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Galil Story Quotes

Base Voice Lines[edit]

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 呀,今后就请多关照啦,我的指挥官大人。 や、よろしくな、マイ指揮官!Play Heya! I'll be counting on you from now on, my Commander.
Introduction “六日战争”之后,鉴于FAL小姐不能适应沙漠战场,直接促成了我,加利尔的诞生——这个名字来源于我的设计师啦。吸纳了诸多武器优点的我,只有体重稍~稍~过量,结果风头全被AK47和M16A1抢走了,真太不公平啦! After the "Six-Day War", in view of the fact that Miss FAL could not adapt to the desert battlefield, it directly contributed to me, the birth of Galil - the name comes from my designer. I have absorbed the advantages of many weapons, only the weight is slightly ~ slightly ~ excessive, the result is all robbed by the AK47 and M16A1, it is really unfair!
Secretary 喂,在摸哪里啊!? ちょ、どこ触っとる!?Play Hey, watch where you are touching!?
体重!?你在说什么啊! 体重?うふふ、しばくで。Play Weight? ufufu, what are you talking bout?
啊哈哈哈哈哈,超搞笑的! あははは、うふ、めっちゃおもろいな!Play AHAHAHA, that's super funny.
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, don't eat while we're working! You know I'm on a diet... Darn it, give me a little bet too!
Why...did you pick me? Isn't someone klutzy like me the complete opposite of you, Commander? But if you're willing to accept me, then I will make sure you won't regret it!
Greeting 待ちくたびれたわPlay I've been waiting for you
T-Doll Produced 新しい武器の製造が終わったでPlay New weapons production is finished
Joining an echelon ラジャーPlay
Enhancement 打つようなたら体重増えてまうやんPlay
Dummy-linking 先生が課題腕をもうちょい軽くしてくれへんPlay
Logistics (start) 伊勢で出発するはまずは寝袋を用意せんとなPlay First of all I would like to prepare a sleeping bag
Logistics (end) ただいまおまたおてんと忘れてもうたPlay
Autobattle みんなのためにウコンの和平のせいでPlay Because of peace in turmeric for everyone
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission ほないくでPlay At home
Starting a battle 家にいる人はえらいどこやねPlay Where are the people at home?
Skill activation 攻撃準備者Play Attack preparer
いや大作戦やったら多分やでPlay If you do not have a big operation maybe maybe
Heavily damaged やったなあPlay
Retreat もうしんどいわPlay No wonder
MVP ダメ見たら死ぬPlay I will die if I see no
Restoration ちょっとうっかりしてもうた何でまた行いなことなるねPlay I'm a little careless and I'll be doing something else
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 想吃甜食呀,给我糖果吧,指挥官~ 甘いの好き!...やけど、食べたら太るから、悪戯決定なあ!指·揮·官!Play I love sweet stuff!.. but sweets make me fat, so commander, prepare yourself for some t.r.i.c.k.s!
Christmas メリークリスマス!あっ、あかん、ケーキの誘惑に負けへんで.Play Merry Christmas! whoa, gotta resist the allure of those cakes.
New Year's Day ハッピーニューイヤー!えへへ、いっぺん英語でゆうて見たかったんや!


Happy new year! hehe, I wanted to say it in English!
Valentine's day チョコ上げるは。はぁ~?ダイエットちゃうは!


Takes this chocolate. Huh? No, I'm not on a diet!
Tanabata お祭り行くと体重が


Weight goes to the festival

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense Play
Phrase Play
Tip Play
Loading Play

MOD3 Voice Lines[edit]

