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General info[edit]

An unknown artist who has drawn several costumes for certain T-Dolls and possibly some background illustrations. No other known information is available regarding this artist. May or may not be a singular artist. It may also be an already existing artist who does not wish to be credited.

Due to the unknown nature of this artist tag, we cannot determine the authenticity of the illustrations drawn by this artist tag. So illustrations which may possess suspicious content, particularly those with possible use of AI assisted tools, will be listed here once we have valid confirmation. Please note that this list will primarily focus on character illustrations, not CG backgrounds used during cutscenes or map backgrounds.

Unless specified otherwise, CG files which are NOT specifically listed here in the "General Info" section, are not under any suspicion of AI Assisted usage, and that those CG files were drawn with the illustrators own capabilities.

Suspected AI Usage:

Where to find[edit]

  • No idea.
  • A blank sheet of paper.
  • Middle of nowhere.
  • Where you last left your keys.
  • Somewhere over there.
  • In between the gaps of your couch.

Unknown worked on the following assets[edit]

The artist may only be responsible for some of the illustrations. Please see the linked page for details.


Thumb button.pngCZ75166 Thumb button.pngG11122 Thumb button.pngHK41665 Thumb button.pngM26-MASS351 Thumb button.pngRO635143 Thumb button.pngSaiga 308371 Thumb button.pngSakura1037 Thumb button.pngUMP40102 Thumb button.pngUMP45103 Thumb button.pngUMP9101 


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HOC Units[edit]

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Neural Cloud characters[edit]

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