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July 27th[edit]

Operation Deep Dive[edit]

Operation Deep Dive

July 27th GMT+8 ~ Aug 26th GMT+8 New T-dolls, huge event rewards, new system and numerous optimizations. Find basic guide and event walkthrough at Operation Deep Dive.

Tactical fairy system[edit]

Tactical fairy system is now online.

Brand new play style. Multiple combination. More tactical choices!

July 22nd[edit]

Logistics rate up event[edit]

Logistics rate up

July 22nd GMT+8 ~ June 26th GMT+8 Great success rate in Logistic missions will be increased for the duration of this event.

New Content Preparations event[edit]

New Content Preparations event

July 22nd GMT+8 ~ June 26th GMT+8 Log on to gain various rewards during this event:

  • Day 1: Item Equipment Contract.pngx2
  • Day 2: Item T-Doll Contract.pngx2
  • Day 3: Item Intermediate Training Data.pngx300
  • Day 4: Item Battery.pngx200
  • Day 5: Item Advanced Training Data.pngx200

July 6th[edit]

EXP rate UP!
Into the Soul Package

EXP rate UP![edit]

From July 7th GMT+8 ~ July 14th GMT+8, all EXP gained from Combat Missions will be increased to 1.5x.

Into the Soul Package[edit]

July 6th GMT+8 ~ July 14th GMT+8

Item T-Doll Contract.png x50, Item Quick Production Contract.pngx10, Icon manpower.pngx6000, Icon ammo.pngx2000, Icon ration.pngx6000, Icon parts.pngx4000

Package cost: 2888 Icon gem.png

July 1st[edit]

Summer Carnival Special Operation[edit]

Summer Carnival Special Operation

July 1st 0:00 GMT+8 ~ July 21st 23:59 GMT+8

The Special Operation will be available during the time period. Obtain 1800 points (from a total of 3000 points) to obtain the M37's swim suit outfit Summer Tourist.

  • For three weeks, at the start of every Saturday at 0AM a new set of quests will be available, which can be completed to obtain points
  • The activated quests will be available for completion anytime as long as it's within the event time period.
  • Reaching certain amount points will yield various rewards:
Points Reward
100 Batteries x100
200 Beginner Training Data x500, Item Quick Restoration Contract.png x5
500 Enhancement Capsule x20, Item Quick Production Contract.png x5
800 Icon manpower.png x1000, Intermediate Training Data x500
1200 Icon ration.png x1000, Icon ammo.png x1000, Item Dummy Core.png x5
1800 M37 Outfit, Lollipop x10
2000 Item T-Doll Contract.png x10, Item Calibration Ticket.png x200, Icon parts.png x1000
2400 Batteries x500, Item Token.png x50, Fast Training Contract x2,Advanced Training Data x 200, Challenger Medal x1
3000 Challenger Medal x1

Operation Points[edit]

There are 3000 points in total.

Mission Week 1 Reward Points
Accumulate 1 Day Login 10
Accumulate 2 Day Login 20
Accumulate 3 Day Login 20
Accumulate 5 Day Login 30
Accumulate 8 Day Login 30
Accumulate 10 Day Login 50
Accumulate 12 Day Login 100
Obtain 300 Batteries 30
Obtain 800 Batteries 50
Obtain 2000 Batteries 100
Consume Battle Report x 10 20
Consume Battle Report x 30 30
Consume Battle Report x 100 50
Accumulate 5 Large-scale Construction 20
Accumulate 10 Large-scale Construction 30
Accumulate 20 Large-scale Construction 50
Accumulate 50 Large-scale Construction 100
Accumulate Crafting of 4 Star T-Doll x 1 20
Accumulate Crafting of 4 Star T-Doll x 5 30
Accumulate Crafting of 5 Star T-Doll x 1 50
Accumulate Crafting of 5 Star T-Doll x 5 100
Accumulate Consuming 30 Cores 20
Accumulate Consuming 50 Cores 50
Accumulate Consuming 100 Cores 100
Clear Specific Battle 5 times (4-2E) 50
Mission Week 2 Reward Points
Clear Any Mission Map 10 Times 10
Clear Any Mission Map 20 Times 20
Clear Any Mission Map 50 Times 30
Clear Any Mission Map 100 Times 100
Accumulate use Supporting Troops 5 times 10
Accumulate use Supporting Troops 10 times 20
Accumulate use Supporting Troops 20 times 30
Accumulate use Supporting Troops 50 times 50
Get 10 "Likes" during the event 20
Get 20 "Likes" during the event 30
Get 50 "Likes" during the event 50
Get 80 "Likes" during the event 100
10,000 Ammo Consumption 20
30,000 Ammo Consumption 30
Clear Specific Battle 5 times (4-3N) 50
Rescue 30 T-Dolls from any maps or battle 20
Rescue 50 T-Dolls from any maps or battle 30
Rescue 100 T-Dolls from any maps or battle 50
Accumulate 100Hrs of Logistic Support 20
Accumulate 500Hrs of Logistic Support 30
Accumulate 800Hrs of Logistic Support 100
Mission Week 3 Reward Points
Accumulate T-Doll repair x10 20
Accumulate T-Doll repair x30 30
Accumulate T-Doll repair x50 50
Spend 100 Procurement Coins 20
Spend 200 Procurement Coins 30
Spend 500 Procurement Coins 150
Spend 1000 Procurement Coins 200
Give away 10 gifts in dorm 10
Give away 20 gifts in dorm 20
Give away 50 gifts in dorm 30
Give away 100 gifts in dorm 50
Accumulate Dummy Links x5 30
Accumulate Dummy Links x10 50
Clear Specific Battle 5 times (5-3) 50
Accumulate Skill Training x2 30
Accumulate Skill Training x5 50
Accumulate Skill Training x10 100
Accumulate Enhancement Pill Consumption x20 20
Accumulate Enhancement Pill Consumption x50 30
Accumulate Enhancement Pill Consumption x100 50