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Full name Dragoon
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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High-end Sangvis Ferri combat doll, outfitted with a miniature walking armor and assault weapons. Their firepower, range and mobility are not to be taken lightly, and they frequently play the role of Sangvis Ferri's strongpoint-breakers.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Damage: High
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Attack range: Moderate ~ High
  • Health: Moderate to High
  • Armor value: N/A
  • Evasion: Low
  • Movement speed: Fast
  • Skill/Passive: Yes
    • SWAP Dragoon: "Buffs self damage and accuracy on start of battle. When targets enter their firing range, activates a shield which is equal to their total HP"


Dragoons first appear as the boss of chapter 4-2 and have intermittent appearances thereafter. While never the most commonplace unit, it is very common for them to be among the most powerful field units Sangvis Ferri has on a given map. Beware.


When you see these walker-riding Sangvis Dolls, you know there's danger afoot. Dragoons are the elite of Sangvis Ferri's regular ground forces, used as linebreakers and as fast-attack units. They are traditionally seen as offensive spearheads and command and control units, often paired with Guard, Vespid, or Jaeger units, which helps augment the Dragoon's already-impressive powerhouse offense and mobility by giving them units to get covering fire from.

Like the Sangvis Ripper, Dragoons are relentless attackers, charging headlong into the fray and immediately cutting loose with their powerful weapons on the first T-Doll that happens to bar their approach. Unlike other humanoid-types, Dragoons are elites, boasting some of the highest firepower of any common opponent, and on a unit that happens to move extremely quickly to boot. If a Dragoon can spot a clear corridor through your ranks, you can expect them to rush hell-bent-for-leather at the rear line in an effort to break through and force your echelon to retreat. Fittingly, on the actual map they tend to rush objective nodes (such as allied heliports and the HQ) with similar fervor unless assigned to guard a position - in which case they never move.

Thankfully, Dragoons are never numerous foes. It's rare to see more than one or two enemy squads of them on the map, and of those, most have a single large contingent of Dragoons in it - and only rarely more than one. In squads they show up in, they are virtually guaranteed to be a decisive component, and while they're notably tougher than your average Sangvis Ferri regular, they aren't as difficult to put down as armored units or Guards. Debuffs help a lot when dealing with these foes, as Stun Grenades can delay their attacks and Smoke Grenades can hinder them significantly. They're also an excellent reason to pack Rifle T-Dolls, as the ability to put these units down quickly is a priority. Defensively, Dragoons do not offer a perfect solution - only the toughest Shotgun T-Dolls can tank them for long and with their high damage and rates of fire, SMGs can have difficulty tanking them for very long. An SMG with Force Shield may be exactly what you need to buy a few seconds more.

During the Late stages of Isomer, players will have their first encounter with SWAP SF units, and the Dragoons are one of the units who received an upgrade, their SWAP variants are never the less more threatening, their buffed stats upon the start of battle as well as shield when their targets enter their firing range, Do not underestimate these SWAP units, they are Very Dangerous.

Lore / Story involvement

Designed for urban pacification after the revolt, Dragoons are easily one of the most dangerous commonly-encountered Sangvis Ferri combat dolls, consisting of a lightweight Sangvis Regular Doll on a heavily-modified assault walker. Designed originally for the military as a reconnaissance walker, Sangvis Ferri modified the design with increased armor plating, front-mounted searchlights, and mounted antipersonnel cannons. With the ability to navigate through rocky or difficult terrain with ease, these units are predominantly used as linebreakers and forward-area scouts, allowed an unusual amount of Autonomy among Sangvis regular units.

Their humanoid units, being elites and with extensive combat programming, are, arguably, more dangerous than the walkers themselves. Curiously, they are typically destroyed along with their machines, so very few people know that they are just as capable of operating independently.


  • The gear they wear (including a miniskirt and riding scarf) gives a Dragoon the appearance of a leather-clad futuristic biker girl.
  • Their character art actually portrays them as carrying a large pistol, but they never actually use them in-game.