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Tactical Headdress

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Tactical Headdress

Tactical Headdress is an obtainable equipment in Girls' Frontline.


Usable only by RF Hanyang Type 88<img data-src="//" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">Hanyang Type 88<img src="//" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>Hanyang Type 88.


CN: 汉阳造88式最爱佩戴的头饰,时刻提醒自己要不失作为女仆的优雅。

EN: Type 88's favorite headdress. It serves as a constant reminder to never lose her poise as a maid.

Obtained in Gray Zone Exploration.

Minimum Level Required: 100+ (MOD)

Game Data[edit]

Critical hit damage (%) +10~15
Rate of Fire +1~3
Craft Time

Enhancement values
Stat +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Critical hit damage (%) +10~15 +11~16(1.1x) +12~18(1.2x) +13~19(1.3x) +14~21(1.4x) +15~22(1.5x) +16~24(1.6x) +17~25(1.7x) +18~27(1.8x) +19~28(1.9x) +20~30(2x)
Rate of Fire +1~3 +1~3(1.07x) +1~3(1.14x) +1~3(1.21x) +1~3(1.28x) +1~4(1.35x) +1~4(1.42x) +1~4(1.49x) +1~4(1.56x) +1~4(1.63x) +1~5(1.7x)



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