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Full name Roadblock
Affiliation Other
Class Multiple
Artist Unknown

Roadblocks are neutral enemies in Project Neural Cloud, used to modify the terrain on the battlefield.

Stats / Data[edit]

Roadblocks are classified as Objects and only have Max HP, Physical DEF and Operand DEF stats since they cannot move or attack.

  • Temporary Roadblock is classified as a Sniper and has the skill Temporary Roadblock: Fragile obstacles that can be destroyed fast.
  • Solid Roadblock and Data Matrix are classified as a Guard and have the skill Solid Roadblock: A solid barrier that cannot be destroyed.


Roadblocks appear on nearly every map. The blue Data Matrices in Chapter 4 are equivalent to Solid Roadblocks, but not the red Crash Data Matrices, who can attack units, like the Electromagnetic Radiation Device in Chapter 3.


Destroying temporary roadblocks will open new paths on the field of battle, but Dolls will only automatically target them if there is no enemies that can be accessed without destroying one, unless they have been designated as a target by the Tactical Skill FC Illumination.

The Function Cards Avalanche Aftershock, Demolition Team and Reverse Healing grant bonuses for destroying temporary roadblocks.