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Jessie Story Profile Quotes


PHKs are mid-end to high-end cleaning Dolls developed by UAS. Compared to housekeeper Dolls aimed at individual families, PHKs have a wider range of services. From personal rooms to expansive public spaces, whatever the customer requires, they can handle it.

A Doll with the professional skills to handle this degree of work is not just extremely expensive, their time on a job also tends to be extremely long. This makes them unsuitable for an individual to purchase as the price-to-performance ratio is too high. Therefore, this type of Doll is not directly sold on the market and are only produced in batches when a request comes from an intermediary platform or a leasing company.

Jessie joined Project Neural Cloud not as a tester, but to serve as support staff.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Professional and efficient—these are usually the first traits that spring to mind for most PHK customers. In the promotional video produced by UAS, no matter if it's a factory with clamoring machines amid plumes of smoke or a laboratory with specialized and sensitive instruments, a PHK can quickly decide on a cleaning plan and execute it perfectly.

For the past 3 years, Jessie has been at the top of user evaluation ranks on the PHK Service platform, so her schedule is constantly full.

Many clients express varying levels of uncertainty when they first meet Jessie. Her childish appearance and shy voice makes them wonder whether she could complete all the complex and heavy cleaning tasks; however, all these doubts vanish by the time that Jessie has completed her job.

As of now, besides appointment conflicts and issues leading to appointment failures, 96% of Jessie's clients become returning clients.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Jessie's favorite places to clean are large factories, because in those kinds of places she can use the wide range of special cleaning tools that Universal Anything Services (UAS) provides to PHKs. They may be a little rough, but are unlikely to cause any significant issues. Therefore, whenever a scheduling conflict comes up, Jessie will prioritize clients who don't require as much precision.

This is not because Jessie is lazy or incapable of working in a complex environment, but because she is afraid of making mistakes. She is absolutely terrified of complaints or being blamed for making an error at work. Therefore, she is always doing her best at any given job, which actually makes her stand out more.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Although Jessie likes open areas and large venues, she hates public facilities like subway stations and garden squares.

This is because if she works in such a public venue, she has to endure all kinds of annoying actions from the folks who lack social grace.

There have been a few times when Jessie had enough and wanted to chastise pedestrians, but luckily, she was prevented from doing so by her colleagues. Everyone was surprised, that Jessie, whose usual demeanor was more akin to a small shy animal, could become so heated with anger.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

PHKs will also sometimes get some special work requests unrelated to site cleanings—pet cleaning. This type of cross-disciplinary task is often assigned to other work sectors, but PHKs are similarly qualified. After all, PHKs were originally made with an all-encompassing design in mind.

That said, since PHKs are not medical Dolls specializing in biological care and so, there are bound to be gaps in their performance. In one instance, Jessie ran into trouble working at a cat and dog cafe. The shedding season exacerbated their hair loss and the woefully unprepared Jessie was overwhelmed when facing this foe. Their soft hair ended up clogging up all the tools she had brought, forcing Jessie to suspend her work for a week and return to the factory for repairs. Since then, Jessie hasn't really been able to be in the same room with cats and dogs.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

After coming to the Oasis, Jessie made no changes to her habit of working hard. Although there were no dead set rules, Jessie still arranged her schedule around the Dolls, helping them to clean their dormitories and workplaces. Everyone loved her except for Betty.

It wasn't because Betty hated Jessie, per se, but it was because Jessie's sensitive attitude toward cats and dogs extended to her. As soon as she saw Betty, she would act in a very weird manner. Later, it was only with Persicaria's help that they came to terms with each other.