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Betty Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Good meowning! Tell us what to do today, nya!
Afternoon Play Nya nya nya nya? Nyan?
Evening Play We're having steamed fish tonight?! Yay! Nyaa!
Night Play Um... I'm getting sleepy nya...
Main Interface Voice Play No! Don't take food from my bowl, nya! What if I get hungry, Nyaa?!
Play Meowhahaha! Betty is the shiniest star in the Oasis today nya!
Play Nyan! Abigail, when did you come here... Stop pinching my ears!
Play M-master... Are you... Are you asleep, nya?
Play I'll be working on a mission in the sector, nya. You coming with me, nyan?
Interactive Voice Play Nya nyan?
Play Nya nya nya? My tail is sensitive, nya!
Play Nya nya nya nya nya~
Relationship Dialogues Play Betty didn't sell well, and many people thought she was noisy... I never thought you would take me in... Oh! This is a fated encounter, isn't it!?
Play Nya! Those cats are eating from my bowl again... Nya! There's nothing left for me to eat! Grrrr... Next time, I'll be sure to catch them red-handed... I'll be watching them... Nyahahahaha...
Play I prefer to rest in a cat coop than in the dormitory... Also! Betty can clean the cat coop all by herself! You don't need to have people clean it for me! Master, do you like cats?
Play Today the dogs have started stealing my food too! NYAN! I can't stand it! Grrr... I'll put a trap in front of the bowl next time! Don't you try to get away again, you little thieves! Ehehehe...
Play Master! Master! When we go back to the real world... Will you throw me away? Nya... You won't? Really, nya?! Yay! I did it! Master, I'll always stay with you!
Moods Play Nya nya~
Play Nya!
Play Nyan...
Accept Play I understand nya!
Agree Play Um-hmm
Appreciate Play Ameowzing!
Feeling Play Exactly, nya!
Oath Play Nya! M-Master, you chose me... You have chosen Betty, a dumb cat hated by many... Master has chosen me...! Nya! Eugh... I-I am so happy, nya...
Obtain Play I'm Betty, nya! Thank you for taking me in nya! Nya...? Master, have we met before?
Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play I can move faster now, nya!
Neural Expansion Play Nyo other cats nor those crazy Sanctifiers can take food from me now, nya!
Max Neural Expansion
Play Betty is getting stronger and stronger nya! I can protect you better nya!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play It's Betty's turn!
Battle Start Play Meow!!
Ultimate Skill Play Skyward Kitty Punch!
MVP1 Play Master is safe now, nya!
MVP2 Play Don't you underestimate a professional bodyguard, nya!


Boo-hoo... I'm sorry, master...


I will work hard, nya!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play Merry Christmas, nya! Should I change into a Christmas dress today, nya? I don't understand what that is, nya...
Halloween Play Nya, nya! Master, have you turned into a pumpkin?! I-It's real! Go look in a mirror if you don't believe me, nya!
New Year Play Happy New Year, master! I'm so going to play with you and the kittens inside today!
Tanabata Play Master, look! It's a meteor shower, nya! One! Two! Three! Come on, quick! Make three wishes nya!
Valentine Play I don't know what day it is today, but master, I saw you receiving a lot of chocolates, nya... Where can I go to buy chocolates? I want to give you one too, nya...
Player's Birthday Play Today is master's birthday! Master's birthday! I can't stay lazy like this! But I wasn't thinking about how to celebrate... Maybe I'll let master touch my tail?