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RPK-16 Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 我们又见面了呢,指挥官。我说过我们会很快再见面的。就像飞蛾追逐萤火的命运……比喻很奇怪?是这样吗? また会えましたね、指揮官さま。私たちはすぐ再会するって…言いましたよね?これはまるで、飛んで日にいる夏の虫のような運命。え?例えは変ですか?そうなんですか?Play We meet again, Commander, as I said we would. Like the fate of a moth darting into flame...what a strange metaphor? Is that so?
Introduction (同上)
Secretary 人类在对上帝产生怀疑的时候,才算是拥有了独立的自我……如果人形对自己的创造者产生怀疑,又会怎样呢?哈哈,我开玩笑的,吓到了吗? 人間は神に対して疑い生じた時、初めて「」とされています。もし、人形も自分の製造者に対して疑い始めたら、今度はどうなるんでしょうか…うふ、冗談ですよ。びっくりしました?Play When humans doubt God, they are considered to have independent selves...but what happens when a doll doubts its manufacturer? Haha, I was only joking. Did I scare you?
为什么一直盯着你看?难不成会害羞吗~呼呼,别担心,我并不像12或是15那样拥有高功能的视觉系统,只是在普通的观察而已……就是这样才让人害羞?会吗? なぜじーと見ているのか…ですか?うふ、もしかして恥ずかしいくなちゃったのですか?心配しないでください。私はAK-12や、AK-15のような、特別な資格システムを持っていませんから、ただ普通に観察だけですよ。だから恥ずかしいと?そうなんですか?Play Why am I staring at you? Could it be that you're shy? Fufu, don't worry, I don't have a high-performance visual module like 12 or 15, so it's just an observation... So is that what makes people shy? Is that so?
人就像烈日下的毛绒兔子,彼此离得太远,会寂寞到死去;互相靠的太近,却又会感到炎热。果然很有意思吧。 人間とは夏の兎のようなものです。お互い離れ過ぎると、寂しい過ぎて死んじゃうますし。近づき過ぎると、逆に熱いと感じてしまいます。ねえ?やっぱり面白いでしょう?Play People are like plush rabbits under the scorching sun. When they are too far away from one another, they'll get lonely to death; when they are very close to each other, they feel hot. How fascinating.
Secretary (post OATH)
You and I are like a moth, soaring as it is entangled in flame until one day, it is reduced to ashes, and fades beautifully into nothingness. But who is the moth, and who is the flame? Please be a little more special, Commander.
What I like most about person-to-person relationships are these fragile vows. If they truly trusted each other, they wouldn't need to bind it like this. On the contrary, if their relationship was broken, then they can't be relying on a ring to maintain it. Now, what do you think our relationship will be, Commander?
Greeting あら、待っていますよ、指揮官さま。Play Oh, I've been waiting for you, Commander.
T-Doll Produced え?新しい人形さんですか?あら、気付けませんでした。一緒に見に行きましょうか?Play Eh? Is that a new doll? Oh, I hadn't noticed. Shall we go meet her then?
Joining an echelon あら?指揮官さまは一緒に来ないんですか?残念です。Play Oh? Is the Commander not coming with us? Too bad.
Enhancement 性能でも戦術でも、死中のあるものは、全て全力でなりますよ。Play Whether it be performance or tactics, if it's within my grasp, I will do my best.
Dummy-linking もし人間も、自分のと同じ顔を持つ存在に出会ったら、どんな反応するのだろう?Play What kind of reaction would humans have if they encountered someone sharing the exact same face?
Logistics (start) すぐ戻って来ますから、寂しいがらなくていいですよ。Play I'll be back soon, so you don't need to feel lonely.
Logistics (end) やっと終わりましたね。今回はもう少し長く、側にいさせてください。Play It's finally over. If just for a little longer, please allow me to be by your side.
Autobattle 面白いことがあるといいですね。Play I hope we'll find something interesting.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 行きましょう。さっさと片付けましょうね。Play Let's go. Let's wrap this up quickly.
Starting a battle 可哀相…こんなことをして、なにか意味があるとでも?Play Poor thing...is there any point in doing this?
Skill activation 少し身体を動かしましょう。Play Let's move a little.
もう少し頑張りましょう!Play Let's do our best!
これで終わりです!Play This is the end!
Heavily damaged あら、帰れるなんて…ラッキーですね。Play Ah, I get to go home first...lucky me.
Retreat 落ち込むのがあなたの特権であるように、失敗も私たちの特権です。Play Failure is our privilege, just as it is yours to be sad.
MVP ギロチンみたいに綺麗さっぱりな戦術ですね。Play Tactics as beautiful and refreshing as the guillotine.
Restoration 人形は本当に便利ですね。Play Dolls really are quite convenient.
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween トリックオアトリート!でしたっけ?でもお菓子はあまり好ではありませんから、いたずらだけしてもいいですか、指揮官さま?Play "Trick or treat!" was it? Well, I don't really like sweets to begin with, so would it be okay to just prank, Commander?
Christmas 神が生まれた日だからって、祝う必要が本当にあるでしょうか?もし人間が神の存在を信じてるのなら、なぜまた背信するようなことをするのでしょう?疑いながら称えるなんて…変な行いですね。でも、イルミネーションは綺麗ですよ。Play Is there really a need to celebrate a day when Jesus was born? If humans choose to believe in the existence of God, why would he betray them again? To be faithful but skeptical at the same time...is a strange thing. But the illumination certainly is beautiful.
New Year's Day 明けましておめでとうございます、指揮官さま。新しい一年も、よろしくお願いします。今日は、私にも少しお祝いおさせてください。なにを祝えばいいのか、全然分かりませんけど。


Happy New Year, Commander. I look forward to working with you again in this upcoming year. Allow me to congratulate you a little, though I have no idea as to what we should celebrate.
Valentine's day ふえ?チョコですけ?あ、大変!しっかり忘れちゃいました!なんて…嘘ですよ。指揮官さま、いつもお世話になっているお礼です、受け取ってください!ちなみに、なかなか面白い反応でしたよ。


Eh? A chocolate? Ah, that's no good! I totally forgot about it...just kidding! Commander, as thanks for all of your support, please take this from me! By the way, that was a most interesting reaction you made there.
Tanabata 人間が星空を見上げ理由って…本当に不思議です。この文化の源は、まだ世界を十分に認識していない時代のものだと聞きました。それはつまり、腐った父を味わった虫しか生まれ変われない…ということでしょうか、指揮官さま?


It really is strange why humans choose to look up at the starry sky. I heard that the source of this culture came from a time when we weren't fully aware of the world. That means, only insects that have tasted their rotten fathers can be reborn...isn't that right, Commander?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense Play
Phrase Play Is that so?
Tip Play
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