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General info[edit]

Also known as: Ayappe

  • Given name: 綾 (Aya)
  • Family name: 洲崎 (Suzaki)
  • Birthday: Dec 25, 1986
  • Birthplace: Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

Known for the roles of Nitta Minami in [email protected] Cinderella Girls, Kitashirakawa Tamako in Tamako Market and Mankanshoku Mako in Kill la Kill Karin in Princess connect, among others.

Has voiced Elphelt Valentine both in Girls' Frontline and in the Guilty Gear series.

Where to find[edit]

Suzaki Aya worked on following T-Dolls[edit]

Girls' Frontline[edit]

Thumb button.pngElphelt1002 Thumb button.pngM9Thumb button.pngSimonov41 

Neural Cloud[edit]

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Suzaki Aya worked on following other characters[edit]

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