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P22 Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 哎呀,指挥官来接我了,我们下次再聊吧——你好呀指挥官,我是P22,有什么需要帮忙的吗? あら、指揮官が迎えに来たわ。それじゃあ、また今度ね。こんにちは指揮官、P22です。何かを力になる事ありますか?Play (On her phone) Aiya, the Commander's here to get me, I'll talk to you later—— Hello Commander, I'm P22, is there anything you need help with?
Secretary 所以我说指挥官的这个战术呀……嗯?指挥官有什么事吗?哦、刚才不是跟你说话,请别在意。 だから指揮官のあの戦術は…指揮官、何か用事ですか?いいえいいえ、先のはあなたに話かけた訳じゃありませんよ。気にしないでください。Play (On her phone) That's why I said the Commander's tactic is... eh? Do you need something, Commander? Oh, I wasn't talking to you just now, don't mind me.
指挥官,你对自己的事情究竟了解多少呢?我们对自己的陌生程度,可能远超过自己想象。 指揮官は自身について、どれほど理解してますか?私たちは案外…自分の事が全然分かっていないかもしれません。Play Commander, how well do you think you understand your current situation? Our degree of inexperience may be more than we thought.
没人陪你说话就那么焦虑吗……好吧,你想聊什么? 話相手がいないと落ち着かないのね。わかったわ、何の話がいい?Play You look so anxious when you have no one to talk to... Fine, what do you want to talk about?
Secretary (post OATH)
If you can't think of anything to chat about, then let's just talk about you, Commander. Haha, as long as it's about the Commander, I'll never get bored.
I think you're acting kinda weird, Commander...don't you think so? Hmm... this is out of the ordinary, but my heart has already made a decision. As for my answer, would you mind if I put this on first before telling you? Hehe~
Greeting 今日の指揮官のことどう思う?私はいつも通りだと思うわ。Play (On her phone) What do I think about the Commander? Pretty OK, I guess...
T-Doll Produced ハンドガンだと思う。ううん、きっとサブマシンガンよ。Play I think it's a handgun. No, definitely a submachine gun.
Joining an echelon ここの皆はなかなか面白いわね。Play Everyone here is pretty funny.
Enhancement 強くなったのかな?私もよく分からないけど。Play Did I get any stronger? I'm not quite sure.
Dummy-linking ダミーは自分と話せないのね…全然。Play These dummies can't even talk to me...too bad.
Logistics (start) かなり時間かか掛かりそうだけど、道中は何の話する?Play It'll take quite a while, so what do you want to talk about along the way?
Logistics (end) うん、かなりいい散歩になったわ。Play Yep, that was a pretty decent stroll.
Autobattle そこ片づけておいてくださいね。あとで戦利品が沢山入りますから。Play Leave it over there. There'll be plenty of loot later.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 私たち…手遅れてないよね?Play Are we...not too late?
Starting a battle 左?それとも右?ううん、まずは一番近い方から片付けよう!Play The left? Or the right? No, let's hit the closest ones first!
Skill activation 手伝ってあげる。Play Let me help.
いい考えあるわ。Play I have a good idea.
自分の事を信じてあげて。Play Believe in yourself.
Heavily damaged なるほど、これがあなたたちの目的なのね、うぐ…Play I see, so that's what your purpose is, guh...
Retreat 先に帰るの?そうね…そうしよう。Play Are you heading home first? Yeah...let's do that.
MVP やりましたね指揮官!もちろん私も!Play You did it, Commander! Me too!
Restoration ここ?痛い…!そうそう、ここ!ここだよ!優しくしてね!Play Here? Ouch...! Y-yeah, here! Right here! Please be gentle!
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween そ…それで…?それでね、気づいたらやつが「…」に!んん、一人で怪談話をしても…あまり効果はないね。Play
Christmas これは、自分から自分へのクリスマスプレゼントです!確かに、サプライズ「…」は「…」ですが…。Play
New Year's Day また自分と喧嘩しました。宿舎に困ってごろごろしたいと言いたり…お掃除したいと言いたり…。新年早々めちゃくちゃですよ!


Valentine's day 指揮官、本当に気に入ってくれるのかな?自信ないよ!まあいいよ、だめだったらあんたのせいにするし。


(On her phone) Do you really think the Commander will like it? I'm not very confident! Well, whatever. It's you're fault if it doesn't work out.
Tanabata 願い事ね…。もう答えは出てるんでしょ?ちょっと、指揮官に見つからないよう、気を付けてよね!


Wishes, huh... Is there already an answer? Hold on, gotta make sure the Commander doesn't find out about this!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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