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Though as a member of Team FN, FN-49 is seem not that confident of being a member of elite team. She is very cautious and faint-hearted, the acquisition line shows that she’s easily to get shy with strangers. When starting combat mission or battle, her voice sounds like she’s so frightened that stomachache happens.

After Digi-mind Upgrade was released in February 2018, FN-49 became one of the first group of characters that have the chance. The new-born FN-49 is more confident about herself, and more gorgeous on her illust.

Story Involvement[edit]

Main story[edit]

FN-49 first appears in Chapter 2 together with AR FNCThumb button.pngFNC . They run up against AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 , who is on the run, however since they’ve never met before, the duo seems a little overwhelmed. Then M4A1 leaves them before more trouble comes.

And in night battle of Chapter 6, FN-49 and FNC are assigned with decoy mission on a SF Boss unit Alchemist. The operation is a success, and at the end of night battle of Chapter 6, the duo become regular member of Team FN.

Operation Rabbit Hunting[edit]

The end of night battle of Chapter 6 connects story plot of Operation Rabbit Hunting, at the beginning of which, FN-49 and FNC are sent out to recon extraordinary situations. And they discovered unconscious HG NoelThumb button.pngNoel  and rescued her back. And in the later operation they fight together with AR FALThumb button.pngFAL , HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN , and Noel to find SG ElpheltThumb button.pngElphelt  and bring both Noel and her back to their world.

Digi-mind Upgrade Story[edit]

Chapter 1[edit]

FN-49 shares a room with FNC in the dorm, and FNC gave her a comb as present. Since FNC likes to sneak into storage to grab some chocolate to eat, she brought FN-49 to go with her, and got caught by the commander. When FN-49 tried to explain what happened, FNC quietly slipped away, leaves FN-49 alone. FN-49 is very angry but her characteristics haunts her. On the other hand FNC seems doesn’t care about that at all.

Chapter 2[edit]

Since FNC make fun of FN-49 from time to time, and always makes her embarrassing. When FN-49 returns from recon mission, HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN  praises her for excellent job, and offers FN-49 some advices to be more confident so that she can handle the relationship with FNC.

Chapter 3[edit]

FN-49 is heavily damaged due to cover FNC and sent to repair, but FNC refused to help carry the body since “I didn’t ask her for this.” When Five-seveN reminds FNC that FN-49 saved her even though 49 was being teased for the past few weeks, FNC ran away with words “That’s none of my business”.

Three days later FNC wants to see how repair goes but Five-seveN refuses her, “it is impossible to mend bodies like that. Perhaps she’s been melt down by now” Says Five-seveN.

“But we have cloud memory, just upload them to a new body…”

“She’s been having tough days recently, who would want that kind of memory?”

“…why…why would this happen…”


Then a new FN-49 walks in and meet FNC. FNC started crying and admit her mistakes of teasing FN-49. Then the “new” FN-49 told FNC that she remembers everything so she was teasing her just now. Then she brings out the comb and hit FNC’s palm heavily, to remind FNC that she’s got a temper as well.

Chapter 4[edit]

FN-49 has been out for days without message. FNC is very worried and waits her in the dorm. When FN-49 returns with a new outfit and become more gorgeous, she explained that she was offered Digi-Mind Upgrade due to recent actice performance. Then FN-49 remembers that FNC suppose to be at training ground instead of being lazy in dorm, hit FNC’s palm heavily again with the comb.

<dFive-seveN:"Looks like FN-49 has changed a lot huh, both on temper and severity.