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Luffberry Chess

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Tap the Luffberry Chess board on the right side of the Cafe menu.

Luffberry Chess is a board game minigame found in the Cafe in Girls' Frontline. 4 players use their HG, AR, RF and SMG Tactical Dolls as game pieces and must score the most points by doing laps around the board and fighting the opposing pieces in games lasting 20 to 40 minutes.

This minigame has its own player ranking and gacha system with exclusive rewards.


Network latency is always displayed on the top right corner of the screen. When it's red, suffer lag and pray.

Main Menu[edit]

Luffberry Mainmenu.jpg
  • Quick Add: Quick join a public Room Match.
  • Create: Create and setup a Room Match.
  • Add: Enter the ID of a private Room to join a private Room Match.
  • Simulation: Launch a Simulation Match against AIs.
  • Data: Show rules, factions and piece types information, and cards list.
  • Logs: Show results of the last 10 Room Match and Tournament Match played.
  • Gachapon: Roll the gacha.
  • Ranking medal: Show personal and global ranking.

In-Game Menu[edit]

Luffberry Battle Screen.jpg

Clockwise from top left:

  • Chat: Send preset messages to all other players.
  • Information: See general game rules, time elapsed or quit game.
  • Number of rounds before next Air-Drop Supply.
  • Turn timer.
  • Data: Review game rules, factions and piece types information, and cards list.
  • Player portraits: Tap to see player information and Effect Cards.
  • Action Button: Either to roll the movement dice or end turn.
  • Item Cards: Tap to use Item Cards, will also warn you when you have too many cards and extras will be auto-discarded.
  • On-board pieces: Tap portrait to review stats, tap skill icon to use.
  • Your Effects Cards: Tap to see details, or click on your portrait on the top right for the same effect.
  • Shop Menu and Luffberry Tokens counter: You can open the Shop outside of the Shopping Phase, but can't buy or sell.
  • Faction logo, points counter and Faction Tech: Tap the Faction Tech icon to use.
  • Events log and rounds counter.

Drag from the center of the screen to move the camera. Outside of your turn, use the white icon on the left of the screen to stop the camera from moving automatically. Some skills will make you choose the target piece from a on-screen lists, but some like the SMGs' Grenade skill will ask you to select a specific tile.

How to play[edit]

Game Modes[edit]

  • Simulation Match: Matches against three AI players, with a special 3-points win rule and 970 seconds timer per phase for the player instead of the usual 30 or 60 seconds. One simulation match must be completed as a tutorial before accessing the other modes.
  • Room Match: Custom matches with public or private rooms. A private room can only be joined by entering its ID. Number of players and board type are chosen by the room owner.
  • Tournament Match: Ranked matches to progress in the current season's leaderboard. Fixed rules with 4 players on a fixed board which rotates each season.


Luffberry Chess is played with one echelon of 8 T-Dolls as pieces. Only HG, SMG, AR and RF T-Dolls can be used (no MG or SG). The stats of a piece and its active skill depends only on the T-Doll's type, the stats and skills from the normal game are not used. The stats are mobility (amount added or subtracted to the result of a movement dice), damage (base amount of damage inflicted during battle), range (number of tiles ahead where an enemy can be attacked, a piece can't attack opposite to the direction it is traveling) and Max HP.

  • HG pieces are nimble but weak. They have 2 mobility, 4 damage, 2 range and 10 Max HP. Their skill is Scout, which adds 2 to their mobility with a 2 rounds CD and 1 round ICD .
  • SMG pieces have high survivability. They have 1 mobility, 4 damage, 2 range and 14 Max HP. Their skill is Grenade, which deals 3 damage in a three tiles area up to six tiles forward with a 1 round CD and ICD.
  • AR pieces are balanced. They have 0 mobility, 6 damage, 2 range and 12 Max HP. Their skill is Special Assault, which adds a buff of 1 to one of their stats at random with a 2 rounds CD and 0 round ICD.
  • RF pieces are powerful but fragile and less mobile. They have -1 mobility, 8 damage, 3 range and 10 Max HP. Their skill is Snipe, which deals 4 damage to an enemy within 6 tiles with a 3 rounds CD and ICD.

