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PPD-40 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 你好,指挥官,PPD-40前来报道。事先声明,我最讨厌的就是临时安排加班,你一定不是这样的老板吧? Play Hello, Commander, PPD-40 reporting for duty. Let me make this clear to you that what I hate the most is the temporary arrangement of overtime. Surely you're not that kind of boss, right?
Secretary 很喜欢我的樱桃挂饰吗?送你一个吧。不用紧张,只是合成红宝石而已。我给了波波沙几个想让她换掉那些塑料货,但她说舍不得戴…… Play Fancy my cherry ornaments? I'll give you one. Relax, they're only synthetic rubies. I gave some to Papasha and told her to get rid of her plastic goods, but she said she couldn't bear wearing them...
虽然事先已经做好心理准备,但是这宿舍条件真是……让我这样的人形住在这种环境,简直就像是用镀银餐具盛放鱼子酱一样。 Play While I have been mentally preparing myself for this in advance, the living condition of these dorms... Letting a doll like myself live in this environment is like using silverware to serve caviar.
指挥官,今天的工作进展很不顺利吗?状态不好的话,干脆就放下工作和我共进下午茶吧。 Play Commander, is work really going that badly today? If you're in a bad spot, just put down your work and take afternoon tea with me.
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, are you playing hooky in here again? Sorry, I wasn't trying to accuse you! It's just...maybe I still have a lot to learn when it comes to expressing concern frankly...
While the ring does indeed suit me, did you know that there is a deeper meaning behind it? Have you really figured out yet, Commander? It seems that both of our answers are consistent. In that case, allow me to be responsible for your future.
Greeting 美好的一天就应该用一匙黑鱼子酱再配上一杯伏特加来开启。 Play A good day should be started with a spoonful of black caviar and a glass of vodka.
T-Doll Produced 希望是个有点品位的家伙。 Play Hope it's someone with a little taste.
Joining an echelon 想完整回来的话,就乖乖听我的。 Play You better listen to me if you want to make it back in one piece.
Enhancement 金钱燃烧的感觉,真不赖啊。 Play The feeling of burning through cash, not bad at all.
Dummy-linking 花在衣服上的开销又要增加了吗…… Play I wonder if my clothing expenditures will increase again...
Logistics (start) 这一次出发,能找到会做大王鸡肉饼的厨师吗? Play This time, can you find a chef that can make King's chicken patties?
Logistics (end) 虽然没有实现心愿,但有了很多特别的收获…… Play While I didn't realize my wish, I've made a lot of special gains.
Autobattle 全部交给我吗?真是明智的决定。 Play Leaving it all to me? A wise choice.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 早点收工,才能早点回去享受生活。 Play The sooner we finish work, the sooner we can go back and enjoy life.
Starting a battle 尽快解决,不要耽误我下班的时间。 Play Finish it as soon as possible, and don't waste my time.
Skill activation 耽误我下班的混蛋,统统去死吧! Play You bastards keeping me from getting off of work, go to hell!
你们的实力真是让我发笑。 Play Your strength makes me want to laugh.
认清现实吧! Play This is reality!
Heavily damaged ……不、不可能! Play ...No, impossible!
Retreat 我们只是在错误的时间点遇上了敌人。 Play We just met the enemy at the wrong time.
MVP 非常完美,刚好卡在了下班的时间。 Play Perfect, finished right at the end of my shift.
Restoration 越是精致的人形,越需要仔细的——喂,不要弄乱我的发型啊! Play The more delicate the figure, the more careful you should be with- hey, don't mess up my hair!
Attack 让敌人见识见识我们的火力吧! Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 请把门关上,指挥官。我好不容易才找到个房间喝点酒,要是让外面那些捣乱的家伙看见了,我最后的清净之地也没了。 Play Please shut the door, Commander. I finally found a place to sit back and enjoy some wine. If those troublemakers outside found it, my only sanctuary is gone.
Christmas 是你啊,指挥官,圣诞节快乐。我正在准备给那两个家伙的礼物。毕竟是姐妹,就算再嫌弃,那不也得尽了姐姐的义务? Play It's you, Commander. Merry Christmas. I was preparing gifts for those two. They are my sisters, after all. Even if they don't like it, I need to fulfill my obligations to my sisters, no?
New Year's Day 指挥官,新年快乐。我的新年愿望是,更高的薪水和更少的工作,要不要考虑帮我实现?


Commander, Happy New Year. My New Year’s resolution is to have a higher salary and less work. Might you consider helping me realize it?
Valentine's day 喏,这是我最爱吃的黑松露巧克力。手作的?当然不是。虽然能理解手作情结,但对我来说,亲手买来的珍贵的礼物才更能表达感情。


Here, this is my favorite black truffle chocolate. Handmade? Of course not. While I can appreciate the complexities of craftsmanship, for me, the precious gifts I buy with my hands can express my feelings better.
Tanabata 织女真是厉害啊,竟然能忍受踏过那样臭烘烘的鹊桥……换成是我的话,一定当场和牛郎断了联系。


That Orihime is quite amazing, being able to withstand that stinking magpie bridge... Were it me, I would have ceased contact with Hikoboshi on the spot

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense 哼,不过如此。 Play
Phrase 好好享受生活。 Play
Tip 你觉得我在工作中过于严厉了吗?哼,不这样的话,怎么能让这群懒散的家伙打起精神来。 Play
Loading 耐心一点,你的等待一定能换回等价的东西。 Play