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FAL Story Quotes

"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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According to official fanbook The Art of Girls' Frontline—Until The Stars:

Being very proud of her origination, Words and deeds are arrogant, claims that she has an excellent taste in fashion and the fact is opposite. However, due to her experience and ability, no one wants to point that out.

And from the interview of GF Tieba[1], FAL likes to choose and pair clothes for Commander, she is also a fan of chocolate taste food, that could be the reason that she has a good relationship with AR FNCThumb button.pngFNC .

From the story of Chapter 6 Midnight, FAL is very good at calculating and considering the situation as a whole, she would even sacrifice her if needed. Though to the outsider FAL is very cold-blooded and sends her teammates’ death, but it is all under her calculation. And HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN  is also the only one that understands that, though she always says that they can’t get along with each other.

Story Involvement[edit]


"This is classified information!"

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Main Story[edit]

FAL first appear in Chapter 6 Midnight, where she was assigned to lead Team FN with Five-seveN to investigate the missing T-Doll incident in Sector S08. FAL sends RF FN-49Thumb button.pngFN-49  and FNC to lure Alchemist, but new intel from AR T91Thumb button.pngT91  comes in later and inform FAL that Alchemist only took the bait of elite T-Doll. She then told Five-seveN the next step and sends her out. However, the true purpose of FAL is to send everyone out and leaves her alone to meet SF Boss unit Alchemist in the base.

"Now...Do you like shoes, FAL?"

"... You are asking the right person, Alchemist."

A Snowy Night Capriccio[edit]

Far Side of the Sea[edit]

FAL made a minor appearance in the seasonal summer event. Commander was in the middle of SMG C-MSThumb button.pngC-MS  and AR G41Thumb button.pngG41  little game. She shot Commander in the face with her water gun, disappointed that Commander enjoyed their childish diversion.


While FAL doesn't appear in the event, she leads Team FN during the otherworldly events and receives reports about the operations of HG KianaThumb button.pngKiana 's group through Five-seveN.[2][3]

Operation Rabbit Hunt[edit]

Operation Rabbit Hunt connects soon after Chapter 6 Midnight, and Team FN leads the story and FAL once again uses her decoy method to lure the enemy units to show up.

"Since 'the Rabbit' won't come out of the nest.. .only thing we can do is to deliver 'Carrots' to her.

M1918 Neural Upgrade Story[edit]

HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN  had forcibly recruited MG M1918Thumb button.pngM1918  to join the Griffin forces assaulting a large Sangvis Ferri base, one that M1918 was very familiar with from prior missions. M1918 asked herself why she had to come with them again, at which point FAL told her to stop complaining and that the Commander had signed off on the order for M1918 to join FN Team for the time being. BAR sighed and stated that FAL should not expect anything from her as she was totally useless against the new S.F. units. Five-seveN remarked that their team was responsible for assaulting the core region, but there was no need to worry as they would let FAL soak up the bullets. After all, FAL was an unrivaled pro at that. FAL attempted to give a retort, but Five-seveN continued to explain that M1918 was needed to successfully assault the core region, as only M1918 knew where the vulnerabilities lie. FAL then had the FN Team move out as all the other teams had already begun.

As Griffin echelons battled Sangvis Ferri forces, FAL received a transmission from Five-seveN that there had been a change in plans due to their original route having been blocked off by a Sangvis cannon emplacement. While they could take it down, they did not have time to get tangled up with the task. BAR sighed due to the setback, as it was the most ideal route and they would have to go through a lot of trouble to change their route. FAL stated they had no choice, then messaging RF XM3Thumb button.pngXM3  who asked how their worthless leader M1918 was doing. FAL waved it off, telling her not to worry about M1918, and that they needed support due to the unavoidable S.F. cannon near the objective. XM3 inferred that FAL wanted her to draw its attention, with FAL cutting off communication after stating that they would leave it to XM3 then. M1918 asked FAL with concern as to what she was planning with XM3 and RF Super SASSThumb button.pngSuper SASS . FAL stated that there was no other route and that they were running out of time. M1918 was upset, telling FAL that she was going to throw her team members into the meat grinder before her very eyes. FAL again stated that they were running out of time and that everyone else was working to cover them. M1918 then started to walk, telling FAL to get out of her way when asked where she was going. M1918 stated that she could not just stand back and watch her teammates walk right into a death trap. FAL argued that M1918’s mission was to break through the S.F. defensive line with Team FN. As M1918 was no longer their team leader, their safety should not be of her concern. M1918 continued to resist FAL, stating that she would care what she wants to care about, and for the last blasted time to get out of her way.