The default echelon is made of AR 6P62Thumb button.png6P62 , AR Zas M21Thumb button.pngZas M21  in her Queen of the White Pieces costume, HG PA-15Thumb button.pngPA-15 , HG WebleyThumb button.pngWebley , RF R93Thumb button.pngR93 , RF SVChThumb button.pngSVCh , SMG SuomiThumb button.pngSuomi  and SMG P90Thumb button.pngP90 . Players can define 5 custom echelons in the Formation menu, where the piece type and its appearance are defined separately.


The game board is made of hexagonal tiles arranged in a closed loop. Each tile is assigned a faction color, with each color repeating every 4 tiles, and there is also one HQ tile and two Heliport tiles per faction. If a piece lands on a tile of her faction's color, she will trigger a turbo and receive a one-time bonus traveling distance (4 tiles by default). New pieces are deployed from the HQ tile, and the direction in which the piece will travel on the board is selected. If a piece can make one full lap and reach her HQ tile again, her faction will receive one point. If a piece lands on one of her faction's Heliports, a Chopper Lift occurs and she will fast-travel to the other Heliport tile of her faction, skipping a long distance.

Each faction can have 3 pieces on the board at most and will be granted a free deployment if they have no piece on the board at the start of a phase. The pieces use the chibi appearance of the T-Dolls, with their faction, type and HP amount displayed.

As of Season 2 there are three different game boards:

  • Ring Road: A snowy simple oval board, 52 tiles long.
  • Two-Pronged Attack: A pastoral board in the form of a three-triangles loop, 48 tiles long.
  • Strong Fortifications: A desert board in the form of a sideways castle icon, with a simple bend on the right side and three waves on the left side, 52 tiles long.

The bends in the layout of the boards are an important feature because during normal attacks, the range of a piece cannot go past tiles at an angle over 120° (this limitation does not apply to skill attacks).


At the beginning of a match, players will roll a dice to determine the order in which they will choose their faction. Each faction has a specific unique Faction Tech and color.

  • I.O.P. is the green faction, its tech is Supplies Delivery, which enhances one friendly piece per use with no cooldown and can be used multiple times per turn, but costs 5 Luffberry Tokens after the first use.
  • Svarog is the blue faction, its tech is Targeted Bombing, which deals 2 damage to any piece on the board with a 2-turns CD and 1-turn ICD.
  • 16LAB is the yellow faction, its tech is Armament Alteration, which pulls one friendly piece from the board to trigger an effect depending on its type with a 2-turns CD and 0 turns ICD: HGs grant a bonus movement dice for one turn, SMGs grant all pieces a 2 HP shield, ARs grant one Item Card of type Enhancement and RFs grant one Item Card of type Devastation.
  • Sangvis Ferri is the red faction, its tech is Heavy Reinforcement, which heals 2 HP and grants a 1 HP shield to one piece on the board with a 1-turn CD and ICD.

Note how some of the techs only apply to friendly pieces, but others do not. This is because it is sometimes beneficial to destroy one of your own pieces, or to prevent an enemy piece from being destroyed, to deny a point to an enemy faction.

Game phases[edit]

Game setting[edit]

  • After all players have connected, they will roll a dice to determine both the playing order as well as the order in which they will pick their factions.
  • The players take turns picking their faction. Tap your portrait to confirm.
  • Once all factions have been assigned, the players will choose their echelon, then deploy their first piece.
  • The players receive their first Air-Drop Supply, and choose between Targeted Deployment (receive 1 Troop Carrier Item Card to deploy one more piece) or Wealth Detection (gain 5 bonus Luffberry Tokens to use in the shop).
  • The game can then begin in earnest, starting from the player who rolled the highest dice at the start of the game.

Shopping Phase[edit]

Luffberry Shop Menu.jpg

At the beginning of each round, the shop opens for 60 seconds and individual players are presented with a set of 5 Effect Cards and Item Cards to buy with their Luffberry Tokens. Each players has a base fund of 10 tokens at game start (5 base tokens plus 5 for round start, not counting possibly 5 more from choosing Wealth Detection at Air-Drop Supply). A new set of cards can be requested, at a cost of 2 tokens for each reshuffling.

