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MG5 Story Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition (冷笑)感到意外吗,我的长官?MG5,今后听命于你的安排,以上。 意外か指揮官?このMG5は今日からあなたのものだ。Play (smirking) Surprised, Commander? MG5, I'll be serving under your orders from now on.
Introduction 作为样品展出的HK121,四年后被正式采用,同时被赋予了新的名字。长官,这就是我,MG5的由来。作为通用机枪新的标杆,在设计和制作都下了很多工夫,不过自己这样说有点失礼,长官,还是请你在实战中亲自体会吧。 Demonstrated as HK121, officially entered service after four years, then also given a new name. Sir, this is the story of me, MG5. As the new standardized model for all general purpose machineguns, a lot of efforts were put into both the development and production. But just speaking like this seems a little informal, please witness my prowess in actual combat.
Secretary 长官,有命令吗?我随时可以出发。 指揮官、命令は?いつでもいけるぞ。Play Commander, do you have any orders? I can depart at anytime.
我能提供的,就是这份永远属于您的力量,长官。 この力はもう貴方のものだ、指揮官。Play This power of mine will forever be at your disposal, Commander
为什么一直盯着我看呢,长官?想多了解我的话,就请让我在实战中发挥吧。 わたしを知りたいなら、戦場でもっと使ってくれ!Play Why have you been staring at me, Commander? If you wish to understand me better, then please allow me to demonstrate my prowess in battle.
Secretary (post OATH)
Don't fret, Commander, I will keep myself safe for this operation. There's no need to worry, we agreed on this a long time ago.
Is this your decisions Sir? No, I have no objections, should I say... This is what I hoped for. All of my chances were given to me by you Commander, I am lucky to receive this honourable title.
Greeting 又见面了,长官,什么时候下达战斗命令?让我找点乐子吧。 また会えたな、戦闘命令はいつだ?楽しませてくれ。Play We meet again Sir, when will you give the combat orders? Let me find some entertainment then.
T-Doll Produced 新同伴来了,我会保护她们的。 新しい仲間が来た。守ってやるから安心しな!Play A new member arrived. They will be under my protections.
Joining an echelon Gut!我来的正是时候,对吗? グーテ(よし)!いいとこにきたな。Play Gut! I've arrived just in time haven't I?
Enhancement Danke!如何使用我的力量,看来你是知道的。 ダンケ(ありがとう)!わたしの使い方をよく知ってるじゃないか。Play Danke! Looks like you know how to make use of my strengths.
Dummy-linking 明智的选择,长官,您马上就会看到它的成果。 賢い選択だ、すぐに成果を見せるよ。Play A Smart choice Sir, you will see the result of this very soon.
Logistics (start) 没有异议,我出发了。 異議なし、出発する。Play No objections, departing now.
Logistics (end) 我回来了,轻松的作战。 ただいま。ちょろいもんだ。Play I've returned, an easy task.
Autobattle 交给我吧,从现在起就是我的时间了。 任せろ、これからはわたしの時代だ。Play Leave it to me, from this point on it's my time to shine.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 有我就足够了!给我看好了。 わたしがいれば十分だ!ちゃんと見ててくれ!Play I'll be enough with me here! Bare witness to my strengths!!
Starting a battle 蠢货! 愚か者め!Play You fools!
Skill activation 真是可怜的临死挣扎。 死に際の足掻きとは哀れなもんだな。Play I do pity you useless struggles
你叫错我的名字了。 名前、読み間違ってるよ。Play You, you got my name wrong.
不许伤害我的同伴! わたしの仲間を傷つけるな!Play You shall not harm my comrades!
Heavily damaged 我…还可以……战斗…… わたしは…まだ…やれる…。Play I... I can still... Fight...
Retreat 我居然无法取胜…… わたしが勝てないとは…。Play I... Couldn't win...
MVP “任何情况都能使用的武器”——是的,这就是我。 「あらゆる状況で使える武器」、そう、それがわたしだ。Play "Weapon of any situation"——Yes, that'd be me.
Restoration 抱歉,保养的工作就拜托了。 すまない。メンテを頼む。Play Sorry, will have to rely on you for the maintenance.
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Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 万圣节吗?我倒是知道几个相关的故事……很意外吗?毕竟来自童话的盛产地呢。 ハロウィン?あぁ、知ているさ子供のお祭りだろう?知っているのが以外か?これでもそう言った「…」は好き方なんてね。Play Halloween? I know a couple of related stories... Surprised? There are plenty of fairy tales where I'm from.
Christmas 圣诞快乐,长官。我来帮忙打扫窗户吧,毕竟有点危险,我来处理会稳妥一点。 メリークリスマス、窓はわたしが拭いておく。今日ぐらい指揮官は動かなくていいよ。Play Merry Christmas, commander. Let me help with cleaning the windows, since it's a little bit dangerous, it'll be better if I do it.
New Year's Day 明けましておめでおう指揮官。新たな一年も私の活躍の場合期待していいかな。


Happy New Year, commander. Will you look forward for my success this year too?
Valentine's day このあと飲み会があるから先に失礼するぞ。あとチョコはあそこのテーブルに於てあるから。あとで食べてくれ。


I'll be having a drinking party. Your chocolate is on the table, eat it later.
Tanabata より強くそして誰一人かけること無く勝利を得る。指揮官、それが私の願いだ。私は実現して見せるよ。


To get stronger be victorious without anyone's help. That is my wish, Commander. I will make it happen.

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