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Prowler Assimilated
Full name Prowler
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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Low-grade Sangvis Ferri combat unit. It has poor firepower and mobility. Sangvis Ferri primarily use them to patrol their own lines and conduct reconnaissance.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Machine
  • Damage: Low
  • Accuracy: Low
  • Attack range: Short
  • Health: Moderate
  • Armor value: N/A
  • Evasion: Low
  • Movement speed: Moderate


Prowler unit is the first Machine type enemy players encounter, they made their first appearance in chapter 1-2, appears later on in various story, emergency and midnight chapters. They typically appears in moderate groups of themselves or supplementing other units.


Prowler are simple enemy units with average individual health and low evasion, their attack range is moderate-short while damage output and accuracy are considered low. Prowlers are considered as an easy opponents and low threat units through out the game.

During the later stages of Isomer players have their first encounter with SWAP SF units, Prowler's are one of the units that received an upgrade, increasing their overall stats, making them slightly more threatening.

Lore / Story involvement

A medium size mechanical vehicle of Sangvis Ferri origin, Prowler unit can be identified by its oculary sensor fitted on the head region and four mechanical limbs that forms the quadrupedal appearance, movement relies on wheels. An automaton unit with relatively lower mobility, they are typically used for friendly sector monitoring or scouting operations.

After Butterfly event and the Sangvis Ferri command chain overhaul, Prowler are now being used as a combat unit, individual combat performance are considered trivial compared to Sangvis Ferri Humanoid type androids. They are equipped with a moderate-short range projectile type weapon fitted on the head, the head region also provides storage for unit ammunition, such storage space however cannot store anything else.[1]

Using Architect as scale reference, the size of a Prowler head/turret should measure around 40×40×50 cm in size, while the chassis should be around 60×60 base width when contracted and no more than 120×120 with the legs fully expanded.


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