Only low rarity cards will appear in the first few rounds, with the higher rarity cards gradually being added to the pool with each round. Players can also sell their cards here to refund some tokens. A lock icon on the bottom right lets players interested in one of the cards displayed but unable to afford it at the moment lock the cards lineup so it reappears as is at the start of the next round.

Movement Phase[edit]

At the beginning of their turn, the player will have the option to use their Faction Tech, the skills of their pieces or their Item Cards before making a movement dice roll for 60 seconds. After rolling the dice, they select which of their pieces to move by the amount of tiles indicated by their dice rolls, plus any additional effect such as turbo movement, which will by default make the piece progress a bonus 4 tiles (turbo movement can go higher depending on active effects).

When selecting the piece to move, the tile that will be reached is marked by a red circle and the final attack range by a red background on the tiles (not taking into account additional random movement values). If the dice roll resulted in a 1, the player is given the option to either deploy a new piece or move one of their piece, and if it was a six, they will gain an extra turn (up to two extra turns).

If the player does not roll the dice before the timer ends, the roll will be made automatically and one of their pieces selected at random.

Attack Phase[edit]

If there is at least one enemy within attack range of a piece after it finished moving, Attack Phase begins (remember that range is affected by bends over 120° in the playing board). The player is given the option to abort attack (if they don't want to trigger active effects) or to select the enemy piece to attack.

Both attacking and defending players roll dices, with the attacking player adding the attack stat of their piece to the result. Both players normally roll two dices, but if the two pieces are on the same tile, a surprise attack occurs and the defending player will only roll one dice. The amount of HP lost by the defending piece equals the difference between the attacking piece's points and the defending unit's points, after factoring in bonus points from active effects and other specific effects. If the difference is zero or negative, the defending piece has dodged and no damage is dealt.

Action Phase[edit]

Before hitting the End Turn button, the player is given one last 30 seconds timer to use their Faction Tech, the skills of their pieces or their Item Cards before their turn ends and the next player's turn starts.

Round settlement[edit]

The round end when the last player have ended their Action Phase. End-of-round card effects are triggered and each player receives 5 Luffberry Token. Aside from the first round, an Air-Drop Supply will occur before the Shopping Phase at the start of the second round, then every three rounds after.

Victory Conditions and Final Round[edit]

Luffberry Results.jpg

As soon as a player has accumulated 5 points, the current round becomes the final round. If it is the first player in playing order who reached 5 points, the other players have one last turn to try and match or beat their score, but if it is the last player in playing order, then the game will be theirs because the other players have already played their turn for this round. Players whose scores are tied will share the same rank in the final results.

Points are awarded for specific actions:

  • 1 point for killing an enemy piece.
  • 2 points for completing a lap on the board with a piece.
  • 10 points for collecting all 5 Secret Intelligence Effect Cards.
  • 10 points for triggering the effect of the Enemy at the Gates Effect Card.

10-points winning conditions are heavily RNG-reliant and expensive and are nicknamed the Exodia cards (as in Yu-Gi-Oh).

Effect Cards[edit]

Effect Cards have passive effects that can affect all players and come in four colored rarities, with rarer cards costing more Luffberry Tokens: white (2 tokens), blue (3 tokens), purple (4 tokens) and prismatic (5 tokens). Rarer cards will appear in the shop as the game progresses. A player can only have 5 Effect Cards active at any time, if they receive a supplementary card, they must discard it or sell one of their current cards to be replaced. If a player collects a specific card a second time, it will be upgraded with a stronger effect, but will still count as one card in the player's deck. The player's Effect Cards are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and every player's Effect Cards can be seen by clicking on their portrait.

