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Rex Zero 1/Quotes

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Rex Zero 1 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition Rex Zero 1,随时为长官服务。有需要帮助的地方吗? Rex Zero 1、いつでもサポートいたします。何かお手伝いできることはありますか?Play Rex Zero 1, at your service. Anything I can do to help?
Secretary 觉得我头上的饰品很多吗?都是委托人们给我的报酬。这两朵花是上一任老板送给我的,这个小徽章是VHS给的,这个圆一点的是AUG Para,缎带是塔布克…… 頭のアクセサリーですか?これは全て依頼人から頂いた報酬なんです。この2つのお花は前の上司からですし、このバッチはVHSちゃんから、この丸いのはAUG Paraちゃん、ベルトはタブクちゃんで……Play You think I have a lot of accessories on my head? These are rewards people have entrusted to me. These two flowers were given to me by my previous boss, this small badge is from VHS, the rounder one is from AUG Para, the ribbon from Tabuk...
格里芬的着装制度真宽松,以前工作的地方可不允许我这样随便地穿衣。不过,长官您倒是穿得很正经嘛。 グリフィンの服装規則って、とっても緩いんですね。前の職場でこんな格好してたら、叱られちゃいますよ。あ、でも総監はいつも、ビシッとしていらっしゃいますね。Play Griffin's dress code is very lax, as I couldn't dress like this at my previous workplace. But you, on the other hand, are dressed very nicely.
有什么困扰的事情吗?我来帮您吧。别看我这样,处理麻烦事的经验可是很足的。 何かお困りのことはありますか?私がお手伝いしますよ。こう見えても私、トラブルの解決はちょっと得意なんです。Play Is something troubling you? Let me help. Despite my looks, I'm quite experienced when it comes to solving problems.
Secretary (post OATH)
Oh, are you interested in the lyrics printed on this box? Haha, this is a song I like very much. "I can do anything for you" ...Why are you embarrassed? I'm only reading the lyrics.
Is there something I can do for you? A ring? Do you mean to make an oath with me? Of course I can help you with that, though my salary requirements will need to be a bit more special. So with that, give me your heart.
Greeting 時間通りに出勤なさるなんて、良い心がけですね、総監。Play It's always a good idea to show up to work on time. Isn't it, Commissioner?
T-Doll Produced 同僚が来たみたいです。迎えに行ってきますね。Play Another companion has arrived. I'll come pick you up!
Joining an echelon こういうのは得意なんです。私について来て下さい!Play I'm good at this sort of thing. Follow me!
Enhancement 以前より強くなれた気がします。Play I feel stronger than before.
Dummy-linking これなら、同時にいくつもの依頼をこなすことができますね。え、駄目ですか?Play With this, I can handle multiple requests all at the same time. Huh, that's no good?
Logistics (start) ちょっと遅くなるかもしれませんけど、心配しないでくださいね。Play I might be a little late, but don't worry about it.
Logistics (end) ごめんなさい、遅くなってしまいましたか?困ってる方を放っておけなくて……でも、たくさん物資を持って帰ってきましたよ。Play I'm sorry, were we super late? I just couldn't leave a person in need... but I did bring back a lot of resources.
Autobattle 各自経験に基づいて、行動してください。Play Please act based on your own experience.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 下っ端には見えません、本星はあなたたちですね?Play When it's hard to see from the bottom, you guys are the real stars aren't you?
Starting a battle ダメージを最小限に抑えるべく、敵を速やかに制圧してください!Play Suppress the enemy quickly to minimize damage!
Skill activation 火力集中、射撃開始!Play Concentrating firepower, commence firing!
この一撃は、報酬を頂きますからね。Play This shot will be rewarded.
弾丸はその命と引き換えです。Play Exchanging bullets for their lives.
Heavily damaged きゃあっ!わ、私は大丈夫です、早くお魚さんたちを……Play Kyah! I-I'll be alright. Let's hurry, everyone...
Retreat お役に立てず、申し訳ありません……Play Sorry I wasn't able to help...
MVP 容疑者を全員確保しました、このまま本部へ連行しますか?Play All suspects have been apprehended. Shall we take them to headquarters?
Restoration お手数おかけします、総監……このお礼は何がいいですか?Play Apologies for the inconvenience, Commissioner... How can I ever repay this kindness?
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