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G3 Story Quotes


Though G3 is a common character, she is very hardworking and serious. Her voice lines show that she always hopes that she could help the Commander and her teammates to achieve their goals. As the elder sister of the G3 series, she is also very sweet and caring about other members of G&K. Even after injured, she still tries to show an unyielding spirit. Gentle but strong flower, that’s what she is.

Story Involvement[edit]


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This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Digimind Upgrade Story: G3[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

G3 enters the base to find T-Dolls arguing with one another. MG Type 80Thumb button.pngType 80  appears, and explains to G3 that the Commander is looking for a volunteer to perform maintenance on Technical Fairies, though nobody has come forward due to the difficult nature of the task. Type 80 comments that G3’s personality would be suited for the task, and forwards her name to the Commander. Though initially reluctant, Type 80 manages to convince G3 to volunteer, to the joy of the other T-Dolls.

The maintenance turn out to be just as difficult as thought, with  Warrior Fairy nagging G3 on the progress of maintenance and when it would end,  Provocation Fairy egging on her peer by calling Warrior Fairy “stupid”, to which she began to chase Provocation Fairy, all the while paying no attention to G3 and making a mess of the lodging. G3 begrudgingly carries on with maintenance.

Stage 2[edit]

Following the conclusion of maintenance, G3 begins to clean up the ruined lodging. The fairies continue to pester G3, asking why she was alone in performing maintenance, and floating conclusions such as her being bullied into performing the task. G3 attempts to brush off the fairies’ comments, though this only encourages them. Warrior Fairy and Provocation Fairy show signs of wanting to assist G3 as recompense for their actions, though Provocation Fairy is hesitant. G3 believes they wish to help her with the cleanup, but instead they direct her towards the “fairy queen”.

The fairies claimed that the fairy queen would be able to make G3’s wishes come true. Obviously doubtful, G3 asked how they knew the fairy queen was real, to which Warrior Fairy claims that  Armor Fairy and  Rocket Fairy were assisted by the fairy queen. G3 also asks if other T-Dolls had searched for the fairy queen, to which the fairies respond that, while no T-Dolls had gone looking for the fairy queen, the Commander had, furthermore, they claimed that finding the fairy queen was the Commander’s greatest wish.

Convinced, G3 allowed herself to be brought to the warehouse to meet the fairy queen, they claimed that the fairy queen did not live in the fairy lodge because she did not want a plastic castle. However, upon arrival the fairy queen is nowhere to be found.

Stage 3[edit]

Over the next few days, G3 and the two fairies search for the fairy queen, exploring the kitchen, signal tower, hanger, and many other locations with no success. Provocation Fairy suggested that G3 call out for the queen, which G3 refused to do. The two continue to pester her, however, claiming it was a test from the fairy queen. G3 eventually gives in and shouts for the fairy queen to show herself, surprising many T-Dolls nearby, later leading to rumors of her digimind being damaged.

Following the outburst, the two fairies laugh, stating that the fairy queen was not real, and that they had been pranking G3 the entire time. G3, though angry at the two, regains her composure rather quickly. Again, the two fairies feel sorry, and tell G3 that the fairy queen did exist at some point, but disappeared after a cat attacked her. G3 understandably doubts the claim, believing that it was another attempt to prank her. The fairies plead with G3 to find the queen, since they missed her.

Eventually the three return to the warehouse, where Warrior Fairy notices that a window was opened. A voice speaks to the three, surprising G3.  Golden Fairy descends from the window and lands on an empty shelf. Warrior and Provocation Fairy, delighted at the return of their queen, fly out of the warehouse to tell their brethren, leaving G3 and Golden fairy alone.

Golden fairy says to G3 that she was surprised at G3’s shout, and that the two had brought G3 before her, which meant G3 could have a wish fulfilled. G3 asks Golden fairy if she really could grant wishes, to which she responds that she could grant any wish that money and wisdom could achieve.

G3 wishes that the fairies would be mature, a wish the fairy queen denies, stating that it was too difficult to grant. She explained that the hardship, deception, and loss of growing up could not be hastened by a wish. G3 protests, complaining that the fairies were currently too childish, making them difficult to maintain and interact with. The Golden fairy replies that the fairies were happy due to the simplicity of their lives.

A defeated G3 says she has no other wishes. The fairy queen, sensing a lingering burden on her, presses G3 to tell her what was wrong. G3 says she was too easily pushed around by others, and that she wanted to change. The queen advises her to shout whenever she feels unhappy, as a way to vent her frustrations. G3 expresses her remorse over shouting at the fairies earlier. The fairy queen tells her that her attitude is necessary when dealing with fairies, and that G3 needs to become more confident in her abilities. The fairy queen offers to help G3 gain more confidence, though warns it may take some time.

Stage 4[edit]

A bored Type 80 is relaxing in her dormitory, wondering when she would be able to fight again. She hears something on the other side of the base and decides to investigate the commotion. A wall of other T-Dolls block her view, causing her to ask what was happening.

Type 80 finds out that G3 was in the middle of the crowd, scolding Warrior Fairy and Provocation Fairy, causing them to apologize profusely. Type 80, taken aback by G3’s sudden change in demeanor, asks her for an explanation. G3 tells Type 80 that the fairy queen had suggested that she become more confident, but also to change her appearance. After requesting permission from the Commander, G3 is allowed to undergo changes and upgrades, allowing her to better handle fairies.