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Jessie Story Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Professor, you're early today as well!
Afternoon Play Hehe, leave today's cleaning tasks to me!
Evening Play I won't allow any dust on our dining table!
Night Play Whew... I can finally take a rest. Professor, what about you? Are you still working?
Main Interface Voice Play The tools have been prepared, time to get to work! Not a speck of dust shall remain!
Play Professor, are you going to use the conference room today? If you do, please let me know. I'll clean it in advance.
Play Professor, where did you go?
Play There are too many places to clean... Professor, can you help me?
Interactive Voice Play Wow!
Play Ehehe ~
Play I've already cleaned it.
Relationship Dialogues Play Wasting food is a terrible habit! It can very easily contaminate your surroundings! While I was cleaning up the warehouse, I found so many boxes of expired food. What a waste! Also, some of the cans were leaking too. Professor, you should really start tackling this problem!
Play Brrr... Brrr... The vacuum cleaner has been making a strange noise, is it broken? Guess I'll have to clean with brush and mop if it can't be fixed. Although, the room is quite big. Professor, could you lend me a hand? If you don't, I don't think I'll be able to finish cleaning by the end of the day...
Play This is the latest edition of the super-powerful cleaner "Mrs. Clean"! It's said to be three times stronger than before. Um... Please never confuse it with juice and ingest any of it... I'm not sure what could happen to you if you did. I'll put a warning on the bottle for everyone's safety.
Play Everyone prefers to live in a clean environment, right? Nobody likes a dirty place. It's both my responsibility and my purpose of existence, to keep the environment clean. Besides, it feels really good to make a dusty room all clean and shiny again, don't you think?
Play Professor, you really should improve your living habits! It's going to hurt your image and health if you don't change your unhealthy lifestyle. Let me guide you! Or... if you'd like, I can become your personal cleaning maid... perhaps...
Moods Play Hehe
Play Eh?
Play Sigh...
Accept Play I understand!
Agree Play Indeed, it is!
Appreciate Play Yes, that's how you do it!
Feeling Play Uh-huh.
Oath Play Wow... I-is this even real? An oath... with me? So... Will I become your personal cleaning maid if I form an oath with you? The thought of that makes me really happy!
Obtain Play My name is Jessie! Leave the cleaning and fighting to me. I won't let you down!
Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play My work efficiency has improved!
Neural Expansion Play Stove, sink, dishwasher... There's still a lot of work to finish, but it's nothing difficult for me!
Max Neural Expansion
Play Efficiency and quality of work are not mutually exclusive. If you don't believe me, allow me to give you a demonstration!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play Let's do our best together!
Battle Start Play Let's go!
Ultimate Skill Play Removing the filth!
MVP1 Play Cleaning completed!
MVP2 Play Oof, I'm a little winded.


Professor, I'm sorry I've let you down...


Leave it to me!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play Amazing. I've never seen a Christmas cake this big before. Please don't smash cake on people's faces though! It's going to be a hassle to clean... Ehehe, well, anyway! Merry Christmas, Professor!
Halloween Play Teehee, I'm Jessie, a little witch who travels the world on a broom! This person they call the Professor right there, do you have any wish you would like to come true?
New Year Play We should start the New Year's morning with a thorough cleaning! Not only does it maintain hygiene, but it can also ward off the bad luck we had accumulated throughout the year!
Tanabata Play People are too lazy sometimes. They've left watermelon rinds everywhere. It's going to be hard to clean up the wet garbage...
Valentine Play Um... It should be okay to eat this, right? When I was cleaning up the kitchen a while ago, I found some unopened chocolate on the shelf. Since today happens to be Valentine's Day, I thought I'd give it to you, Professor. Eh... It's only two weeks from expiring?
Player's Birthday Play It's your birthday today, Professor! I got up early and cleaned your room for a refreshing day ahead! I even wiped the stoves in the kitchen and made sure they are all sparkly clean. Oh, I've just remembered, you don't really cook...