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Full name Fidelity
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

Fidelity is a Lesser Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Fidelity is classified as Ranged and Summon.

  • Silence and Concealment (8s): Enter Stealth (cannot be targeted by the enemies) for 3 seconds. Taking Direct Damage (damage dealt by skills or normal attacks and not status effects) ends Stealth.
  • Holy Seed Genesis: Every 8 seconds, summon a Fidelity's Seed inheriting 25% of own HP and 100% of own Hashrate. When it comes within 1 tile of an enemy unit, it charges for 4.5 seconds before self-destructing, dealing Operand Damage equal to 260% Hashrate to all enemy units within 1 tile while granting Healing equal to 400% of Hashrate for the ally with the lowest HP.


Introduced in Inverted Mordent Resonance.