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 指挥官大人,今后也请多多关照啦! 指揮官、今後ともよろしく頼むで!Play 앞으로도 잘 부탁해! 나의 지휘관. Commander, please continue taking care of me!
Secretary 哈哈,指挥官快来看,我的体重有了大幅减轻诶!……把另一条腿踩上去才行?什么嘛,只要我身体的一部分在体重秤上就算数! ハハッ、指揮官見て見て、体重が大幅に減ったで!……もう片方の足も乗せろって?いやいや、うちの身体の一部が体重計に乗ってたら、それで十分やろ!Play 하하, 지휘관 이것 봐, 나 몸무게가 엄청 줄었어!...다른 발도 올려놓으라고? 뭐, 뭔데! 내 몸의 일부가 저울에 올랐으면 됐지! Haha, come take a look, Commander, I lost a lot of weight! ...What do you mean it only counts if both feet are on the weighing scale? Come on, as long as part of my body's on the scale it should count!
指挥官,今天发生了一件超搞笑的事情!就是乌兹她……哈哈哈哈哈……对不起,一想起来就笑得停不下来哈哈哈哈…… 指揮官、聞いて聞いて、今日めっちゃおもろいことあってん!UZIの奴がな……ハハハハハ……ごめん、思い出したらおもろくて、笑いが止まらんわ、ハハハハハッ……Play 지휘관! 오늘 엄청 웃긴 일이 있는데, 우지가 말이지... 푸하하하하, 미안, 떠올리기만해도 웃겨서 하하하하하하... Commander, something super funny happened today! Micro Uzi...hahahahaha... I'm sorry, whenever I think about it I can't help laughing hahahahahaha...
工作结束了吗,指挥官?要不要来一起喝一杯?塔沃尔收藏的酒都很不错…… 仕事終わったん、指揮官?ほな、今から一杯やらへん?タボールのコレクションしてるお酒、どれもなかなか美味しいで!Play 일 다 끝났어, 지휘관? 같이 한잔하러 갈래? 타보르가 꽤 좋은 술을 숨기고 있더라... Is work over, Commander? Want to have a drink together? Tavor's secret stash is pretty good...
Secretary (post OATH)
역시 여기 숨어서 군것질하고 있었구나... 분명 같이 다이어트하기로 약속했잖아! 치사해, 나도 좀 먹자고!
...I KNEW it! You were hiding here to snack, Commander! You said we'd lose weight together but I could never find you after our training sessions! You're terrible! Now give me some too!
为什么……会选中我呢? 指挥官,稀里糊涂的我……和您不相配吧? 不过,您愿意接纳我,我也会加倍回报您的,请尽情期待。
なんで…うちみたいなもん気に入ったんや、 指揮官。こんなボケボケのうちなんか…あんたには釣り合わへんやろ? でも、ほんまに受け入れてくれるんやったら、うちもっともっとがんばるわ、へへ、期待しとってや!
왜, 나 같은 녀석이 마음에 든 거야? 지휘관. 이런 얼빵이는 당신에게 어울리지 않잖아? 하지만 정말 받아들여 주는 거라면 나, 좀 더 좀 더 노력할게. 에헷, 기대해줘.
Greeting 诶,才来啊,我都等困了…… はぁ、やっと来たか、待ちくたびれたわ……Play 하암~ 이제야 왔어? 나 기다리다 피곤해졌어... Ehhh, you just arrived? I waited until I almost fell asleep...
T-Doll Produced 新人来报道了! 新人が来たで!Play 신참이 신고하러 왔어! There's a newcomer reporting!
Joining an echelon 交给我吧! あたしに任せてください!Play 맡겨줘! Leave it to me!
Enhancement ……强化后的体重增幅?不准问! ……強化して体重が増えたかって?そんなこと聞くな!Play 강화하고 얼마나 쪘냐고...? 그런 거 묻지 마! ...You want to know if I got heavier after being enhanced? I forbid you to asl!
Dummy-linking 编制扩大了啊,不能再稍微改轻点吗? 編制拡大かいな、もうちょと軽くしてくれへん?Play 편제확대로구나, 좀 가볍게 만들어주면 안 될까? So I've been dummy-linked, could you make me a little lighter?
Logistics (start) 马上出发,先准备下睡袋。 すぐ出発するわ、まずは寝袋を用意せんとな。Play 바로 출발할게, 일단 침낭부터 챙겨야겠지? I'm heading out soon, better prepare my sleeping bag.
Logistics (end) 我回来了……又忘带帐篷了…… ただいま……またテント忘れてもうた。 돌아왔어... 또 텐트 까먹고 안 챙겼어... I'm back...and I forgot my tent again...
Autobattle 为了大家,这次可不能掉链子! みんなのために、今度はヘマせえへんで!Play 모두를 위해서 이번엔 삑사리 내지 말아야지! For everyone's sake, I can't mess up here!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン! 소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 出发咯! ほな行くで!Play 자, 가자! Heading out!
Starting a battle 阻拦我前进的敌人,只有死路一条! うちの前に立ちはだかる敵は、破滅あるのみや!Play 날 가로막는 적들에겐 죽음뿐이야! All enemies blocking my path shall die!
Skill activation 好——准备攻击! ヨーーシ、攻撃用意! 좋아, 공격 준비! Alright, prepare to attack!
这就是挑衅我的代价。 これがうちをからかった結末や。 나한테 시비를 건 대가라고. This is the price of provoking me.
体重轻有什么了不起的! 体重が軽いからって偉そうに! 몸무게가 뭐 어쨌다고! What's so great about being light, anyway!
Heavily damaged 果然不能轻视体重的问题啊…… やっぱり体重の問題を軽く見たらあかんな……Play 역시 몸무게를 간과할 순 없겠어... I guess I shouldn't have taken my weight lightly...
Retreat 任务失败了吗…… 任務失敗か…… 임무 실패인가... Did we fail the mission...
MVP 意料之中的结果。 予想通りの結果や。 다 예상한 결과야. This was an expected outcome.
Restoration 嗯……稍稍大意了……怎么又是这样呢…… むむ……ちょっとうっかりしてもうた。なんでまたこんなことになるねん……Play 으으... 살짝 방심했네, 왜 또 이렇게 된 거지... Hm... I got a little careless... Why is this happening again...
Attack 通通受死吧! 死んでまえ!Play 몽땅 죽어버려! All of you, come and die!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween Play
Christmas Play
New Year's Day


Valentine's day

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense 不要轻举妄动! 軽はずみな行動は控えて!Play 함부로 움직이지 마! Don't be careless!
Phrase 谢啦。 おおきに。 고마우이~
Tip 告诉你个好事。 ええこと教えたる。 좋은 거 알려줄게.
Loading 稍等一下行吗? ちょっと待ってくれへん?Play 잠깐 기다려줄래? Could you wait a bit?