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[Five days after AR-15 has gone missing.]

Helian: ...That is our latest information on AR-15, Mr. Kryuger. The Commander and AR Team are still actively searching for her.
In addition, I have approved the [Emergency Command Authority] for Squad 404.

Kryuger: ...You should’ve only given them the authority as a last resort.

Helian: The threat 404 faced was far more serious than expected.
Perhaps that jammer really is related to Parapluie.

Kryuger: Hm…
Where are they now?

Helian: They are currently operating in Area S06.
We’ll have to wait for them to come back alive for further information.

[Meanwhile at the territory of dispute in Area S06.]

UMP9: Hey, wake up.
416, wake up~!

HK416: Ugh…
...Shut up.

UMP9: Hey! You doing okay, 416?

HK416: If you want me to way “I’m doing great” then help me move this rock…

UMP9: Alright. We have three minutes until S.F. clean-up teams arrive, so I’ll help you out…
(Moving rock) Do you hear that gunfire in the distance? I’m not of here if I see trouble.

HK416: I’ll twist your head off if you dare turn your back on me.

UMP9: Don’t be so vicious. It’s not my fault that the Sangvis are prepared.
It’s only a communications jammer. Do they really need to be defending it this desperately?

HK416: We underestimated the situation. There’s a reason why Helian gave us such a high offer.

UMP9: Yeah, and this place is full of radar stations. We’ll get spotted as soon as we poke our heads out.

HK416: Then let’s quickly capture those radar stations since we’re engaging in night battle, otherwise we won’t even have vision of the area.

UMP9: I don’t think we can do it with just the two of us. The Sangvis have armored units this time.

HK416: Is that so…
No wonder our bullets are useless. Can we somehow get armor piercing bullets?

UMP9: 45 is trying to come up with a solution, but I don’t know if she has figured anything out yet…

HK416: Quit pulling my leg, 9. 45’s already got it figured out, hasn’t she?

UMP9: (Stop) Eh? How do you know…?

HK416: Because it’s been three minutes and you still haven’t ran yet.

UMP9: Ha...♪
This is the last of them. Count yourself lucky.
I’ll contact 45 now. You find a spot to set up an ambush.
But seriously though, the Sangvis are gonna be here very soon. You sure you don’t wanna pray first?

HK416: The Sangvis are the ones who will be praying if everything goes well with 45’s plan.

UMP45: Calling UMP9, is 416 dead yet?

HK416: Sorry to dissapoint. Tell me you’re going to withdraw us now.

UMP45: Don’t be in such a rush to leave, 416. I don’t plan on losing.
I’ll break you guys out. 9 will then group up with me for a new objective.
Gr G11 is gathering intel in enemy territory, so you’ll need to meet up with her and act as her bodyguard, 416. We’ll pick you two up after.

HK416: (Sigh) Don’t be in such a rush to give us orders when we’re not even prepared to go against armored enemies.

UMP9: (Quietly) And we have to find the jammer in the dark as well…

UMP45: Don’t worry, Helian just granted me the [Emergency Command Authority].
Griffin has also given us the authority to use equipment, so you don’t need to worry about your problem anymore.

UMP9: That’s great! With Griffin’s resources, our squad and AP ammo problems are now solved!

HK416: What about our limited vision? We can’t even see the enemies right now.

UMP45: We can rely on a HG T-Doll to provide our squad with enhanced vision in the dark.
Moreover, I will have our squad seize control of the radar stations to gain even more vision.

UMP9: AP ammo, HG T-Doll, and radar stations! Victory is ours as long as we have all three!

UMP45: We’ll need to be extra careful as we have limited vision.
Move out when you are ready and try not to draw enemy attention.