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Daiyan Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Good morning, Professor. Please wait just a second. Breakfast will soon be ready for you and Jiangyu.
Afternoon Play If you work too hard, you will miss out on having fun, so please relax a little.
Evening Play This... Eating this all the time is rather bad for your health, don't you think? Let me cook you some dinner.
Night Play A late night visit... Is something on your mind? Why don't I play a song and you can tell me about it while you listen?
Main Interface Voice Play Human languages are so beautiful. Just a few simple words are enough to conjure up poetic imagery.
Play I actually don't play for people very often. I do that for you because you understand my music. Not just the superficial notes and melodies, you also hear the feelings that I don't verbalize.
Play My unruly little sister must have caused quite a lot of trouble for you. Please bear with her.
Play Zhuang Zhou once dreamed of himself turning into a butterfly. This vast virtual world could also be dreamed up by someone. But by whom, I wonder...?
Play Please follow me.
Interactive Voice Play Oh, is my hair messy?
Play Please restrain yourself.
Play It'd be bad if Jiangyu saw this.
Relationship Dialogues Play Professor, do you have anything in reality that you know will never leave you for certain? All I have is this instrument and Jiangyu.
Play ... Are you here to ask about the allocation of processing power? It's true, I am sharing a lot of my processing power with Chanzhi. Her embroidery is lovely. It would be such a pity if she couldn't practice her craft due to the processing power shortage in the Oasis. Our outfits mean a great deal to us performers, and I do love getting matching outfits for Jiangyu and myself. If you ever need fashion advice, I'd be glad to help.
Play I know that you are the mainstay of the Oasis and don't always have time for proper meals, but all this fast food may be a bit too crude... I can't bear to watch you eat your meals so perfunctorily. Not only are you being irresponsible to your health, you are also disrespecting food. If you are too busy, I will prepare food that can keep for a while for you. This can't go on any longer. ... So, what do you say? You really should take better care of yourself. Many rely on you in the Oasis.
Play I have no great ambition. To me, Magrasea is a decent place. It may not be as affluent as the real world, but here I can find tranquility that I cannot find anywhere else. Many say that art is a lofty sanctum that is out of most people's reach. However, in reality, performances are usually formulated according to our agencies' requirements. These seemingly majestic sceneries are little more than artificial bonsai.
Play When I first heard the legend of Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, I found it quite touching, but I didn't understand why Yu was so adamant. But I think I get it now... If one day, we were to part forever, I'm afraid I'll never want to play music ever again. That's right. You're the only one who understands my music and feelings. If you weren't here to listen to it, what would be the point in playing?
Moods Play Fufufu...
Play Oh?
Accept Play
Agree Play
Appreciate Play Brilliant!
Feeling Play
Oath Play I will never be able to repay your affection. From now on, no matter how times change, no matter how many hardships await, I will always be by your side. I swear on my instrument—I will never betray or desert you.
Obtain Play I've heard a lot about you, Professor. I am Daiyan.
Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play My instrument's timbre... has grown even more refined.
Neural Expansion Play Would you spare a moment to listen to me play?
Max Neural Expansion
Play To play music so sweet that jade would shatter and the phoenix would cry... If I could ever do that, it would be today.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play I will not let you down.
Battle Start Play Everyone, please concentrate. Do not miss the moment when the fight begins.
Ultimate Skill Play With a strum, I rend the skies.
MVP1 Play My talent is meager. I'm glad it's enough to win a smile.
MVP2 Play Just some petty tricks, nothing worth mentioning.


This is where my instrument breaks... I could not finish this last song...


A new experience for me. I'll do my best.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play I don't really understand the significance of this festival, but since it's supposed to be a happy day, I have a happy song for you. Would you listen to me play?
Halloween Play Hmm... the makeup is a bit grotesque, but I'm glad Jiangyu gets to try on some new clothes.
New Year Play Downy flake in early spring, what an auspicious beginning for the new year. Jiangyu and I are going to the shrine to make our wishes. Would you like to join us?
Tanabata Play This handkerchief is a gift to you. The embroidery is not as exquisite as Chanzhi's, but please don't cherish it any less because of that.
Valentine Play Sorry, so people give chocolate specifically on this day? I thought anything sweet would do... You like it? That's wonderful.
Player's Birthday Play One moment, please... Phew, that's done. I've been stewing this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall for a really long time. Surprised? Heh, you thought I'd only play some music for your birthday, didn't you? Music is just an add-on perk in life, while food is the true bedrock. I hope from now on, no matter how busy you are, you will eat properly every single day.