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What? where you expecting something to be here? Fine... i'll bite

I'm but a simple editor for this Wiki as well as active administrator, meaning i have eyes on everything that goes on the wiki. Guess you could say i'm the AI of the wiki.

I'm primarily in charge of adding new T-doll pages, Uploading files, working on the Updates/Events pages for the CN SERVERS and managing majority of the pages and updating information if necessary. My knowledge about GFL extends out to all the T-dolls, enemies and NPC's and their statistical values and combat effectiveness and i specialise in echelon formations and will offer guidance to those who ask. That doesn't mean spam my userspace, i will only help those who ask for it, if you're gonna waste my time, you're not worth humouring and i'll personally delete your comment if it is a waste of time.

I'm strict and blunt, if i come across as condescending, note that its not my intention but if you can look past that, you'll find my guidance to be consistent and reliable. If you need specific assistance with the game and have nowhere to ask, hop into the Wiki Discord and you'll find many Vets amongst the Editors/Admins of this wiki happy to give you a hand with the game, me included. Dont use Discord? well...

Theres a convenient section below this here page you can use. Once again, If anybody happens to stumble across this page and needs assistance, dont hesitate to ask below in the comments section.

My Adjutants are as follows:

  1. Spira - HG SpitfireThumb button.pngSpitfire  (May 5th)
  2. Strella - SMG Sten MkIIThumb button.pngSten MkII  (July 8th)
  3. Aria - AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15  (April 16th)
  4. Iris - RF IWS 2000Thumb button.pngIWS 2000  (June 8th)
  5. Mia - MG MG4Thumb button.pngMG4  (August 2nd)
Click to display Full List.

Submachine Guns:


Assault Rifles:


Sniper Rifles:


Machine Guns:

  • MG 1: MG MG4Thumb button.pngMG4  - MOD3 "Survival Club Member" Item Oath Certificate.png
  • MG 2: MG LewisThumb button.pngLewis  - "Holy Night Promise". Item Oath Certificate.png
  • MG 3: MG KordThumb button.pngKord  - Default Costume.



Personal Todo list, because i'm terrible at organising stuff

  • Fix yourself. (HIGH PRIORITY)
  • Update All Fairies skilldata pages.
  • Update all Assimilated units skilldata pages.
    • Setup stat tables for all enemy units as well, yes, ALL OF THEM (Err... Low Priority)
  • Upload all remaining NPC CGs files and variant CG files.
    • Set-up their pages as well.
  • Split certain enemy variants into their own pages. Aegis and Aegis (SWAP) for example.
  • Update CN Updates/Events pages respectively.
  • Setup drop tables. (Low Priority)
  • Re-upload all up to date T-Doll and enemy chibis.
    • Yes... ALL OF THEM
      • ALL 2000+ CHIBI FILES.
  • Setup story mode clearing guides and update old event guides to current templates. (Low Priority)
    • Fix Story page as well...
  • Fix up all current strategy guides (T-Dolls) to be more up to date, while adding new ones... (Low Priority)
  • Brainstorm page layouts for the v2.600 client update on the CN server (August 13th 2020). (Med Priority)
  • Make yourself a damn sandwich. (High Priority)
    • And devour it respectfully.
      • It had it coming.
        • There was no mercy to be had with that sandwich.
  • Look for new editors who are willing to help out and not just say "they wanna help out". Show effort, not empty words.