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SPAS-12 Story Quotes


Gentle and sincere, she's a big-hearted, fearless and honest T-Doll. She loves to fight in a really cool manner and she has a keen passion for acting and technical modification. She's usually sensitive about her weight but she has no intention of dieting at all due to her love of junk food.

Story Involvement[edit]

Far Side of the Sea[edit]

SPAS-12 participated in a contract mission awarded to Griffin in a deserted island. She happened to brought a watermelon, offering everyone to eat it together. HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN  in the other hand have different idea for the watermelon. It would be a waste to eat the watermelon the normal way, so she came up with watermelon splitting game. Blindfolded, SPAS-12 managed to split the watermelon in half with her axe. They didn't aware that Commander was buried in the sand, and the watermelon is just a palm away from Commander's head. They ran away after saying Commander can have all the watermelon.