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SCAR-L Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 艾莉安娜,向您报到……SCAR-L吗?当然,以你们的规定为准,就这样称呼我吧,指挥官。 Play Aliana, reporting... SCAR-L? Of course, given your customs, feel free to call me as such, Commander.
Secretary 过去的荣耀分毫不会成为我的点缀,即便不依赖它们,我也随时都可以成为新的传奇——这份源于实力的自信才是我活跃至今的倚靠。 Play I do not decorate myself in past glories. Even without them, I could become a new legend at any time—This confidence born out of my strength is what kept me going forward until this day.
蓝系带的是“萨摩”,橙系带的是“叔叔”。还在战争期间它们就是我的好搭档了,我就像信赖我的枪一样信赖它们——您可要小心了,它们都很喜欢把人扑倒。 Play The blue-tagged one is "Samo" and the orange-tagged one is "Uncle". They've been my best companions since the war and I trust them as much as I trust my gun—Be careful, they both like to pounce on people.
为谁而战对我而言并没有差别,我见过战争里发生过的很多事,不会天真到还觉得战争有什么正义可言——相比起来,这里简直就是天堂了。 Play Who I'm fighting for no longer makes a difference to me. I've seen all war has to offer and am no longer naive enough to believe that a so-called justice exists in war—In comparison, it's really a paradise out here.
Secretary (post OATH)
I never believed that I could accomplish everything by myself. Even the brightest sun needs the moon to illuminate the dark paths of the night in its place... But only you, Commander, gave me a different feeling. As long as we work together, I am invincible.
Has the relationship between humans and dolls evolved to this point after just a decade? Unbelievable... No, I don't see a problem with that, it just feels a little unusual. Be grateful, Commander... Not many humans get to stand side-by-side with the sun.
Greeting 晨安,指挥官,今天的阳光还不错吧。 Play Good morning, Commander. It's a great day for sunshine, isn't it?
T-Doll Produced 现在想造个人形还真是简单……这就已经可以作为战力入列了吗? Play I assume it's really easy to build a Doll these days... Is this all it takes to qualify as a fighting unit?
Joining an echelon 我的小队没有漏洞,每个成员都是不可或缺的。 Play No one is a burden in my squad, every member is indispensable.
Enhancement 你们的人形技术的确有独到之处……我会活用这份性能的。 Play Your doll technologies are indeed unparalleled... I will make great use of my new capabilities.
Dummy-linking ……我不喜欢这种技术,但如果是为了任务需要,姑且接受了吧。 Play ...I don't like this technology, but since it's required by the mission, I'll accept it.
Logistics (start) 任务收到。 Play Mission acknowledged.
Logistics (end) 任务完成……这世界真是变样了 Play Mission accomplished... The world has really changed.
Autobattle 全权委任吗?你不会后悔的。 Play Giving me full authority of operation? You won't regret this decision.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission “义无反顾”,放心吧,指挥官,很快就回来。 Play “Righteous without hesitation.” Rest easy Commander, I'll be back very soon.
Starting a battle 跟真正的战场比起来,这根本不算什么——突击! Play This is nothing compared to the real battlefield—Charge!
Skill activation 萨摩!上! Play Samo! Get him!
交给我,从侧翼过去。 Play Leave it to me, flank them!
来自太阳的照耀! Play Feel the glare of the sun!
Heavily damaged ——别分神,做好自己的事。 Play —Don't get distracted. Just focus on your job.
Retreat 等着吧,笑到最后的才是赢家。 Play Just wait and see, the winner gets the last laugh.
MVP 为胜利而喜悦吧,这是胜者的权利。 Play Rejoice for the victory, it's the winners' privilege.
Restoration 下次……我会更留心的。 Play Next time... I'll be more careful.
Attack 全力压过去!别给他们喘息的空间! Play Keep pressing on with all you got! Don't give them any breathing room!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 只有和平年代,人类才有余裕过这样的节日吧……我还是第一次亲眼见到。这样热闹的气氛的确很有感染力——但我是不会参加的。 Play Only in peacetime could humans have the luxury of celebrating such festivity... It's my first time witnessing this sort of thing. The lively atmosphere is indeed contagious—but I'll refrain from attending.
Christmas 我喜欢圣诞节,有一年,我们和敌军在严冬对峙,双方僵持不下,一直到圣诞节这天,不知谁先唱起了圣诞歌,紧跟着连对面的人也唱了起来……我们依然知道彼此是不死不休的仇敌,但那一天,谁都没有开枪。 Play I love Christmas. Once upon a time, we confronted the enemy during a harsh winter. The deadlock persisted until Christmas Day when someone started singing Christmas carols. It was promptly followed up by the men from the other side... We knew that we were still mortal enemies, but on that day, no shot was fired.
New Year's Day 我上一次过新年,还是在战壕里,人类士官从附近的居民区弄来了酒……我们人形当然只是在一旁看着,没想到现在居然能跟你在一张桌子上做同样的事啊,指挥官——干杯吗?


The last time I celebrated New Year's Eve, I was still in the trenches. Our human sergeant picked up a few bottles of booze from the locals... Of course, we Dolls only watched from the sideline. I've never thought that one day I'd be in that same position and sit at the table with you, Commander—Cheers?
Valentine's day 作为应急食物,巧克力的功能相当优秀,不仅可口,而且可以迅速补充大量热量和糖分,所以部队里也经常准备……以前是这样的,现在也只是普通的点心了,收下吧,指挥官。


Chocolates are a highly effective form of emergency rations. Not only are they delicious, but they can also replenish a lot of calories and sugar rapidly, which is why armies supply them regularly... At least it used to be. They're but ordinary snacks now. Take it, Commander.
Tanabata 许愿?我曾见过祈祷的士兵第二天凄厉的死状,就知道信仰并不能带来什么真实的作用……也许能带来慰藉吧,我不知道。


Wishes? I've seen soldiers who've prayed only to die miserably the very next day, and ever since I knew for a fact that faith cannot serve any practical purpose... Maybe it could bring some solace, but I'm not certain.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense 收束阵型,别乱了阵脚! Play Tighten the formation, don't lose your composure!
Phrase 交给我吧。 Play Leave it to me.
Tip 完美……我一定会是完美的,绝不容许有任何失误…… Play Perfection... I shall be perfect and not tolerate any mistakes...
Loading 阿玛瑞丝…… Play Amaris...