  • White Cards
    • Lightweight: All HGs get 1 bonus mobility for this turn after using an item (2 bonus mobility at level 2).
    • Adjustment: A random HG will have its skill CD reduced by 1 for 1 turn after using your faction tech (for 2 turns at level 2).
    • Route Planning: Rolls within this turn will not go under 3 after a friendly HG uses her skill (not under 4 at level 2).
    • Point-Blank Firing: 1 bonus damage and 2 less Max HP to all RFs (2 bonus damage at level 2).
    • En Garde: Newly deployed pieces gain a 2 HP shield (4 HP shield at level 2).
    • Heavy-Fire Strike: One random enemy piece will receive 2 damage when the player uses their faction tech (4 damage at level 2).
    • Teamwork Assault: When an HG uses her skill, all HGs receive the same bonus (1 bonus mobility at level 2).
    • Return to Defense Line: An Enhanced Velocity card is granted to the player when an HG is destroyed (Transport Vehicle card at Level 2).
    • Defend to the Death: Damaged RFs deal 2 bonus damage (3 bonus damage at level 2). This card costs the same as a purple card despite its white rarity.
    • Secure the Bag: An SMG using her skill will heal 1 HP (2HP at level 2).
    • Accessory Kit: A random damaged piece will be healed by 1 HP at the end of the player's turn (2 HP at level 2).
    • Common Enemy: The player gains 2 Luffberry Token when an HG dies (4 tokens at level 2).
    • Countermeasure: When defending with an HG at full health, the player's dice roll cannot be less than the number of pieces they have on the board (add 2 to the number of pieces at level 2).
    • Self-Initiated Repair: SMGs regenerate 1 HP per tile progressed with turbo move (2 HP per turbo move at level 2).
    • Focused Cooldown: The ICD of an RF is reduced by 1 after deployment (reduced by 2 at level 2).
    • Target the Weakness: The skill of RFs deal 2 bonus damage (3 bonus damage at level 2). This card costs the same as a purple card despite its white rarity.
    • Quantified Enhancement: The player has a 5% chance of receiving an enhancement-related Item Card at the start of a round, with an additional 5% per AR on the board (10% base chance at level 2).
    • Common Front: If one of the player's AR activates an enhancement on her faction's tile, the player receives 2 Lufberry Tokens (4 tokens at level 2). Can only be activated once per turn.
  • Blue Cards
    • Trajectory Calibration: 1 bonus range and 2 less Max HP to all RFs (2 bonus range at level 2).
    • Charged Momentum: SMGs with over 70% of their HP left gain 2 bonus tiles during turbo movement (4 bonus tiles at level 2).
    • Reactive Armor: Damage received by any piece cannot exceed 10 HP (8 HP at level 2).
    • Armed March: Pieces with a shield gain 1 bonus mobility (2 bonus mobility at level 2).
    • Suicide Bomb: When an HG dies, all pieces with 2 tiles lose 2 HP (3 HP at level 2).
    • Back to Zero: RFs are considered damaged even at full HP, loosening the trigger conditions of other cards (RFs also become immune to Max HP debuffs at level 2).
    • Accurate Strike: 2 bonus damage when an RF attacks an enemy with more than 10 HP (3 bonus damage at level 2).
    • Scheduled Standby: SMGs who activate turbo travel 1 bonus tile (2 bonus tiles at level 2).
    • Maintenance: The next time an SMG is healed after being damaged, 1 extra HP is added to the healing effect (2 extra HP at level 2).
    • Ram: When an SMG passes by an enemy when moving with a turbo effect, she deals the enemy 2 damage (3 damage at level 2).
    • Saturation Interference: When an AR is enhanced, all adjacent enemies are dealt 2 damage (3 damage at level 2).
    • Overclock Calibration: Upon enhancement, ARs have a chance to receive 2 bonus points to their enhancement, but also have a small chance of suffering an enhancement failure and being dazed for 1 turn (bonus points guaranteed at level 2).
    • Course Plotting: When an SMG makes a turbo movement, the player receives one “Course Plotting α” Item Card (“Course Plotting β” at level 2). Can only trigger once per turn.
    • Heavy Armament: 2 bonus Max HP and 1 less mobility to all SMGs (4 bonus Max HP at level 2).
    • Visual Range Override: RFs receive a marker whenever a skill is activated, increasing their range by 2 per two markers, but the markers are reset after they attack (bonus range granted per each marker at level 2).
    • Standby Maneuver: An RF's CD is reduced by 1 each time they move, once per turn (reduced by 2 at level 2).
    • Thermal Discharge: Add 1 bonus enhancement point when an AR is enhanced, but the bonus enhancement only lasts for 1 turn regardless of the duration of the base enhancement (2 bonus enhancement points at level 2).
    • Reverse Fire: If the player has the lowest amount of points, all pieces on the board are dealt 1 damage when they deploy a piece (2 damage at level 2).
  • Purple Cards
    • Situation Assessment: The player receives a bonus attack dice if they have 2 RFs on the board (only 1 RF needed at level 2).
    • All-Terrain Vehicle: SMGs have a 60% chance to trigger turbo on enemy grids (guaranteed turbo for SMGs on every tile at level 2).
    • Carpet Bombing: All pieces on the board receive 1 damage when the player use their faction tech, once per turn (2 damage at level 2).
    • Advantaged Forces: The player receives a bonus movement dice if they have 2 HGs on the board (only 1 HG needed at level 2).
    • Ember: Effects triggered by the death of a player's piece apply twice (thrice at level 2).
    • Precision: Damaged RFs have 1 bonus range (2 bonus range at level 2).
    • Hypercharge: 1 bonus mobility to all HGs. When the player uses an HG skill, the effect doubles, up to 4 times (2 bonus mobility at level 2).
    • Specialized Enhancement: Enhancing an AR has a chance of granting a one-time damage immunity (also has a chance of granting one-time sure kill at level 2).
    • Firepower Accumulation: Each time an SMG is healed, she gains a 1 damage bonus up to 3 times, reset after attacking once (up to 6 times at level 2).
  • Prismatic Cards
    • Backline Reshuffling: The player's faction tech CD is reduced by 1 when an HG skill is used, one time per turn (CD reduced by 2 at level 2).
    • Auxiliary Potential: Double turbo amount when an SMG triggers turbo, once per turn (triple turbo amount at level 2).
    • Prepared Magazine: Using an RF skill has a 25% chance of skipping the skill's CD (50% chance at level 2).
    • Power of Preparation: Faction Tech CDs reduced by 1 (CD reduction applies to the skills of all pieces at level 2).
    • Enemy at the Gates: The player receives 10 points if all their Effect Cards are prismatic and at level 2 (this card must also be at level 2 for this card's effect to triggers).
    • Explosive Force: Doubled distance for the first movement of a newly deployed HG (tripled distance at level 2).

