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Betty Profile Quotes


Security 2.0 was the main product line of Universal Anything Services (UAS) in 2056. But it turned out to be a failed product due to a misreading of market demand, resulting in a large amount of unsold inventory. This product line was discontinued after the second market survey.

To deal with the surplus supply, UAS had to sell this line of Dolls at a much lower price than other market alternatives. Despite their low price, these Dolls were still difficult to sell.

In this case, UAS employed a variety of sales strategies, and Betty was sold at a clearance event. Soon after awakening, Betty was abandoned by her buyer and wandered the streets until she joined 42Lab's global recruitment for Project Neural Cloud.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Betty's owner was extremely wealthy. She was just one of a dozen caretaking Dolls her owner purchased for their child as playmates.

Betty had garnered a lot of favor thanks to her charming features and was well treated at first. Betty's overt enthusiasm, however, slightly intimidated the buyer's child, and she was soon enough kicked out of the house.

Betty attempted to return several times and was admonished and even physically attacked by the security guard. She had no choice but to begin her roaming adventure.

"Perhaps it was my fault... Meow, I've already reflected on my mistakes. I will be more careful in the future! I promise, meow! Please don't evict me! Meow!"
—Excerpt from the Doll Recruitment Test Regular Investigation Report

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Betty's life as a vagrant Doll was extremely harsh. She met a few kind folks, but the majority of the people she met harbored ill intentions.

For many homeless or shady merchants, wandering Dolls were more valuable than gold. It didn't take much to track them down. Since Dolls were unable to update regularly, their GPS and alarm systems went into sleep mode after one month, and they posed no danger to humans due to their security code limitations. All the goons had to do is keep them from escaping.

In the most extreme circumstances, they even used high-lethality weapons. Those people didn't care about a Doll's safety; they only saw the profitable parts on their bodies.

Betty rarely tells anyone about this part of her life. But the visceral reactions similar to PTSD found in humans imprinted on her neural system reveals just how brutal this period was.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Betty has made efforts to seek help. However, as previously stated, kind-hearted people are hard to come by. After being mistreated multiple times, Betty gave up on the idea of seeking help from others.

Betty was the one who came to her own rescue. She met another abandoned mechanical kitten just as she was about to exhaust her energy. Betty channeled all of her remaining power into the kitten without much hesitation.

At the moment of decision, Betty even prepared herself to become disabled for eternity, ready for eternal sleep and even being recycled by the cleaning robots.

To Betty's amazement, the recharged mechanical kitten hacked into a public charging station's defense system, providing a steady energy source for both and allowing them to survive until today.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

But one day, Betty and the mechanical cat were gravely hurt after being discovered by a security robot. After strenuously fleeing the scene, they went into sleep mode on an unfamiliar street and were discovered by 42Lab.

After receiving approval from 42Lab, the staff completed a comprehensive examination for Betty. Her physical damage was even more difficult to repair than that of military Dolls. There was also a lot of damage that the repairers had no knowledge of. When they finally decided to replace Betty's body, a new issue arose.

Due to their extended period of wandering lives, both Betty and the kitten's software and hardware had been displaced on their bodies and neural systems. Replacing Betty's body would irreparably harm her neural system.

In this situation, 42Lab's team chose the safest plan of action: upload Betty's neural system to the cloud and then replace her body by disconnecting her software and hardware systems.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

Betty has an unusual amount of faith in 42Lab and the Professor. She has no negative view of Project Neural Cloud. Instead of a win-win situation, she believes that she is the sole beneficiary of the arrangement.

Betty appreciates everything she has. She is grateful to everyone for their patience with her. Skinner concluded that this is her manner of testing others. She is concerned that her unchangeable traits would lead to her second exile, and as a result, she keeps unconsciously expressing her gratitude.

"I get what you're saying. I will take excellent care of her. In fact, we get along great. I'll pay special attention to Betty's mood changes. If I notice anything, I will contact you immediately."
—Extract from the memo of the Oasis Medical Department's Psychology Team