After M1918's neural upgrade, FAL briefed M1918's team on the new mission to recover critical cargo from the S.F. base. M1918's team was assigned to be in charge of attacking the core region while other teams provided cover and diversionary attacks. FAL then informed them that M1918 better understood the finer points of the mission, so she would be directing the operation from now on. While M1918 discussed the mission with XM3 and Super SASS, FAL left to talk to Five-seveN in private. Five-seveN was pleased with M1918's modifications going well, wondering aloud if SCAR would be upset that they used ready-made technology to upgrade M1918. FAL dismissed this thought, saying she wouldn't mind. Five-seveN noted that the upgrade proposal made M1918's Imprint more similar to theirs, making it easier to assist FN Team in the future. FAL suspected that she had been planning for that all along, briefly complementing her. However, she questioned Five-seveN's true motivations, at which point Five-seveN stated that now FAL needed to worry about not just being surpassed by her, but also by her ancient senior M1918 too.

Notebook stories[edit]

Santa Claus Hunt (Winter Supply costume)[edit]

The Commander went to visit FAL at FN Team's dormitory with the intent of recruiting FAL as a bouncer Christmas ball. FAL informed them that her schedule was full today so any last-minute mission should be given to someone else. The Commander asked FAL if she would be attending the ball tonight. FAL assumed the Commander was inviting her as their partner, but quickly soured as the Commander explained the mission. The Commander stated that FAL was the best choice since she was good at dealing with emergencies and that the job required improvising, so they would rest easy if FAL took it. FAL noted the Commander's silver tongue, but insisted she would not work for nothing and asked how the Commander planned to repay her. The Commander explained it was not an official operation so therefore she would not get paid, but offered to grant a wish. FAL requested that the Commander come shopping with her, with the Commander being surprised it was that easy and calling her an absolute angel. FAL told the Commander to leave the boot-licking until they were outside and went to change into her Christmas dress. The Commander complimented her, at which point she stated her taste is exceptional among T-Dolls. FAL then motioned for them to leave, but her face darkened as the Commander explained they still had preparation work to do. FAL then stated that it was quite cold today and that she didn't feel like heading out anyway, so the Commander should talk to Five-seveN about taking the mission instead. The Commander apologized and pleaded with FAL, who then relented.

Later in the afternoon, the Commander went shopping with FAL and carried a bunch of paper bags for her while panting from the effort. The Commander asked if they could take a rest since it had already been three hours, but FAL said they had no one to blame but themselves for messing up her plans. FAL pranced around the mall and cheerfully studied the mall directory while the Commander silently prayed for the hellish shopping spree to end soon. At 4PM, they returned to FAL's room and the Commander collapsed onto a chair. FAL fished out a Christmas hat from one of her shopping bags and placed it on the Commander's head as a present for shopping with her. The Commander thanked her, stating their motivation was back again and then offered to dance with FAL at the ball later that night. FAL had a brief moment of surprise before her lips curled up into a small smile, responding with "C'est ma plaisir" (bad French for “C'est mon plaisir”, meaning “Pleasure is mine”).

FAL also appears in SAA's Wish Upon A Star, MG5's Crimson Guardian and Suomi's Korvantunturi Pixie costume stories.

Beach Party (FAL's Summer costume)[edit]

FAL also appears in Ameli's "Ameli's Receive" and AN-94's The Diving Bell and the Doll costume stories.

Christmas Eve Express[edit]

FAL appears in Five-seveN's Blue Christmas costume story.

Chinese New Year 2020[edit]

FAL appaears in AK-74U's Lily of the Valley costume story when AK-74U visits Team FN's dorm.