Additionally, there are 5 Secret Intelligence cards, 1 white, 1 blue, 2 purple and 1 prismatic. If a player owns all 5 cards, they “complete a covert mission” and are immediately granted 10 points, effectively winning the game.

Item Cards[edit]

Item Cards are one-use only and range in rarity from 1 to 5 stars. Each player can have a maximum of 3 Item Cards, if they receive more, they will have to forfeit their extra cards at the end of their turn. The player's Item Cards are displayed at the bottom right of the screen and can be used during Movement Phase before rolling the dice or during Action Phase before ending the turn.

  • 1 star
    • Troop Carrier: Deploy a piece.
  • 3 stars
    • Ammo Delivery: Devastation type, grants 1 bonus damage to all damaging effects outside of combat for 1 turn.
    • Exoskeleton Armor: Grants an instant turbo to a friendly piece.
    • Intense Fire: Grants 2 bonus damage to a friendly piece for 1 turn.
    • Enhanced Velocity: Grants 2 bonus mobility to a friendly piece for 1 turn.
    • Course Plotting α: Moves a friendly piece forward by 1 tile, activating further tile effects. Granted by the Effect Card Course Plotting at level 1.
    • Course Plotting β: Moves a friendly piece forward by 2 tiles, activating further tile effects. Granted by the Effect Card Course Plotting at level 2.
    • Spare Accessory: Enhancement type, grants a random 1 bonus points to a friendly unit.
    • First-Aid Drone: Randomly regenerates one of your piece's health by 50%.
  • 4 stars
    • Forced March: Gain 1 additional movement dice for this turn.
    • Range Table Calibration: 1 bonus range to a friendly piece for 1 turn.
  • 5 stars
    • Transport Vehicle: 4 bonus mobility to a friendly piece for 1 turn.
    • Planned Operation: Can choose the value of a roll from 1 to 6.


Luffberry Chess was added to the CN server in April 2021 and to the Global server on 14 December 2021.

