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Full name Ptolemaea
Affiliation Entropics
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Ptolemaea (多罗梅亚, “Ptolomea”) is a High-Order Entropic[1] in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Ptomelaea is classified as Ranged, Operand DMG.

  • Hadal Summons: Summons three abyssal servants every 20 seconds, only three can exist concurrently. Servants inherit 5% of own Max HP, 80% ATK and HP, 80% Physical and Operand DEF. When servants are already on the field, summoning refreshes the HP of all servants. When three servants are present, normal attacks turn into water pillars that last for 8 seconds, dealing Operand Damage equal to 50% Hashrate per second. This damage increases by Operand Damage equal to 25% Hashrate per second.
  • Darkreef Current: Creates a Geyser Tile upon entering the field. While situated on a Geyser Tile, continually absorbs energy, gaining 5% Damage Increase and Damage Reduction every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Geyser Tiles disappear after providing bonuses 10 times. When enemies walk over this tile, the Geyser knocks them airborne, dealing 30% Max HP damage, and disappearing afterwards.
  • Momentous Vortex: When HP first falls below 70% and 30%, moves to the center of the battlefield, dealing Operand Damage equal to 800% Hashrate to enemies in a 1 tile radius and knocking them back, summoning a Geyser Tile below self afterwards.
  • Roiling Torrents (20s): Continually summons water pillars to attack random enemies, knocking them into the air and dealing Operand Damage equal to 60%. After summoning 7 pillars deal significant Operand Damage equal to 150% Hashrate to all enemies.


Ptolemaea is the boss of Perilous Advancement. She is fought during waves 7 and 15 of Stage 26, then in the Output Terminals of Stage 27. Also appears as the last boss of the Entropic Survivors minigame in Entropic Dichotomy.

Lore / Story involvement

Ptolemaea is a mild-mannered and refined Entropic who prefers to overcome her enemies through sheer numbers of low-order Entropics and clones. She often refers to her fights as spectacles and her enemies as dance partners. Between the battle-crazed Caina and the vicious Antenora, she's the most reliable of Malkira's lieutenants and was often in charge of the other two.[2]

Ptolemaea was active at the time of Eosphorous' expedition to the Shifting Labyrinth in Sector Tartarus. On orders from Malkira, she deployed Caina to ambush the Sanctifier troops searching for the Labyrinth's Rubik's Map and advised her on how to fight them,[3] while personally meeting Eosphorous and Eos at the site of the holy relic they were searching for, warning them that though they claimed to be following divine orders, they were in fact violating them.[4] Eos found that Ptomelaea was effectively unkillable within the Labyrinth since she only revealed herself through copies, and the true body was untraceable due to her signal being merged with the Labyrinth's own pervasive signal.[5]

Ptolemaea fought against the Sanctifiers in Sector Tartarus[6] before Eucharist deployed her as her general during the attack on Oasis. She took down the backup communication nodes outside Oasis to isolate the sector from its allies.[7]

Ptolemaea's "children", the Hadal Attendants, are capable of absorbing operands and are drawn to places they can feed on it. They were deployed in Sector G of Oasis after the Operand Railgun blast and fed on the operands of the Sandbox Barrier to prevent its reconstruction.  MaiMai used an operand-infused meteorological balloon to lure it away from the barrier and enable Horizon to perform repairs.[8] On another front, one of the attendants infected  ImhotepImhotep , who entered emergency hibernation to avoid complete infection. However, she managed to preserve a sample of the entropic for analysis,[9] enabling  AntoninaAntonina to devise a plan[10] and  SolSol to eliminate the attendant rampaging in Oasis.[11]

As  LindLind and Havoc of the Guardians repaired one of Oasis' external communication outposts, Ptolemaea trapped them in to capture Lind, who had inherited from her encounter with the False God[12] the core of Antenora. Ptolemaea was more interested in Lind taking off her Entropization inhibitor and let the core take over her rather than recovering the core itself.[6] However, she failed to make Lind surrender to the Entropization and absorbed enough operands from the core so that the Attendant she was materialized through became comatose, letting Lind and Havoc escape.[13][14] She then led the assault across the Sandbox Barrier and into Oasis,[6] upgrading Low Order Entropics into Hadal Attendants to overwhelm the sector's defenses.[15]

The data on Ptolemaea absorbed by Lind was used by Antonina to develop a countermeasure against the Attendant's operands absorption and calculate the amount of operands necessary to render Ptolemaea comatose.[16] Using Lind as bait, the Guardians lured Ptolemaea into a paralyzing High-Density Operand Field, all the while whittling down her Attendants before leaving Sol, equipped with a special exoskeleton protecting her from the operands overload, to finish the Entropic off.[17][18] Ptolemaea transferred her operand surplus to her Attendants to counter the paralysis and fought with Sol, who overloaded the exoskeleton with operands from Oasis' infrastructure to match her strength and eventually prevail.[19]



  • Her English name is a mistranslation from her name in the original script (visible in game files): Ptolomea, which is the name of a region of Cocytus, the deepest section of Hell in Dante's Inferno, along with Antenora and Caina.


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