Griffin Recollection/Her Smile

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Griffin Recollection C124.jpeg

Featured T-Doll[edit]

Old Dream Star Stone Reward[edit]

Point Reward Image Details
50 Perfect Tea Party

Furniture (table)
C124 Furniture.png The best barista + the best confectioner = a perfect tea party.
150 Spare Headdress

Commander customization
C124 Cosmetic.png A tool used by G36 during her work. She never does useless things, but there needs to be a sense of ceremony at times.
250 Job List

ID card background
C124 Cardbackground.png Perhaps she can make herself appear in three places at once...or perhaps the Commander should stop reading all those adventure stories.
400 Time To Dig In!

Union skill
Bondskill.png AR G36Thumb button.pngG36  serves desserts to her teammates. Not only does this raise their morale, it also applies her firepower focus to all friendly units (the effect drops to 15%). Mind that you don't get fat!
RF SpringfieldThumb button.pngSpringfield  serves coffee to her teammates. Not only does this raise their morale, for every charge she has, she raises all friendly units' ROF by 5% (lasts 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times). Mind that you don't get fat!
500 Four Seasons

Avatar icon
C124 Avatar.png Her mood is not like the seasons, yet it strums the heartstrings.