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October 30th[edit]

Halloween Costume Special Offers[edit]

Halloween Costume Special Offers

October 30th, 2016 00:00 GMT+8 ~ November 1st, 2016 23:59 GMT+8

Candy Fast Delivery[edit]

Package cost: 288 Diamonds

Package contents: Item Token.pngx20, m45-Candy Fast Delivery x1

Pumpkin Teddy[edit]

Package cost: 388 Diamonds

Package contents: Item Token.pngx30, Makarov-Pumpkin Teddy x1

Sweetheart Devil[edit]

Package cost: 988 Diamonds

Package contents: Item Token.pngx50, Mk23-Sweetheart Devil x1

Note: The orders of the packages are randomized each time the player enters the package menu, be sure to check clearly before purchasing.

October 28th[edit]

Halloween Themed Procurement[edit]


October 25th[edit]


19:00 GMT+8 ~ 20:00 GMT+8

Halloween & Dormitory Livestream

A preview of the next update as well as the Christmas/Chinese New Year is showcased:

  1. Costume and dorm system will arrive in the next update. The game will offer you 2 dormitories for free. Additional dormitories can be purchased at 680 diamond each.
  2. Three costumes will available for purchase as packages in the cash shop:
  3. Type 64 costume will be given out from a login event.
  4. The following costumes will appear in the Halloween Procurement pool:
  5. Every procurement gives an exchange coupon, which may be traded for items of one's choice in the procurement pool. Exchange coupons will be converted back to Item Token.pngProcurement Coins when the event is over.
  6. Episode 6 will be added to the storyline.
  7. Next event will be a small scale event starting Christmas.
  8. Events in future might include different level of difficulties for player to choose. Beating all difficulties might unlock secret levels.
  9. New game mechanics and shotguns type of T-dolls will be introduced during event following Christmas.
  10. New costumes for Christmas and Chinese new year.
  11. Winter event will start some time after Christmas.
  12. Shotgun class to be added after Christmas.

October 24th[edit]

Website Daily Login Event[edit]

Website Daily Login Event

October 24th, 2016 12:00 GMT+8 ~ November 6th, 2016 12:00 GMT+8 For 14 days, players will receive 10 points for each day they log in the game which can be traded for various rewards. Bonus points are awarded from consecutive days of logging in:

  • 3 Days: 20 points
  • 7 Days: 40 points
  • 14 Days: 80 points

These points may be used to trade for Furniture Coupons or lottery tickets:

  • The exchange rate is 50 points for every 10 coupons.
  • Each lottery draw takes 10 points, and may give either
    • Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx500, Icon ration.pngx500, Icon parts.pngx500
    • 2 Item T-Doll Contract.png IOP Contracts
    • 2 Item Quick Training Contract.png Quick Training Contract
    • 10 Item Token.png Procurement Coins
    • Springfield Mousepad
    • 404 squad key-chains
    • Kar98k figure
Checking and Spending points

Checking points

EVENT 2016 OCT 24 1.jpg
Go to points exchange page and click Login(登陆).
EVENT 2016 OCT 24 2.jpg
Login by entering your Username(输入账号), Password(输入密码), then choose either Android or iOS on Platform(系统选择), before entering Login(登陆).
EVENT 2016 OCT 24 3.jpg
Pick the sever you play on from the list.
EVENT 2016 OCT 24 4.jpg
The points you currently have will be displayed on as 积分.

Spending Points for Procurement Coins

EVENT 2016 OCT 24 5.jpg
On the same page, scroll down to 01 Points Exchange(积分兑换), then Select a points to coins exchange option before clicking Confirm(确认兑换).

Spending Points for Lottery

EVENT 2016 OCT 24 6.jpg
Scroll down to 02 Lottery(放手一搏), and click on Draw now(立即抽奖) to receive one of the random prizes.
  • Every account is limited to 5 lottery draws per day.

Obtain Rewards

EVENT 2016 OCT 24 7.jpg
Tap Check Rewards(查询奖品).
EVENT 2016 OCT 24 8.jpg
Tap Obtain Rewards(领取奖励).

October 22nd[edit]

Crafting Event[edit]

Rare Equipment Rate Up
Chinese Guns Completion Project
One Craft, with Heart and Soul Package
Crafting Event

Chinese Guns Completion Project[edit]

October 22nd, 2016 12:00 GMT+8 ~ October 24th, 2016 12:00 GMT+8

The rates for Type 79, M99, Type 95, Type 97 to appear in T-Doll Production will be tripled.

Rare Equipment Rate Up[edit]

October 22nd, 2016 12:00 GMT+8 ~ October 24th, 2016 12:00 GMT+8

All 4 star and 5 star equipment will receive an increase in crafting rates.

One Craft, with Heart and Soul Package[edit]

October 22nd, 2016 12:00 GMT+8 ~ October 24th, 2016 12:00 GMT+8

Package cost: 158 Diamonds Package contents: Item T-Doll Contract.pngx1 Item Quick Production Contract.pngx1 Icon manpower.pngx400, Icon ammo.pngx400, Icon ration.pngx400, Icon parts.pngx200,

October 15th[edit]

Daily Combat Supplies Package[edit]

Daily Combat Supplies Package

October 15th, 2016 10:00 GMT+8 ~ October 31st, 2016 23:59 GMT+8

Package cost: 198 Diamonds Package contents: Item Quick Restoration Contract.pngx5, Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx1000, Icon parts.pngx1000,

October 13th[edit]

Special Rescue Operation[edit]

Special Rescue Operation

October 13th, 2016 13:00 GMT+8 ~ October 20th, 2016 10:00 GMT+8

During the event, clearing or defeating the boss of the following maps with an S rank will have a chance to yield the matching T-Dolls:

1-6, 1-4E: Stechkin
2-6, 2-4E: G36
3-6, 3-4E: M950A
4-6, 4-4E: G41
5-6, 5-4E: Kar98k

Note: Autobattle results are automatically graded as S rank, therefore these T-Dolls may also be obtained through this method.