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PPQ Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 指挥官您好,新兵PPQ报到。自我介绍?呃……我会用战术来向您证明我的性格。 Play Hello, Commander. This is the new recruit PPQ reporting. You want me to introduce myself? Er... I'll prove my personality to you with my tactics.
Secretary 食物口味?使用含量在99.95%的氯化钠烹饪即可,如果没有的话可以用我手里这罐。 Play You want to know what kind of flavors I like? Anything made with 99.95% purity sodium chloride or higher will do. If you don't have any, you can use the can I have on hand.
标准是这世上最好的东西,包括人形与人形的关系。只要有了刻度,那么大家都不会越界。 Play Standards are the best thing in the world, even when it comes to inter-Doll relationships. As long as distances are clearly marked, we won't overstep our respective borders.
我不排斥任何意外,换句话说——在我的标准里没有意外,所有事都有相应的解决办法。 Play I don't reject surprises out of hand; which is to say that there are no such thing as surprises by my standards. There is always an appropriate solution to any occurrence.
Secretary (post OATH)
Need some extra seasoning? I've got plenty of sodium chloride here.
I've always thought you viewed me like the other Dolls... Am I actually such a special person to you? But... I haven't thought about how to handle this relationship. Should I refuse you? No... I want to try and change. Commander, I want to try and express my feelings in a unique way. You'll adapt to it along with me, right?
Greeting ……您好,有新的指令吗? Play ...Hello. Are there new orders?
T-Doll Produced 恭喜,格里芬的团队又加强了。 Play Congratulations, Griffin has gotten stronger as an organization.
Joining an echelon 检查完毕,弹药充足! Play Inspection complete, I'm topped off on ammo!
Enhancement 力量的变化很明显……多谢您,指挥官。 Play The change in strength is very obvious... Thank you very much, Commander.
Dummy-linking 有更多的战力加入,队伍才会更强。 Play The group becomes stronger when more people join it.
Logistics (start) 这次任务绝对不会让您失望。 Play I won't disappoint you on this operation.
Logistics (end) 任务结果符合预期。 Play The outcome was as expected.
Autobattle 我将分毫不差地执行您的计划。 Play I will carry out your plan without deviation.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 我将展现真正的力量! Play I'll show you true power!
Starting a battle 希望这次的敌人能对得起我的训练。 Play I hope this enemy will live up to my training.
Skill activation 可以上了! Play Let's go!
这是最好的时机! Play This is the best time!
全力以赴吧! Play Let's go all-out!
Heavily damaged ……只是徒手击穿钢板,还远远不够啊…… Play ...I'm a long way off from being able to punch through a steel plate with my bare hands...
Retreat 根据推算,现在选择撤退是明智的。 Play According to my calculations, it would be wise to retreat now.
MVP 一切都在计划之中。 Play Just as planned.
Restoration 希望这次更新的零件能耐用一点。 Play I hope my new parts will last longer.
Attack 走,拆卸时刻来临! Play Come, the time of scrapping is at hand!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 其实制作糖果的时候,加一点盐会让口感显得更甜。当然这个一点指的是含量不超过0.2%,放太多还是很咸的。 Play Actually, adding a little salt when making candy actually makes it taste sweeter. Naturally, said salt content shouldn't exceed 0.2%, otherwise putting too much will make it taste salty.
Christmas 这个节日指挥官会扮演圣诞老人给大家送礼物吗?如果是的话我刚刚找到一篇技术指导论文——《论攀爬烟囱的三千种方法》、 Play Does this event refer to how you dress up as Santa and give everyone gifts? In that case, I've got a technical manual for you — "3000 Ways To Climb A Chimney".
New Year's Day 新年……啊……好像过了出厂保修期……这日子提醒我该做养护了,新的一年正好从素体保养开启。


Ah, the new year... I think my rollout warranty has expired... This day is a reminder to go in for servicing. After all, a new year ought to begin with bodily maintenance.
Valentine's day 这个节日……跟我也有关系?不,我不是在质疑,只是世上如果有什么关系只有两人间存在,那岂非很孤独?


Does this... festival involve me too? No, I'm not doubting you, but wouldn't it be very lonely if all relationships on this world were only between two people?
Tanabata 我翻来覆去想了很久,鹊桥的设计思路确实不太合理,承重有很大问题……啊?我是不是说错话了?


I've been thinking about it over and over again, but a bridge made of magpies just doesn't make sense. There's a major issue with its load-bearing capacity... Huh? Did I get it wrong?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense 现在的情况适合防御。 Play The situation now favors a defense.
Phrase 哼。 Play Hmph.
Tip 什么事?有什么需要我帮忙的吗? Play Is something the matter? Need any help?
Loading ……无聊的话,建议闭目养神一会儿。 Play ...If you're bored, I suggest closing your eyes and resting.