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S.A.T.8 Story Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 终于和您见面了指挥官,我已经准备好了一切和您一起战斗,您也准备好了吗? やっと会えましたね、指揮官。一緒に戦う準備はもう出来ています。指揮官の準備はどうですか?Play We've finally met, Commander! I'm fully prepared to fight alongside you, are you prepared as well?
Introduction 我是S.A.T.-8半自动霰弹枪,虽然命名上叫做“8发半自动战术”……但那是管状弹仓的7发加上膛内的1发才凑够的命名规则,可不能只凭单纯的表面而对我轻易地下结论哦? I am S.A.T.-8 Semi-Automatic Shotgun, Even though the name says "Semi-Automatic Tactical, 8 shots"... But it's actually just 7 in underbarrel tube magazine plus one inside the chamber under the naming convention, so don't judge a book by its cover alright?
Secretary 指挥官想试试这个披萨吗?……哎呀,这个可不是外卖送来的哦? このピザ、食べてみたいですか指揮官?いえいえ、これは出前のピザじゃないですよ~。Play You want to try this pizza commander? ...Oh, it's not ordered from outside, you know?
指挥官是猫派还是狗派?我的话随便是什么,就算铁血的都可以啦。 指揮官は猫派ですか?犬派ですか?ワタシはどちらも好きです。それが鉄血でも大好きですよ~。Play Commander, are you a dog-person or a cat-person? I'm fine with either, even if it's from Sangvis Ferri~
诶?!指挥官,突然间干什么啦!……至少让我有个心理准备吧! えっ?!指揮官、いきなり何を!…せめて心の準備を…!Play Eh?! Commander, what are you doing all of a sudden! ... At least let me be prepared beforehand!
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, eating pizza all the time is no good either, how about some Aspic I made just now?
Commander, if you ask me whether I'm prepared for this, I really haven't still... But such a thing isn't important anymore. Because as long as you're by my side, for the parts of me that are unprepared, I leave them to you~❤
Greeting 来ましたね!では事前準備の確認から始めましょう。Play You finally here! Let's start by confirming advanced preparation.
T-Doll Produced 新人さん、自己紹介の準備はできましたか?Play Newcomer, have you prepared your self-introduction?
Joining an echelon 悪くない場所ですね~Play Not a bad spot~
Enhancement こんな私は好きですか?うふふ、嬉しいです!Play You like this of me? I'm glad!
Dummy-linking 私と組むんですか?やってみましょう~!Play You want to link me up? Let's do it~!
Logistics (start) 作戦のためのバックアップは不可欠です!Play Back up for an operation is indispensable!
Logistics (end) 指揮官、物資をちゃんと利用してくださいね!Play Commander, please make use of the supplies properly!
Autobattle この戦いの勝利は、すでに確定事項です!Play This battle's victory is already settled!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission みなさん、計画通りに行きましょう!Play Everyone, let's go as planned!
Starting a battle やはり来ましたね!Play They really come!
Skill activation よ~し、これでバッチリです!Play Yup, this is perfect!
うふ、頂き~!Play I'll take this~!
まだまだですよ~Play There's still more~
Heavily damaged あらら~ボロボロになっちゃいました~流石に降参です~Play Oh my, I'm tattered~ I've been defeated~
Retreat どうやらまだ万全な準備ができていないようですね、一旦引きましょう。Play It seems that our preparation wasn't enough, let's pull back.
MVP 見事な勝利ですね!皆さんのおかげです!Play Such a magnificent victory! Thanks for everyone's effort!
Restoration どこで間違ったんだろう?わからないです……Play Where did it go wrong? I don't get it...
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween Play
Christmas Play
New Year's Day あっという間に新年ですね。指揮官、理想の未来にまた一歩、近づいたのでしょうか?


Valentine's day




Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense Play
Phrase Play
Tip Play
Loading Play