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SPAS-12 Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition こちらフランキ・スパス12!指揮官の堅牢な盾となりましょう!Play I'm Franchi SPAS-12! Allow me to be your sturdy shield!
Secretary シールドを改造したよ。悪くないでしょ?Play I modified my shield. Not bad, huh?
还有薯片嘛?......放心吧,零食是不会增加体重的! ポテトチップスまだある?……大丈夫、これくらいなら食べても太らないから!Play Are there any potato chips left? ...Don't worry, I won't gain weight just by eating this much!
嘻嘻,喜欢我的造型吗?在战场上保持形象也很重要哦! えへっ この姿どう?戦場でのイメージも大事だよ!Play Hehe, like my figure? It's important to keep a good image on the battlefield!
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander! I promise this is the last snack I'll eat today! Please, give it back now!
What's that, Commander, a new snack? ...Oh!? D-Does this mean I'm not just pretending to be a heroine anymore? I've become a real one? ...No takebacks, okay?
Greeting 始めよう、指揮官!今日も一日頑張るぞ!Play Let's go, Commander! I'll do my best today!
T-Doll Produced 新しい仲間にお菓子を分けてあげよう!Play I'm gonna share some of my snacks with the new recruit!
Joining an echelon 私の番ね!Play My turn!
Enhancement 体重、増えてないよね?Play I didn't gain weight... right?
Dummy-linking これは、体重増えることにはならないよね?Play This... doesn't count as having gained weight, right?
Logistics (start) おやつ持ってっていい?Play Can I bring some snacks?
Logistics (end) ただいま!改造に使えるパーツある?Play I'm back! Any parts I can use for modding?
Autobattle かっこいい私の出番よ!Play It's time for my cool debut!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 覚悟よい!アクション!Play I'm ready! Time for action!
Starting a battle ショーの始まりだよ!Play The show's just getting started!
Skill activation 必殺!Play Here's my surefire killer!
チャンスはこっちにある!Play Here's my chance!
いいアングル!Play This is a great angle!
Heavily damaged んん……ちょっと苦戦かな?Play Hmm... this fight is tougher than I thought...
Retreat あらら、もう一度戦闘フォームを見直そう……Play Oh my... I'll need to reconsider my fighting form...
MVP かっこいい戦いだったね!ショー大成功!Play That was a cool battle! We put on a great show!
Restoration 今度は新しい改造プランを試してみよう!Play I think I'll try a new modification plan this time!
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween  キャンディがいっぱい!ここは天国?もう体重とか気にしなくてもいいか!Play There's so much candy! Is this heaven? I'm done worrying about my weight!
Christmas マ、マッチはいかが?……あれ?台本間違えたような……もう一冊はどこなんだろう?Play Would you care for some matches? ...Wait, I think I have the wrong script... where'd I put that other one?
New Year's Day 指揮官、今年は体重が増えないように、あらかじめお菓子を処分しよう!


Commander, let's throw out all of the snacks now so I won't gain any weight this year!
Valentine's day 指揮官にあげようと思ったチョコ、半分くらい食べちゃった……あははっ。え?気にしない?そうか、よかった!


I, um, ended up eating half of the chocolates I was going to give to you, ahahah. ...Hmm? You don't mind? Oh, I'm glad!
Tanabata 花火をたくさん用意したよ!今晩は素敵な打ち上げショーが見られるよ!


I've prepared a whole lot of fireworks! You're going to see quite the show tonight!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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