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AN-94 Strategy Story Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 指挥官,您好,AN94,从现在起将听候您的命令……请问……啊不、没什么,请不必在意…… 指揮官しきかん、どうも。いまからこのAN94ナイン・フォーは、あなたの命令めいれいしたがいます。えっと...いや、なんでもない。Play Hello, Commander. I, AN-94, will be under your command from now on... Um...I want to ask... No, never mind...
Secretary 武器就是不断被革新的工具,我们总有一天也会被更高级的武器所替代吧…… 武器ぶき進化しんかつづけているもの。いつか私達わたしたち交換こうかんされるるでしょう…Play Weapons are tools that are constantly improved. I'm sure we'll be replaced by an even superior weapon someday...
AK12是特别的……只要是为了她我什么都愿意做,这是我的命运。 AK12トゥエルブ特別とくべつだ。彼女かのじょためならなんでも出来できる。これは、わたし運命うんめいです。Play AK-12 is special... If it's for her, then I will do anything, because that is my destiny.
指挥官……难道您是……对我有什么不满吗? 指揮官しきかん、まさか、わたし不満ふまんが?Play Commander...don't tell're not satisfied with me?
Secretary (post OATH)
Hm? I didn't laugh? ...The joke was indeed quite funny, but... Alright, I will laugh again for you.
Commander, am I already irreplaceable in your heart? I'm always the one working hard for others, yet you're willing to make an effort for me...Please allow me to repay your recognition from now on.
Greeting 指揮官しきかん、ご指示しじを。Play Commander, your orders?
T-Doll Produced 新人しんじんよ。歓迎かんげいする。Play It's a new recruit. Let's welcome her.
Joining an echelon 陣形じんけい効率こうりつ計測中けいそくちゅうPlay I'll measure this formation's efficiency.
Enhancement これでもっと、彼女かのじょちからになれる。Play With this, I'll be able to become her strength.
Dummy-linking 指揮官しきかん、ありがとう。これからも頑張がんばります。Play Commander, thank you. From now on let's continue to work hard.
Logistics (start) 準備じゅんび完了かんりょう。いつでも出発しゅっぱつ出来できる。Play Preparations are complete. I can head out anytime.
Logistics (end) ただいま。つぎ任務にんむは?Play I'm back. What's the next mission?
Autobattle 任務にんむ完璧かんぺきげる。Play I'll fulfill my mission perfectly.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission こちらは大丈夫だいじょうぶ出発しゅっぱつしよう。Play We're okay over here. Let's head out.
Starting a battle てき発見はっけん陣形じんけいくずすな!Play Enemies sighted, don't break up formation!
Skill activation だれにも失望しつぼうさせないから!Play I won't let anyone down!
この二発にはつ十分じゅうぶんPlay This 2-round burst will be enough!
わたし出来できるのはこれしかない!Play This is the only thing I can do!
Heavily damaged もっ、もっと、やれるのに…Play But, I can do more...
Retreat やっぱりどうしても、彼女かのじょわりにはなれない。ごめんなさい。Play As I thought, no matter what, I can't be that girl's alternative. I'm sorry.
MVP やれることをやった。それだけさ。指揮官しきかんこそ、おつかさまPlay I did what I was able to do. That's all. Commander, good work to you too.
Restoration AK12トゥエルブなら、きっともっとうまく出来できるはず。Play If it was AK-12, surely she'd do a better job.
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Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 鬼火おにびたかも…いや、のせいか…Play Did I just see a Will-O-Wisp...? No... is it just my imagination?
Christmas ちゃんとべてますから大丈夫だいじょうぶ。みんなたのしそうだし、わたしがいたら、空気くうきつめたくなるだけ。Play I'm eating well so I'm fine. Everyone seems to be having fun, it's just that if I'm there, the atmosphere turns cold.
New Year's Day 大掃除だいそうじならいつでも出来できるだろう。どうして今日きょうじゃないとだめなんだ?


If it's a huge cleanup you can do it anytime. Why does it have to be today?
Valentine's day みんなにチョコを用意よういした。これは指揮官しきかんに。これは…あと彼女かのじょおくる。


I prepared chocolate for everyone. This one is for you, Commander, and this one is for... I'll send it to her later.
Tanabata いまのままで十分じゅうぶんねがごとなんて、贅沢ぜいたくすぎる。


I'm fine with things now. Wishes are too luxurious.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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