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Yanny Profile Quotes


A Mariner is a professional Doll developed by 42Lab for working on ships in the civilian overseas shipping industry. The Mariner Doll's module is equipped with the essential sailing skills and several standard interfaces that allow them to adapt to any ship's requirements.

Yanny is a second-generation Mariner. He was purchased by Windsail Shipping in 2053 and then was resold to a local fisherman in 2057. Later, he was involved in a sailing accident which severely damaged his body and sent shockwaves through his neural system, resulting in memory data loss. After being recovered by 42Lab, he was randomly selected for Project Neural Cloud during maintenance.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

As Yanny's emotional systems are not mature, he always wears his heart on his sleeve. Whether it be a beaming smile of joy or the dark clouds of sadness, his current emotional state is clear as day.

In addition, Yanny is also gullible and quick to trust. As long as the speaker speaks with a serious tone, he will believe their words even if it's total nonsense.

This leads to other Dolls to enjoy teasing Yanny and pulling harmless pranks on him. On his end, Yanny doesn't take offense to their jokes, and no matter how many times he falls for their tricks, he will still trust them the next round.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

As the Oasis has no established ocean areas, Yanny doesn't usually get tasks related to his function. He mostly serves in other departments in a logistical capacity, helping them sort out their tools, equipment, and count resource reserves.

This means that Yanny has a lot of free time on his hands. During his leisure time, he likes to go to Hubble's observatory, Cyber Media's Doll training hall, and Angela's cabin.

In the former, he can find many shiny things, and in the latter, Angela treats him well and tells many good stories.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Due to the after-effects of a previous accident, Yanny occasionally suffers from periods of unresponsiveness. This isn't because of a lapse in maintenance from 42Lab, but the lingering effects of a damaged memory module.

When encountering specific stimuli, Yanny's system will automatically attempt to read residual data from the module but, because the data is incomplete, Yanny is beset with a sudden burst of incomprehensible information.

Persicaria inquired if he would like her to remove the residual data, but Yanny declined.

"It doesn't bother me... it's just... I'm left wondering. Who is that man bathed in white?"
—Doll Psychological Evaluation Recording

Doll Profile 4[edit]

After learning of Yanny's situation, Persicaria agreed to transfer some operand to simulate a small water area. It was done in the hopes that it would help him recover his past.

However, after viewing the simulation, no one could have possibly foreseen that Yanny, who had always yearned to see the sea, would react not with joy, but be left unable to react at all. He went catatonic, his neural system assailed by an endless stream of errors. Persicaria called for the medical Dolls immediately, and they had to forcibly induce Yanny into a dormant state.

When Yanny awoke, he had no recollection of what happened and there was no trace of what occurred in his memory systems. Persicaria had no choice but to transfer him from his previous post and, after consulting with the medical department, arranged for extended treatment.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

For Yanny's affliction, the medical Dolls at the Oasis have a simple treatment available, but it would cause Yanny to completely lose all his previous memories. Naturally, Yanny was very resistant to this idea.

Still, Yanny struggled for a long time with the revelation of what would happen to him when he encounters the sea. Eventually, he decided to accept Skinner's advice, and, starting with pictures and other imagery, to slowly reconnect with the sea.

"My mind is filled with a deep longing to see the sea. If I let the past remain unknown, it's the same as denying the present me... I just can't accept that..."
—Oasis Medical Department Treatment Records