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ADS Story Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 我的名字是ADS水路突击步枪,记住了吗?指挥官,不管是陆地上还是水下,您可都要记得让我来打头阵! うちの名前はADS水中銃、覚えた?陸でも水中でも、戦陣を着る役割をうちに任せてね。Play My name is ADS, amphibious assault rifle. You better remember my name, got it? Whether it's on land or underwater, please remember to let me lead the assault!
Secretary 今天不能游泳——咳,没有水下任务吗?真是的,还想让您看看我有多出色呢。 今日は泳がないの?ええ、水中ミッションないの?もうー。うちの凄さを見せようと思ったのに…。Play I can't swim today- Hey, is there no amphibious missions? Seriously, I really want to show you my abilities.
最新的时尚稍微有点看不懂啊……欸指挥官你怎么在?!……我不能看这些吗!年龄……您在说什么年龄问题! 最新のファッショントレンドなんてわかんないよ…。ひ!し、指揮官?!なんでここに?!なによ、うちがこういうの見てじゃいけないわけ?!子供だから?って、誰が子供よ?!Play I don't really get what's in style these days... Commander, Why are you here?! ...What do you mean I'm not allowed to read these? Kid? Who did you call a kid?!
才、才不是没有朋友呢!您每天都在听些什么八卦啊!唔……不过好像基地里只有我和SPP-1会游泳,其他人都不愿意陪我玩水呢……哎呀没事的啦指挥官!我肯定很快就会有新的伙伴的啦! と、友達くらい居るよ!全く、そんな根も葉もない噂どこから聞いたの?!うう…でも、基地の中で泳げるのは、うちとSPP-1だけだから。他のみんな全然遊んでくれないの。でも大丈夫だよね!きっともうすぐ新しい仲間が入って来るだろうから!Play I-It's not like I don't have friends! What rumors have you been hearing everyday anyways! Um... But I think only me and SPP-1 know how to swim, the others won't play in the pool with me... Aiya, forget it, Commander! I'll find some friends soon to play with!
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, what are we doing today? A drive to the beach? Or should we cook something at home? I just got a new recipe book, so I can't put off any practicing! When we move to a bigger place, the kitchen can become my new battleground!
What are you up to, sitting next to me so suddenly... Water fight! Ey? I'm.. I'm sorry! I didn't see you were holding a ring. There, I fished it out of the water for you... though now we're both soaking wet. Hehe, if you want to be by my side, Commander, you should train your swimming techniques some more, okay?
Greeting 来たのね指揮官!今日はどっちの「」作動方式でいく?水中?それとも空気中?Play
T-Doll Produced 仲間来たぁぁぁ!お菓子でも作って、持っていて方がいいかな?Play A new comrade is hereee! Should I make sweets and bring it here?
Joining an echelon うちにしっかり合わせてね!Play
Enhancement あと十メーターは潜れそう!Play I'll dive for ten more meters!
Dummy-linking 新入りのADSちゃんも可愛いね~。うふふ、流石うち!Play The newly joined ADS sure is cute~ Ufufu, as expected from me!
Logistics (start) コンテナが防水しようじゃなくても、陸を使うから平気だよ。Play Although this container isn't waterproofed, I'll only this on land so no need to worry.
Logistics (end) ただいま~、えへへ。帰り道にね、海に落ったの!ん?あれ、荷物が濡れてる…Play I'm hooome~ ehehe. You know, on my way back home, I fell into the sea! Hmm? Ah, all the goods are soaked...
Autobattle 安心して指揮官。ちゃんとうちがみんなを連れて、作戦をやり遂げて見せるんだから!Play No worries Commander. I'll lead everyone, and show you that we'll carry out the mission!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 安心して。うちの可愛い蛙ちゃんたちを連れて、敵の心臓を打ち抜いて見せるから。Play Rest assured. I brought along my lovely frogs. We'll shoot through enemies' hearts.
Starting a battle ふん、ようやくお出ましね。Play Hmph, they're finally here.
Skill activation 波紋の力を食らえ!Play With the power of ripple, take this!
こんなの商戦水しぶき程度だよ。Play This is no different from a water splash.
ごめんね。今度はあなたが水の中で消えるばん!Play Sorry. But it's your turn to disappear into the water!
Heavily damaged うぐ…大丈夫。足ずっただけだし…Play Ugh... don't worry. It's just my leg that's sprained...
Retreat そんな…水陸両用で無敵のうちが負けるなんて…うぐ…Play No way... for the invincible amphibious of me to be defeated like this...
MVP ふふん!流石水陸両用のうち!死者「」すれば無敵って所ね。む・て・き!Play
Restoration しゅ、修理なんて必要ないから!足がずっただけだから!あ痛たたたたた!ちょっとそこ触らないでよ!Play Y-you don't have to repair me! It's just my leg that got sprained! Owowowowowow! Hey, don't touch me there!
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween きゃぁぁぁ!指揮官助けて!叫びを方手に大きなかぼちゃを追った変な奴に追われてるの!お菓子をくれなきゃ変わっちゃうぞって言いただけなのにぃぃぃ!Play Kyaaah! Commander, save me! There's a weird doll who wears a big pumpkin on her head screaming and chasing me! She said she'll replace my head if I don't give her sweets!
Christmas クリスマスの雰囲気っていいな~。ね、指揮官?温かくてちょっと眠くなったけど、みんなでお肉を食べて、食わす飲む…あ!ダメダメ!お酒はダメ!飲んだら泳げなくなっちゃう!Play Christmas atmosphere sure is nice~ Don't you think so, Commander? It's warm and make you sleepy though. Feasting together with everyone, and serving... Ah! no good! Drinking is a no! Otherwise I couldn't swim later!
New Year's Day 指揮官、今年もよろしくね!んん、先輩って言うのも楽じゃないよね~。今のうちには言う多く分かるよ。え、なになに?後輩たちにお年玉をあげなきゃいけない?って…ダメダメダメ!うちは貯金して、家を買わなくちゃいけないんだから!


Commander, Happy New Year! Heheh, it's not easy being a senpai. I know the feeling just recently. Eh, what is it? I should give my juniors their new year money? Eeh, that can't do! I'm currently saving up, so I can buy my own house someday!
Valentine's day しきか~ん!どこいったのよもう!せっかく気合入れてチョコ作ったのに、受け取ってもらえないなんて…ん?キチン?き、キチンめちゃくちゃにたのうちじゃないって!あぁぁ!たすけて!


Commandeer! Where is he geez! Even though I put all my feelings into making this chocolate, why he doesn't want to take it... Hmm? What about the kitchen? I told you, I'm not the one who make the mess out of it! Aaah! Help meee!
Tanabata 砂浜で寝ころびながら星空を眺める。そんな穏やかな日が早く来るといいな~。指揮官、その時は、織姫と彦星を一緒に探してくれる?だってうち一人じゃ、どれがどれか分からないんだもん


Taking a dip on a sandy beach while gazing into a starry sky. I hope that day will come quickly. Commander, when that time come, could you help me searching for Orihime and Hikoboshi? Because I don't know who is who.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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