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HS2000 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 原来如此,指挥官的心率是这个样子的啊……嗯,我会好好记住的,请多指教了。 なるほど、指揮官さんの心拍数こういう感じなのですね…覚えておきます。では、これからよろしくお願いします。Play So, this is the Commander's heart rate... Mm, I'll remember it. I will appreciate any advice you can give me.
Secretary 我喜欢心跳的声音……我羡慕那些人类拥有,而我们没有的东西。 私、心臓の音が好きなんです。人間にあって…人形にない物が…羨ましいです。Play I like the sound of heartbeats... I envy those things humans have that we dolls don't.
我来这里才明白,要保护他人不一定需要医术,拿起武器也同样可以。 ここに来て、始めて気がつきました。人を守れるのは医学だけじゃない。武器と同じことを出来ると。Play It wasn't until I came here that I realized that medical knowledge isn't always needed to protect others, picking up a weapon works just as well.
指挥官不舒服了吗?要不要我拿起搏器给您电一下。 指揮官さん、どこか具合でも悪いのですか?除細動…してあげましょうか?Play Is the Commander feeling unwell? How about a nice defibrillator massage?
Secretary (post OATH)
When the Commander is working, when you're happy, when you're sleeping... I remember the way your heart beats in each situation, but my favorite is when you're happy.
Commander, your heart rate is abnormally fast... Since the human heart does not lie, you're serious, aren't you? Strange... I feel like... my own heart "beat" is racing.....
Greeting 指揮官さん、私、ちゃんとお利口にしてましたよ。Play Commander, I've been a good girl.
T-Doll Produced あ、新入りさんですね。始めまして、HS2000です。よろしくお願い済ます。Play Ah, you're the new recruit. Nice to meet you, I'm HS2000. We'll be together from now on.
Joining an echelon 自分の面倒は自分で見るので、大丈夫です。Play I'll take care of my own self, don't worry about me.
Enhancement ん、ありがとう、指揮官さん。私、もっと頑張りますから。Play Yes, thank you. Commander, I'll work harder
Dummy-linking 皆、ちゃんとお利口にね。Play Everyone, be a good girl.
Logistics (start) また後で会いましょう、指揮官さん。Play See you later, Commander.
Logistics (end) 物資を持ち帰りました。指揮官、お受け取り下さい。Play I brought back supplies. Commander, please receive it.
Autobattle 戦果報告…楽しみに待ってて下さい。Play Our gain report... please look forward to it.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 皆さんに支えなりたいです。Play I want to be everyone's helping hand.
Starting a battle 向こうは…話を聞いてくれる相手ではなさそうですね。Play The people over there... look like not the type that would listen to talks.
Skill activation 皆さんは私が守ります!Play I'll protect everyone!
これ…結構聞きますよ!Play I fully understand this situation!
もう安心ですね。Play You can rest assured now.
Heavily damaged 大変…至急手当てを…Play This is bad... I should treat this quickly...
Retreat ここはもう駄目そうです…Play Looks like I can't stay here any longer...
MVP 心配させよう行っても無駄です。大人しく倒れていて下さい。Play There's no use in worrying about it. Please fall quietly.
Restoration 傷の手当は、人間も人形も、案外変わらないものですよ。Play In treating the wounds, there's no difference between human and doll.
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Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 皆さん…何だか顔色が悪いようですが。何かの病気でしょうか?私が見てあげましょう?Play Everyone... you're not looking well. Is that some kind of illness? Should I examine you?
Christmas 指揮官さん、メリークリスマス。ご馳走がならんでいますが、お腹を壊さないよう、気をつけて下さい。Play Commander, Merry Christmas. Please mind your portion so it won't hurt your stomach. Take care of yourself.
New Year's Day 指揮官さん、年明けに健康診断でも受けてみませんか?どんな些細の問題があっても、私は見逃しませんよ。体を大事にして下さい。


Commander, how about taking health checkup for the beginning of the year? I won't miss any minor stuff. Please take care of your body.
Valentine's day ハート型のチョコレートって、面白いですね。人間にとって心は、こういう形なんだ。


This heart-shaped chocolate is interesting. So humans use this shape to represent their hearts.
Tanabata 願い事とは心の中の思いです。人間の心にしろ、人形のメンタルにしろ。同様に、幸せを望んでいるはずです。


Wish came from bottom of the heart. Human's came from their heart, and doll's came from their neural cloud. Both should wish for happiness

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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