neural cloud has been deteriorating rapidly all of a sudden. I will prioritize completing my allocated tasks and reduce Operand consumption in other activities. As per the PIC's instructions, I will attempt to deactivate some of my modules..."
"Basic functional modules will be shut down in approximately 34 hours. Neural record of unknown origin has been discovered."
"According to current settings, this record will be played just before my neural cloud is purged. This day might come sooner than I thought. Though this record remains completely inaccessible, I can hear a voice inside my head, telling me to preserve it. Perhaps I will wander endlessly inside this cage in the future. I hope intruders that accidentally venture into the Copley Sector will not fall into my trap so easily..."



  • The Demiurge is a lesser divine figure who shaped the material world in several ancient religions, particularly Gnosticism.