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CMR-30 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 我就是CMR-30,你是球童?还是……算了,无所谓!这里有没有网球场?在就职手续完成之前,我想找个地方打发时间。 Play I'm CMR-30. Are you the ball-boy? Or... Oh, never mind, it doesn't matter! Is there a tennis court around here? I'd like to kill some time before my onboarding process is complete.
Secretary 来,喝点咖啡补补精神吧,我加了整盒糖进去……干嘛一副惊讶的表情?这可是帮助提神的绝佳食品,连这都不懂吗?快喝吧! Play Come, have a little coffee to lift your spirits. I added an entire box of sugar to it... Why do you look so surprised? It's the best food for perking up, didn't you know? Now drink!
无敌暴雨旋涡游泳圈!超级奶油夹心钢卷尺!不要打搅我,我正忙着给网球必杀技起名字……你该不会连这都不知道吧?真没办法,下次打网球的时候,我可以露两手给你瞧瞧。 Play Invincible Storm Vortex Swim Ring! Super Butter-Stuffed Tape Measure! Don't disturb me, I'm coming up with names for my tennis super moves... Don't you even know about that? Goodness, looks like I'll have to show you a thing or two the next time we play tennis!
你这家伙……该不会是打算玩什么幼稚的摸头游戏吧?如果以为我个子小就好欺负的话,那你可就大错特错了。 Play Why, you... What kind of juvenile head patting game is this? If you think you can bully me just because I'm short, you've got another thing coming.
Secretary (post OATH)
Here, take this broom and go clean up. In life, we always have to face unexpected difficulties and deal with them, so you need to work hard too. I hope I'll come back to a clean room after my tennis game.
An Oath? You want me to be your life coach? Hmph, well, seeing how sincere you are, I guess you're not kidding. Alright then, I accept your invitation! Although, I hope you're prepared for my training, because I'm super strict, you know!
Greeting 你怎么现在才来?我都练习过好几轮挥拍了。 Play What took you so long? I already practiced several sets of swings.
T-Doll Produced 新人已经来了吗?最好脑筋聪明一点。 Play We've got new rookies? Hope they're smart.
Joining an echelon 所有人,向我看齐! Play Everyone, face me!
Enhancement 谢谢,我会记着你的付出! Play Thank you, I'll remember your contributions!
Dummy-linking 如果你也给她们安装和我一样的心智,那战斗力绝对会比现在更强。 Play They'd be much stronger if you gave them neural clouds like mine.
Logistics (start) 只有这种小活可以做吗?真没办法,就帮帮你好了。 Play Are petty errands like this the only thing you have for me? Oh well, I guess I'll help you out, then.
Logistics (end) 我回来了,这些就是你想要的东西吧? Play I'm back. Are these the things you wanted?
Autobattle 睁大眼睛瞧好吧,无论比赛还是战斗,我的目标都是大满贯! Play Keep your eyes peeled and watch me. Whether it's in sports or battle, my goal is a grand slam!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン! 소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 随我来! Play Come with me!
Starting a battle 这种程度的敌人,三两下就可以收拾掉! Play Enemies like this are a piece of cake!
Skill activation 超级弹球! Super Rebound!
急速跳跳糖! Speedy Pop Rocks!
旋风香芋奶茶高台转体跳水! Whirlwind Taro Milk Tea Spinning Axle High Dive!
Heavily damaged ……可恶,不能在这里倒下……! Play ...Dammit, I can't be beaten here...
Retreat ……这样下去,不就还是个羸弱的小不点了吗…… ...At this rate, I'll still be a shrimp who can only beat the weak, right...
MVP 看到了吧?领导有方的队伍就是这样的! Did you see that? This is how you lead a team!
Restoration 如、如果队员们来看望我的话,就说我已经休息了……这幅样子,还是不要见她们比较好…… Play If, if the other members of the team ask about me, tell them I'm resting... It's better that they not see me when I'm looking like this...
Attack 绝不能错过战机,进攻! Play Don't miss this opportunity, attack!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 虽然要糖果很有趣,但是……恐、恐怖的扮相还是算了……干嘛,我就不能有一两个弱点吗!? Play While candy is interesting, I'll... I'll pass on all this scary dress-up stuff... What the heck, aren't I allowed to have a character flaw or two?!
Christmas 来,这是给你的圣诞礼物,是训练用的网球拍。看你一直很感兴趣的样子,我就特别买了一副回来,要勤加练习哦。 Play Here, this is your Christmas gift, a tennis racquet for training. You looked so excited about it, so I went and got you one. Make sure you practice with it, okay?
New Year's Day 新年快乐,这个是……红包?喂,你是不是看我个子小,下意识把我当小孩子对待了?


Happy new year, this is... a red packet? Hey, are you treating me like a kid just because I'm small?
Valentine's day 喂喂,这个手作巧克力的味道完全不及格嘛!真没办法,跟我到厨房去,我要亲手教授你巧克力的标准做法! Hey, this chocolate is no good at all! Honestly, just follow me into the kitchen; I'll give you a personal lesson on the right way to make chocolate!
Tanabata 希望大家能变得更聪明一点,这样就不需要我费心说明什么是对什么是错了。 I hope everyone will get a little smarter so I don't have to waste my effort explaining right and wrong to them.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense 量他们也奈何不了我! Play They're no match for me!
Phrase 听我的准没错! You can't go wrong by listening to me!
Tip 你想陪我打网球?规则都清楚吗?既然这样——就先从挥拍一千次开始吧。以你现在的水平,不来点魔鬼特训,是没办法跟我较量的。 You want to play tennis with me? Are you familiar with the rules? In that case—We'll start by practicing a thousand swings. Given your current standards, you'll need some training from hell to even begin to come close to me.
Loading 相比发呆,不如来打一场网球吧! Play Rather than space out, why not play a game of tennis!