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M82A1 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition M82A1……指挥官,这就是我现在的名字,我是一名只属于您的人形,一切遵从您的“指引”。 M82A1…これが今の私の名前です。指揮官、私はあなただけの人形…全てはあなたの導きに従います。Play M82A1... This is my current name Commander, I'm a T-doll who belongs only to you, everything is under your "guidance".
Introduction (同上) (ditto)
Secretary 建议吗?其实我觉得……抱歉,还是不说了,我无法给您任何想要的答案…… アドバイスですか?そうですね…いいえ、やっぱりいいです。私では、指揮官の望む答えを提示出来ません。Play Suggestions? Actually I think... Sorry, I will not say it anymore, I cannot provide any answers you want...
人形无法背负人类所有的诉求,我们不是神明,人形能实现的只有自己的愿望而已。 人形には人間の願いを叶えることほ出来ません、神様ではないですから。私たちが叶えるのは自分たちの願いだけです。Play Androids cannot carry out every requests from humans, we're not divines, androids can only make their own dreams into reality.
曾有一些人,我让他们做什么就做什么……没错,就像您现在对我做的这些事一样。 嘗て、私の言うこと全てに従う人々がいました。そう、今の私が指揮官に従うように。Play Once, there were people who would obey anything I say. That's right, it's the same as the current me who would obey anything you say, Commander.
Secretary (post OATH)
Mobilization drill? I don't mind doing it alone. But if it's your order, I will do it with everyone.
Commander, why are you able to accept someone like me? I just rely on your orders, your guidance. Isn't it difficult for you to be with such a selfish person. I'm not sure if I'll be able to improve it, but, at the very least, you can rely on me if you ever get tired.
Greeting 指揮官、ずっとあなたの事を待っていました。Play Commander, I've been always waiting for you.
T-Doll Produced みんな、自分の為にここに来たのです。Play Everyone is coming here for their own sake.
Joining an echelon しっかり、みんなに付いて行きます。Play I'll keep up with everyone else.
Enhancement もう二度と、この力の使い方間違いません。Play I won't misuse this power the second time.
Dummy-linking 命令従うだけで住むだから羨ましい。Play Solely purposed to obey orders, I'm envious.
Logistics (start) 私たちの道のりはいつも遠い。Play Our journey is still far away.
Logistics (end) どこへ行っても、私にとってはここが永遠の執着点です。Play No matter where I go, for me, this place will eternally become my place to return.
Autobattle 指揮官の意思に従うのみです。Play There's nothing but to serve your will, Commander.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 指揮官、私たちを未来へ導いてください。Play Commander, please guide us towards our future.
Starting a battle 全ては指揮官の意思です。Play Everything is Commander's will.
Skill activation 私があなたたちを死に導びいてあげます。Play I will be guiding you to your demise.
誰も…この悲劇からは逃れられません。Play There is no one... who could run away from this calamity.
今あなたたちが祈れる相手は、私しかいませんよ。Play There's nobody but me, who will pray along with you.
Heavily damaged あなたたちが望むものは…ここには何一つありません。Play The thing you're looking for... there's no single one of it here.
Retreat また…私がいけなかったの…Play Again... I was no use...
MVP これこそ、私の求み続けてもの…。ありがとうございます、指揮官。Play This, also, is what I've always longed for... Thank you very much, Commander.
Restoration 何度も何度も繰り返される…それが…私への罰なのでしょ…Play Again and again, it keeps on coming. This perhaps... is a punishment for me.
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Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween お化けでさえ、みんなに崇拝されるのですか?そうですね…人形すら崇めるも人間もいますし。Play Ghosts, do people worship them? You're right, there are people who worship a doll as well.
Christmas 指揮官、メリークリスマス。この機会に、みんなと仲良くなれるよう、私…頑張ってみます。Play Commander, Merry Christmas. With this chance, I want to get closer to everyone. I... will give my all.
New Year's Day 新年の目標ですか?そうですね、もう随分と長い間、目標についで考えことがありません。


My goal for this year? That's right, it's been so long, I never think of any.
Valentine's day 私も、昔は沢山鉱物を貰いましたが、なぜ指揮官の鉱物は全部チョコなのですか?


I, too, received many offerings in the past. But why are all of your offerings chocolate, Commander?
Tanabata お伽話は全部は嘘。織姫も彦星も、結局自分の願いすら叶えられなかったのに。


Fairytales are all lies. In the end, neither Orihime or Hikoboshi could grant our wishes.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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