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M1897 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 指揮官さん、僕はWinchester 1897、掃除も戦闘も頑張ります!Play Commander, I'm Winchester 1897. Whether it's cleaning or fighting, I'll do my best!
Secretary うぅ…今日、お姉さんは居ないですよね?……よかった~Play Uuh... today, onee-san is not here right? Safe~
作戦会議ですか?じゃ、まず会議室を掃除しないと。Play A strategy meeting? Then, I should clean the meeting room first.
うわ~!指揮官さん、驚かせないでください!Play Uwaa! Commander, please don't startle me!
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, would you like to eat first? Or perhaps taking a bath? Ah, how about taking a break first? No, you should do maintenance first, or maybe training, or cleaning?
C-commander... what's the matter? Bringing me here out of the blue... uwaa! I-is this... for me? Do you really mean it? I-I'm really happy! I will never forget this day!
Greeting あ~もう来てくれたんですか、指揮官さん!Play Ah, you've come, commander!
T-Doll Produced 指揮官さん、新しい人形ができましたよ。Play Commander, the new doll production is complete.
Joining an echelon よーし、指揮官さんにがっかりさせないよう、頑張ります!Play In order to not disappointing you, I'll do my best!
Enhancement す、すごい…。Play A-amazing...
Dummy-linking うわ~!こ、これは…もうひとりの僕ですか…?Play Uwaa! T-this is... another one of me...?
Logistics (start) 今回のターゲットですか?それでは、行ってきます。Play Is it this time's target? Well then, I'll be going.
Logistics (end) 無事帰還しました、指揮官さん!Play I've returned safely, commander!
Autobattle みんな、大掃除しますよ!Play Everyone, let's do the major cleaning!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission みんな、武器を持って、出発しましょう。Play Everyone, arm yourselves, let's depart.
Starting a battle 清掃開始!Play Commencing cleaning!
Skill activation この先は、一歩も譲れません!Play From this point on, I won't let you pass even by one step!
これなら大丈夫です!Play It'll be fine!
任せてください!Play Leave it to me!
Heavily damaged うわ~!こっち、見ないで!Play Uwaa! Please don't look this way!
Retreat 指揮官さん、ごめんなさい、失望させちゃって。Play Commander, I'm sorry, for disappointing you.
MVP お掃除大成功!指揮官さん、これでいいですか?Play The cleaning was great success! Commander, is this enough?
Restoration うぅ、この姿、お姉さんに見られたら…Play Uuh, what if onee-san see my state right now...
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween わぁぁぁ…こ…怖い!助けて指揮官さん!早く!わぁぁぁ!Play Uwaaa... I-I'm scared! Please help me, commander! Quickly! Uwaaa!
Christmas 七面鳥さん…必ず美味しい料理にしますから。それでは失礼します!Play Mr. Turkey... I promise you you'll turn into a delicious dish. Please excuse me!
New Year's Day 今日は渾身の清掃術をお見せしますよ指揮官さん。僕の新年だい作戦よく見ててくださいね。


Today I'll show you my ultimate cleaning technique. Please watch my new year great strategy.
Valentine's day し…指揮官さん、これ良かったら受け取ってくれますか?やった!嬉しいです!


C-commander, please take this. I did it! I'm so happy.
Tanabata 願い事。ど…どうしよ。いっぱいあるのにどれすればいいのかなぁ…


M-make a wish. What should I do. I have a lot of it, which one should I choose...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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