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Daiyan Profile Quotes


The CM-ENT is part of a series of cultural heritage Dolls jointly developed by Cyber Media and IESCO, with the CM-ENT 2.0A being one of its variant models, as well as one of its highest-spec variants. As befitting its tremendous development costs, the CM-ENT 2.0A features hearing modules which are highly sensitive to melodies and precise fine motor control modules, allowing them to perfectly perform technically difficult traditional music pieces that possess a wealth of variety and beauty.

In 2055, Daiyan was purchased by a major entertainment label in an auction and used for guzheng performances. Daiyan made frequent appearances in top-end theaters. Her immaculate appearance and skills soon made her the flagship performer of her company, even leading to a renaissance of traditional instruments in the music world.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Minutes from internal meetings indicate that Daiyan was originally intended to be a backup choice for a certain major music label while they were expanding their business and was thus incidentally purchased. Said company's operational department initially considered traditional music to be lacking in appeal compared to the glitz of digital entertainment. However, her maiden performance made the project supervisor realize something—he had hit the jackpot.

Daiyan took to the stage after a raucous pop band, and with just a pluck of her strings, she silenced the audience. They were amazed to discover that traditional music—which had long since faded from the public eye—could possess such rich timbres, and Daiyan's impeccable performance skills breathed new life into melodies that had been passed down for thousands of years. Soon, Daiyan's iconic eastern beauty graced the covers of many major publications, and the guzheng music produced by her fingers played from every electronic screen, echoing through all the streets and alleys.

Despite her overnight fame, Daiyan never once acted like a prima donna. A former coworker of hers once revealed that Daiyan would tend to her more energetic juniors before a performance like a big sister, serving as a pillar of support for everyone.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

A large part of why Daiyan is so good at taking care of people is due to her "little sister" Jiangyu.

After the great success of her guzheng performances, the company decided to strike while the iron was hot and ordered a new Doll of the same model as Daiyan. Daiyan was delighted to hear this. She once told her manager that she was sure they would be boon companions.

However, Jiangyu could not reproduce Daiyan's success after she arrived at the company. Indeed, her clumsy but jaunty personality made her the butt of many jokes on stage. Daiyan was always the first to help clean up after her when she caused trouble. Over time, she learned how to mend snapped strings, fix speakers, and even what to say to clear the air after some faux pas. In the end, the company arranged for Daiyan and Jiangyu to live together, and Daiyan took charge of Jiangyu's daily life as well.

Ultimately, Daiyan did not find a kindred spirit in the field of music, but instead gained a member of her family who needed her care. That said, her manager said that Daiyan seemed happier than expected at this outcome.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

The days which Daiyan spent with Jiangyu were the busiest and most fulfilling in her life. In addition to her main job, she pursued numerous hobbies during her spare time. She managed to reach the highest levels of clothing coordination and cooking through self-study alone, and the results of these hobbies were all displayed by Jiangyu—even if Jiangyu did protest them a little.

However, when Jiangyu was suddenly transferred to Canada for "further studies\ Daiyan realized that she did not know Jiangyu nearly as well as she thought—Jiangyu had not even said a word about it before the company did.

After Jiangyu left, the company arranged for a busier schedule for Daiyan in order to fill the gap she had left. When Daiyan stepped onto the simple wooden stage and faced a small, empty theater, she felt a different kind of pressure than the kind found at a grand venue, and she finally understood how Jiangyu had felt all this time. That night, Daiyan had a long chat with her manager.

"I always treated her like a kid that needed to be cared for, but in truth, she's shouldered a lot by herself. How did I not realize this earlier..."

Fortunately, Daiyan received a postcard from Jiangyu shortly afterwards.

"I've been eating pizza and fries for a full week and I'm getting sick of it. If I had known, I'd have learned more from you, Sis."

Doll Profile 4[edit]

By dint of her outstanding performances, Daiyan gained quite a reputation less than a year after her debut. But to her company, this reputation was not enough to make up for the high operating and maintenance costs, and worse still, traditional music was starting to decline in popularity again. In order to stabilize her income and regain her influence, the company began assigning Daiyan more and more work without taking her condition into consideration.

In truth, Daiyan's body was more fragile than those of other Dolls and her athletic ability was below average as well. Perhaps this was a tradeoff born from focusing on heightening her manual dexterity. However, having to travel frequently and work in many different locations for days on end was taking its toll on Daiyan.

Daiyan expressed her worries to Jiangyu through their correspondence, but she was less worried about the strain on herself than how the effect of these mass-produced, mechanical performances would harm the spirit in which she played the guzheng.

"Aw, don't worry about it, Sis. Just hang in there and things will get better for sure! Once I come back, I'll bring you in to get your motive modules upgraded!"

Unfortunately, her guzheng performances were cancelled due to insufficient demand before Jiangyu could return. After Project Neural Cloud was announced, the company decided to send Daiyan in the name of commercial collaboration. Daiyan accepted this without complaint. That day, she bowed to each member of her team just like she did before each performance, and then slung her out-of-place guzheng on her back before walking into the city's dark, hazy night.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

With her mature, reserved and intellectual personality, Daiyan quickly blended into the Oasis. She even encountered a young lady who was adept at needlecraft and whose preferences aligned with hers, which was an unexpected blessing.

More importantly, Daiyan found her best listener here.

"The lonesome white rabbit runs hither and thither. I did not expect this place of exile to grant me a place to rest. Such are the interesting ways of fate."

Every time this notion comes to mind, Daiyan would sit before her guzheng and caress the strings with her bare fingers, letting the music swirl around her digits.

The nights in the Oasis are quieter than most other places, and the distant sound of her guzheng is like the babbling of a mountain spring, echoing all around and lulling countless troubled Exiles to sleep.