Season Number Season Name Season Rewards Season Changes Season Date Season Map
Season β N/A N/A Ring Road map was added 14 December 2021 - 21 February 2021 Ring Road
Season 0 Code 0: Apsis N/A Two-Pronged Attack map was added 22 February 2022 - 19 April 2022 Two-Pronged Attack
Season 1 Codename One: Alteration N/A N/A 10 May 2022 - 20 June 2022 Ring Road
Season 2 Codename Two: Diffraction Z-62's special costume Casual Afternoon Game Strong Fortifications map and Gachapon was added 21 June 2022 - 30 August 2022 Strong Fortifications
Season 3 Codename 3: Magnetic Moment Commander's outfit, Mounted Ranger Commander's outfit, Mounted Ranger was added ? N/A
Season 4 Code 4: Dispersion N/A Exclusive Icon ? N/A
Season 5 Code 5: Turbulence OBR's special costume Queen of Castile + Ring Road Chessboard Background - Highway To Hell N/A ? Ring Road & Two-Pronged Attack
Season 6 Code 6: Vortex M1897's special costume Forest Game + Strong Fortifications Chessboard Background - Fantasyland N/A 14 November 2023 - 22 January 2023 Strong Fortifications

There are eight ranks, which are reset each season. The first player in a Tournament match will always receive 10 points for ranking, but other ranks will either earn or lose points depending on the player's rank (Sergeants finishing 4th place earn 0 points, but Major Generals will lose 6 points). Each rank rewards a unique player medal, while Major, Major General and Field Marshal also rewards seasonal profile icons.

  • Sergeant (less than 25 points)
  • Major (25 points)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (50 points)
  • Colonel (80 points)
  • Major General (110 points)
  • Lieutenant General (150 points)
  • General (200 points)
  • Field Marshal (260 points)


Luffberry Gacha.jpg

The Luffberry Chess gacha was introduced in season 2 and is separate from T-Doll and Equipment Production and the Costume Gacha from the Dorms menu. It uses its own currency called Item Gachapon Ticket.png gachapon tickets, which are earned at a rate of 5 tickets per 1 minute spent in-game, up to 100 tickets per day (so daily tickets limit is reached in 20 minutes) for a maximum of 700 stored tickets (despite the limit displayed in menu being 9999). Tickets are also awarded for playing in Simulation Mode. Tournament mode also rewards bonus tickets that are unaffected by the daily limit depending on results: first place earns 7 tickets, second place 5 tickets, third place 3 tickets and fourth place 1 ticket.

1 pull costs 20 gachapon tickets, and a 10-pull 200 tickets. Pulls are classified in three tiers:

  • Silver Sprinting Wolf Prizes include Item Combat Report.png Combat Reports, Item Friendship Points.png Friendship Points, Item Rapid Growth Disk.png Rapid Growth Disks, Item Basic Training Data.png Basic Training Data, Item Basic Training Keycode.png Basic Training Keycodes, Item Memory Fragment.png Memory Fragments, Item Calibration Ticket.png Calibration Tickets, Item Equipment Enhancement Component.png Universal Parts and Item Enhancement Capsule.png Enhancement Capsules.
  • Jade Pegasus Prizes include Item Advanced Combat Report.png Special Combat Reports, Item Petri Dish.png Petri Dishes, Item Intermediate Training Data.png Intermediate Training Data, Item Advanced Training Data.png Advanced Training Data, Item Dummy Core.png Dummy Cores and Item Advanced Training Keycode.png Advanced Training Keycodes.
  • The Great Golden Dragon is the season's unique costume. During Season 2, it was SMG Z-62Thumb button.pngZ-62 's Casual Afternoon Game costume.



  • Luffberry-related career quests will require to play one match, finish first or second, finish third or last, beat enough players and complete enough laps.
  • Luffberry Chess shares many similarities with the game 100% Orange Juice developed by Fruitbat Factory.
  • There are various names for this game in Girls' Frontline's English translation: sources variate between Lufbery, Luffbery and Luffberry, it is called "Raverbury" in Havier Witkin's adjutant quotes, and "Raverbury Kriegspiel" in the Furnitures of the Luffberry Chess Room set. The original name is 拉弗伯雷兵棋 (Lāfúbàléi Bīng Qí), but the CN server has also called it “Aeroplane Chess”. Based on this, the game may be named in reference to the Lufbery circle air combat tactic (拉弗伯雷圆圈 in Standard Chinese).