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March 1st[edit]

10:00 GMT+8 ~ 14:00 GMT+8

Dear players, a 4 hour scheduled server maintenance will take place on the 1st of March 2018, lasting from 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM. Access to the server will be denied while maintenance is ongoing.

  1. Event: "Jubilant Festival" procurement pool will be closed as the server shuts down for maintenance, all procurement coupons will be converted to tokens at 1:1 ratio after maintenance.
  2. Event: 2017 Lunar New Year costumes will be removed from honorable collection procurement pool. Obtaining rate of the 2017 Lunar New Year furniture will also be reset back to normal.
  3. New: 3* rarity SMG SMG OTs-39Thumb button.pngOTs-39  is added to the game, obtainable as the login reward for March.
  4. New: Furniture set "Christmas Cabin" and "Payday" will be added to honorable collection.
  5. New: "Yuanxiao" Festival bundle will be available for purchase, bundle include procurement token x100, name change card x1, battery x200, strawberry cheesecake x10 and fast research contract x1. Bundle is limited to one purchase per player, bundle is on shelf from after maintenance til 7th of March 23:59:59. (Note that players can change name from the ID page, name card as an item will not be displayed on the warehouse inventory list.
  6. Adjustment: Game classification for SOCOM unit "Typhoon" Tank and "???" landmine deployment unit will be changed from Mechanized Unit to Armored Mechanized Unit.

This maintenance will force quit any on-going combat missions.

Maintenance compensation: Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx500, Icon ration.pngx500, Icon parts.pngx500

Thank you for your continuous support and love.

-MICA Team 28th of February 2k18.