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What is IOP Wiki ?[edit]

AR G36Thumb button.pngG36  is the mascot of IOP Wiki.

IOP Wiki is dedicated to Girls' Frontline and related games by MICA Team, where anyone can submit change proposals to add or correct information. We cover topics such as T-Dolls lists and statistics, Lore and guides, and aim to be up-to-date with the CN version of the game. This Wiki takes the name of Important Operations Prototype Manufacturing Company, the company that manufactures most Tactical Dolls in Girls' Frontline's universe.

Our comment system at the bottom of each article enables visitors to ask questions for topics that were not covered in the main article. For rules related to the comment system, see IOP Wiki:Comments Guidelines.

What IOP Wiki is not[edit]

IOP Wiki only covers official content from Mica Team and their associates. We don't host fan-arts or fan-fictions. We also don't take vandalism lightly and will take measures against users trying to harm IOP Wiki by adding low-quality content or deleting legitimate content.

How to navigate IOP Wiki[edit]

Use the search bar on the top right to search specific articles. Make sure you're spelling your search terms exactly.

Use the menu on the left side to access general topics.

T-Dolls articles have dedicated subpages for their story involvement, quotes and Live2D animations (when applicable). These pages are accessed with tabs at the top of each page.

Banners at the top of articles or subsections will warn of spoilers and when the article has been found to be incomplete.

How to edit IOP Wiki[edit]

On the article you wish to edit, use the "Edit" button at the top of the page to enter the editing screen. You will then be able to modify the text for this article as well as its Wikicode. Note that if you edit an article without creating an account, your edit will be submitted with your IP address instead of your account name. Please create an account if you don't want your IP address to be visible to user users.

Wikicode is a simple text system to add links, images and other objects into an article. Here are some basic examples:

  • To add a link to another article from IOP Wiki, put the name of that article between double brackets like so: [[IOP Wiki]]. It will create this link: IOP Wiki.
  • To add a link to another website than IOP Wiki, put the full link and a description between single brackets like so: [ Girls' Frontline Official Website]. It will create this link: Girls' Frontline Official Website.
    • Links to websites unrelated to the activities of IOP Wiki will be considered vandalism.
  • To add an image outside of a gallery, you must first upload it from your computer with the page Special:Upload, using a name that correctly describes the function of the image. Then, in your article, add the following code on the line where you want the image to appear: [[File:Your image name.png|thumb|Your caption text|450px]]. Your image will then be displayed on the right side of the page with a width of 450 pixels.
    • To add an image in a gallery, you just need to add its full name (starting with the prefix "File:" and ending with the file format) on a new line between the <gallery> markers. To add a caption, place a vertical line after the image name, then the caption.
    • Make sure your picture is of good enough quality and isn't too small. If you are uploading a tutorial screenshot showing a specific part of the screen, take the time to add a black layer at 50 % opacity on the unnecessary parts of the screen for clarity.
    • Uploading images unrelated to the activities of IOP Wiki will be considered vandalism.
  • Lists like this one are made by adding an asterisk (*) at the start of each line. Add more than one asterisk to create a sub-line.

Before submitting a change, take time to explain its content and intent in the "Summary" field under the edit field. Then complete the verification question and use the "Preview" button to check what your change will look like before confirming.

If you need ideas on how to help, please see the Todo list.

If you need more help, you can ask questions in the #suggestions-reports-notes room of our Discord server.

Page templates[edit]

IOP Wiki uses templates to automatically generate a unified display for certain articles. For example, T-Dolls articles use Template:PlayableUnit, equipment articles use Template:Equipment and NPC articles use Template:NPC.

When editing these articles, take notice of the lines starting with unusual formatting like | weaponinfo = or | trivia = . Everything you write after one of these markers and before the next marker will be automatically added to one of the main sections of the article. You should make sure you add your information in the correct section.

If your edit doesn't fit any section already on the article, read the template documentation to see if there is a standardized section you can use. To see the documentation page of a template, fetch the title of the template at the top of the article in the edit screen, then search after "Template:" before the template name.

Style templates[edit]

In addition to full-article templates, there are some templates that can be added into a paragraph of text. These templates always start with two curly braces, followed by the template name, if necessary some values separated by a vertical line, then two closing curly braces. Here are the most used style templates:

  • Template:doll name adds details to links of T-Dolls articles. This template needs three values: the article name for this T-Doll, its type and its rarity. Here is an example for M4A1, who is a 4-stars AR: {{doll name|M4A1|AR|4}} will be rendered as AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 .
  • Template:enemy name displays links to enemies articles in a flashy red color, with a skull for bosses. This template has one mandatory value, the article name for the enemy, and one optional value, the word "boss". Here is an example without the optional value: {{enemy name|Dinergate}} will be rendered as Dinergate. And here is an example with the optional value: {{enemy name|Agent|boss}} will be rendered as Agent.

A list of all templates in use can be found in Category:Templates.

Why is my change not visible?[edit]

As a measure against bots and low-quality content, changes submitted by visitors and new accounts will be reviewed manually before they can appear in the article.

IOP Wiki's administrators will mark your account as self-moderated if you contribute meaningfully to the Wiki. Simply submit quality changes and come say hi in the #suggestions-reports-notes room of our Discord server.

Note on references[edit]

When adding information such as real-world weapons background or fictional lore, adding references lends legitimacy to your edit as it makes it easily verifiable that it is not false of fan-created. References can be an in-game chapter number or an external link. A reference is placed right after a batch of information extracted from the same source, and takes the form of a number that links to the references list at the end of the article.

To add a reference, use the "ref" marker like this: <ref>My source</ref>. Some page templates will handle the reference list, but if you need to create it by hand, add these two lines at the end of the article: ==References== and <references />

Note on translations[edit]

AS IOP Wiki aims to stay up-to-date with the CN versions of the games while offering its content in English, terms that have not yet received an official English version will be referred to with unofficial translations. Notable exceptions include T-Dolls names censored for trademark reasons such as AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  and names that have received inconsistent translations.

For a complete glossary, see the General Namelist.