Dinergate-Type RO

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Dinergate-Type RO

Dinergate-Type RO is an obtainable equipment in the game.


Usable only by AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II .


CN: 透过与连线RO635心智云图的兵蚁建立数据共享,M4 SOPMOD2对战场的反应力获得了大幅提升。如果这只兵蚁比别只看得更远,那是因为它站在M4 SOPMOD2的肩上。

EN: With the data sharing established by a Dinergate connected with RO635's Digimind, M4 SOPMOD2's combat reactiveness greatly improved. The reason behind this particular Dinergate having greater viewing distances is purely because it is placed on SOPMOD2's shoulder.

Obtained by reaching Stage 3 of Soppu's Digimind Upgrade.

Minimum Level Required: 115

Game Data[edit]

Icon slot Accessory.png
Icon HG 2star.png
Icon SMG 2star.png
Icon AR 2star.png
Icon MG 2star.png
Icon RF 2star.png
Icon SG 2star.png
Damage +17~20
Accuracy +6~10
Rate of Fire -4~2
Craft Time

Enhancement values
Stat +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Damage +17~20 +18~21(1.075x) +19~23(1.15x) +20~24(1.225x) +22~26(1.3x) +23~27(1.375x) +24~29(1.45x) +25~30(1.525x) +27~32(1.6x) +28~33(1.675x) +29~35(1.75x)
Accuracy +6~10 +6~10(1.04x) +6~10(1.08x) +6~11(1.12x) +6~11(1.16x) +7~12(1.2x) +7~12(1.24x) +7~12(1.28x) +7~13(1.32x) +8~13(1.36x) +8~14(1.4x)
Rate of Fire -4~2   -4~2


  • Although the dinergate no longer has RO's digi-mind in it, the Dinergate itself now serves as Soppu's Electronic Warfare Kit, During the events of Chapter 11, RO (received a new body) was caught off guard after seeing Soppu brought the dinergate during their mission, was also amusingly named "Banana" by Soppu and was registered as a pet to deceive security.


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